Colzer 1556 Air Purifier Review And Buying Guide

Sometimes, you are put off by certain smells in your homes like the smell of dust, your pet’s hair, and the stale odor of last night’s dinner.  This should make you consider getting the best air purifier for mold. And that’s the essence of bringing you this Colzer 1556 air purifier review

We often complain about air pollution as a problem that concerns factories but in reality, our families also deal with it. For a long time now, many companies have claimed to provide the best technology for residential homes and commercial premises to purify the air. 

The mission of Colzer is to produce a variety of user-friendly, efficient, and high-quality home gadgets to cater to your family’s needs and help people be more relaxed when they take breaks, work, or are just trying to relax at home. 

The company is passionate about innovating and keeping its customers happy. Our team is always making groundbreaking products and operations. Currently, Colzer products span through sectors like air purifiers, mobile air conditioning, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, wine coolers, etc and all our products are covered with the Colzer warranty. 

Best Air Purifier Buying Guide And Considerations 

Before buying an air purifier, you should consider these important points. 

Type of Air Purifier 

There are two types of air purifiers: Whole-House Air Purifier and Room Air Purifier. The Room air purifier is smaller and more affordable than the Whole House Air Purifier. 

Before you settle with either one of them, you should know the answer to these questions. Where will the air purifier be used? Who will use the air purifier? 

Perhaps, houses that do not have a heating system need a room air purifier more than any type. 

Air Filtration Technology

Each air purifier does not use the same type of air filtration technology. The commonly used air filtration technology in many air purifiers is HEPA technology. 

It is the most preferred option for trapping radioactive molecules in the air. The surfaces of these filters are made specially to hoard air pollutants that are more than 0.3 microns. 

HEPA filters can be regarded as perfect but the downside of using them is that you have to replace them every 12 to 18 months. Other air filtration technologies include activated carbon filter technology and ULPA. 

Air Purifier Size

You will know the size of the air purifier to buy by the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CARD). The efficiency of an air purifier is determined by how high the mark is. The CADR for a particular room or space is gotten by multiplying its footage by 0.75.

Best Air Purifier Features

Every air purifier has a special function that is determined by its brand, size, and model. All purifiers need a fan to suck air into the device. However, the air purifiers without fans work poorly, compared to those with fans. 

One other important feature to take note of is the servicing indicator. It helps to remind you of the due time for replacing the main parts of the air purifier. 

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Why Ozone-Free Air Purifiers?

Many air purifiers available in the markets produce some quantities of ozone. Ozone has some bad effects on the health of people especially those who suffer from allergies or have asthma. 

Some products are labeled ‘safe’ to show that they produce ozone in small quantities. However, even minute quantities may be bad, especially for children and pets, if the air purifiers are left on every time.

High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor (HEPA) air purifiers are fitted with a decent mesh filter that traps airborne particles like bacteria, dust mite debris, pollen, pet dander, and even tobacco smell. 

Usually, the mesh is made from smooth glass fiber that can capture all the organisms carried by air, no matter how tiny they are. 

This is why it is recommended by allergy and asthma experts. In fact, the best air purifier for asthma is definitely a HEPA air purifier. Because they remove airborne allergens, you feel relief when you breathe in the air and your health remains in good shape. HEPA air filters are totally safe for home use. 

Colzer 1556 Air Purifier Review 

People who seek a cheap HEPA air purifier should check out the Colzer 1556 Air Purifier. It has True HEPA Air Filter, can serve room sizes of about 900 square feet, 3-Stage Filtration, and is very okay for bedroom home office. 

Many users have given positive feedback about the amazing features it has. 

Strong Purification Ability

The Colzer 1556 air purifier functions with a dual directional air inlet that allows easy absorption and purification of polluted air. 

The filter screen is made up of several filter compositions including the HEPA layer, the activated carbon layer, the primary filtration layer, and the other filter components that improve the efficiency as it purifies the environment and manages polluted air. 

Powerful And Easy To Operate

The components of Colzer 1556 makes it easy for anybody to use. It has an automatic mode where it automatically changes the wind speed according to the quality of the air and the other environmental conditions. 

