Water Damage Restoration Cost Comparison Guide

Water damage restoration cost is usually determined by too many factors including, type of damage, level of damage, location, the company you hire, home insurance, and many others.

Let’s say a flood has ravaged your home, what’s the amount of money you’d lose? What difference would it make assuming the flood came from a water pipe that burst open instead of a river overflowing its shores? How about the water seeping in through the brickwork or the walls? The repair expenses will be determined by factors such as these.

Water damage repair costs are generally based on two factors: Structural repair and cleanup.

The structural work is done to replace the fittings and fixtures including the wiring and the walls. The cleanup is the main act of taking out the water and keeping the space dry. It means stopping any obvious immediate damage from the water. 

For critical water damage issues, the aggregate is affected by structural repair. But then you can still save money as you repair.

In this guide, we hope to give you a clear figure of the expected amount it will cost you to fix your property after a flood while also breaking down the costs. The headline figure will serve as a sketch but there will be a clearly defined breakdown of the cost based on the exact situation.

Water Damage Restoration Cost Comparison Guide 

If your home has been damaged by water expect to spend within the range of $1,100 to $4,500 to fix it. This estimate is for typical cases, if the water damage in your home is extreme, then you will have to pay more than this estimate.

Water Damage Restoration Cost Per Square Foot

It costs about $3.75 – 7.00 to repair water damage per square foot. That means an average-sized room of 500 square feet will cost you $1,875 – 3,500. However, one thing you should always keep in mind is that water damage restoration cost per square foot often differs from one location to the other. Keep this in mind while trying to compare repair costs from different water damage restoration companies. 

  • 1 square foot. = $3.75 – 7
  • 10 square feet. = $37.75 to 70
  • 100 square feet. = $375 to 700
  • 500 square feet. = $1,875 to 3,500
  • 1000 square feet. = $3,750 to 7,000

The kind of water that caused the damage will determine the exact cost of the repair.

  • Black Water: This type of water is filled with toxic substances or other harm inducing materials like sewage. It costs $7.00 for each square foot. 
  • Grey Water: This type of water is quite clean but can have contamination with substances such as detergents etc. Each square foot costs $4.50.
  • Clean water: This type of water is still okay for drinking and may have resulted from leaking taps. The price remains at the lowest range or around $3.75 per sq. ft. 

Water Damage Restoration Cost Per Room

We will compare the prices of repairing water damage when they affect various areas of the property. But on what we found,  it usually cost higher to repair basements.

Bathroom fixtures: Clogging and freezing damages can be fixed at $150 – $350.

Floors: With $200 to $500, the bad subfloors and flood induced warping can be fixed.

Drywall: Water damage causes structural issues on the drywall and mold. It can be fixed at $275 – $785.

Basement: With $500 – $85,000, the damaged pipes, sewage jam, water leaking into the interior will be fixed.

Ceiling: Fixing a ceiling costs $325 to $1,100. Pipe bursts and sagging can give way to water damage.

Roof: It costs $350 – $1,400 to fix the roof. Damage can result from ice dams, misplaced shingles, and low slopes.

Price Breakdown

These are some of the various costs that can also determine the price of repairing water damage.


Labor is responsible for a large percentage of the cost of restoring a water damaged home. Laborers charge between $70 to $200 for every hour they work.

Call Out Fee

If you happen to have an emergency and request the immediate services of a professional, you will have to pay a fee that costs about $50 to $100.

Hiring a Portable Pump

Some people opt to handle some parts of the repair themselves, if you choose to do so, you will have to hire materials such as dehumidifiers and portable pumps. The rental cost of a pump ranges from $120 to $350 if you choose to rent a hose for the job. But buying the garden hose for yourself will save you $50-$100. However, it will take longer to finish and this can cause the walls and carpets in your building to soak in more water.

Dehumidifier Rental

The water in the walls needs to be removed with a dehumidifier. Any hardware store can rent a standard dehumidifier to you for about $200 every week. If you want the industrial dehumidifier, then you may have to spend about $1,000 per week. 

Different Categories of Water Damage

Just as the water to be drained has several types, the damage it caused is also grouped into four various categories. These categories greatly affect the kind of materials and labor to be used and so the total amount for the repair depends on it.

Level 1

The damage just needs a little amount of cleaning and it’s often from clean water. Overflowing sinks or leaks in a faucet are examples of this category. Oftentimes class 1 damages do not need professional involvement. Repairing this kind of water damage doesn’t cost up to $200.

Level 2

In this case, the water has ravaged a whole room together with the walls extending to 12 inches of its height. The main damage in this class is that the wall structure is saturated with water and as such the work will need to be done with extra materials. This class of damage costs about $500 -$1,000.

Level 3

For damages of this level, the ceilings, floors, and walls have been soaked with moisture that seeps in through the ceiling. The work has to be done by a professional to remove both the structural damage and deal with the flooding. It will cost you about $1,000-$3,000 to fix the damage in this class.

Level 4

This level is extreme damage and is often a result of natural disasters like flooding or hurricane. In damages that are up to this level, materials like stone, brick, or hardwood floor that ordinarily don’t soak water quickly are drenched. Damages in class 4 can cost between $2,000 and $10,000 based on how early you detect them.

Types of Water Damage 

Apart from the classes, the real damages can be grouped into 5:

  • Personal Property Damage
    Damage to personal stuff like picture albums and other heirlooms are priceless, no tag can be put on it. But $500-$1,000  can cater to the damage of things like computers, televisions, and other appliances.
  • Cosmetic Damage
    This is when the damage is in the range of tarnished metals, stained ceilings, and bad furniture. The damage is often fixed within a $200  budget.
  • Appliance And Electronics Damage
    After water damage, it may be necessary to repair hot water tanks ($500 – $2,500),  furnaces ($2,000 – $4,000), and dryers and washers ($500 – 2,000).
  • Mold And Bacterial Damage
    This is a very popular impact of damage from water. It costs about  $5.00 per square foot for mold remediation. However, mold removal cost may differ from one location to the other.
  • Structural Water Damage
    This is when the water damage affects the plaster, drywall, sagging of the ceiling, and disfiguring of the floor. It costs $1.40 to repair one square foot of damaged drywall, $6.25 – 18.75 per sq. ft. to fix plaster walls, and $10.45 for each square foot to handle hardwood floors. In most cases, the level of structural water damage determines the price but the price range is $500 – $1,000

Additional Water Damage Services

Apart from everything listed above you may also need the following:

  • Mold remediation – $5.00 per square foot.
  • Replacing plaster in walls – $6.25 – 18.75 per square foot.
  • Changing or refurbishing hardwood floors – $10.45 per square foot.
  • Changing drywall – $1.40 per square foot.
  • Fixing carpets – $4.70 – 5.50 per square foot.

How To Save Money On Water Damage Restoration

Reach out to your insurer

Whatever happens, you should contact your home insurance providers. No matter the kind of insurance you have, either flood insurance, renter’s insurance, or homeowner’s insurance, it will be best to let your insurance company cover it. Surprisingly, you may get some useful insights from experienced home insurance experts in the field. Check this post for water damage insurance claim tips. 

DIY Water Damage Restoration 

It’s okay to fix the smaller damages yourself to save costs. Just as we’ve been able to differentiate between the kinds of damages, you may need just basic cleaning products with a little effort to restore cosmetic damages. If you feel you can do more, hire a dehumidifier, and get the job done on your own. However, if it is clearly beyond your turf, the experts should handle it to save both stress and cost over time.

Finally, water damage restoration costs will always be decided by the causes of such damage. In fact, in most cases, getting the water out is the easiest part. After that, the clearing and repairs that follow determine how much you eventually pay.

Homeowners or professionals can quickly fix cosmetic damage but when it is more serious like in the case of black water, and severe flood, it will take more serious restoration work and consequently more cost.

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