Additional features include the sleep mode, timing function, filter life display, child safety lock mode, ECO mode, temperature display, PM2.5 display, and humidity display. 

Product Functions

1). Multi-Function Display

This appliance has an intelligent color display that lets you see how the air purifier works at any time. It also shows the PM2.5 value of the display, humidity, filter life, operating status and temperature of every mode selected. 

2). Air Quality Indicator

The air quality indicator is a high precision laser sensor that accurately senses and identifies how many impurities see in the air. It shows the exact air quality level in different indicators like (blue, green, red and yellow). It also has PM2.5.

3). Filter Needs To Be Replaced In Time

The filter should be changed every 6 months. The quality of air in the environment and level of use determines how long a filter will last. Continuous use of the old filter will lead to a reintroduction of pollutants into the air and cause a reduction in the efficiency of air purification. Not changing the filter will make a product that’s supposed to be the best air purifier for mold to cause pollution instead of purifying the air. 

What are the special features of this COLZER HEPA air purifier?

  • Air Purifier For Living Room:  A HEPA purifier can serve spaces of about 900ft and great for large rooms and living rooms. 
  • Replacement filter: Colzer 1556 filter replacement is available.
  • Auto Mode: This allows the air purifier to automatically operate the device and change the wind speed to the level required to purify the air based on the current air quality, without any manual input.
  • 5 – Gear Wind Speed Design: It lets the user have more choices. Each gear has a different speed and noise. You can select the gear that will suit your needs. 
  • Quiet And Good Performance: The noise from the device at sleep mode is around 29db which allows the indoor environment to remain quiet and calm and induce sleep. 
  • Safe And Reliable: The air purifier has passed plenty of quality tests and satisfies rigorous requirements. It’s FCC and ETL certified. 

Colzer 1556 Air Purifier Review: Related Alternatives 


This COLZER BK-J-215 is an amazing purifier that clears a large space of around 600sq. ft. This purifier is your best choice for efficient air purification in a large space. It has three different options on the volume section: low, medium and high. 

This lets a user choose the speed that suits their needs. 

Putting the air purifier on sleep mode makes the fan speed to reduce so the user can sleep soundly. When the appliance is not in use, the indicators go off. 

The air purifier has other important functions such as the timing function, child lock protection, and filter replacement function. The touch control panel is smart and quickly facilitates your setup and control. 


  • Can be easily set up with the smart touch control 
  • The sleep mode options prevent noisy sleep
  • It can purify efficiently an area of 600ft. square 
  • Is safe around kids with the child lock feature
  • Air filter button functions send reminders about air filter replacement


  • Quite an expensive product

Colzer True HEPA Air Purifier (BKJ 33)

The Colzer BKJ33 true HEPA air purifier is an average air purifier that works with the basic filtration method and does not have the technology for producing ozone. 

It is fitted with a compact 3-in1 filter set consisting of a pre-filter, a true HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter. You can use it everywhere because of its thin and flat design. 

It draws air from the back and releases it from the top of the device through a black air delivery gill. 

The touch control panel is on the top of its white body. This device has all the important features of an air purifier like timer, filter life indicator, three fan speeds, live air quality display, child safety lock, and auto mode.

Colzer BKJ33 air purifier shows the air quality in real-time using a laser particle count sensor which also sets the fan speed. The touchscreen control panel is easy to use. It has a nice notification sound. 

The lowest fan speed makes low noise. The filter should be replaced every six months. 

It covers an area of 290 sq ft at a rate of 5 air exchanges every hour. This appliance does not emit ozone. People who have asthma and allergies can use it in a small or medium-sized room because it could be the best air purifier for asthma as it removes smoke and odor. 


  • 3-in-1 filter 
  • True HEPA filter and activated carbon filter
  • Increased airflow
  • Laser-based particulate (PM) sensor
  • Touch control panel, Latest design 
  • Sleep mode, child safety 
  • 2 years  Colzer warranty


  • The high cost of replacement filter
  • Does not permit remote or app connectivity 

COLZER air Purifier 142C

The Colzer 142C with True HEPA Air Purifier helps to keep your home fresh. It comes with a 3 stage filter that is made up of pre-filter, activated carbon filters, and True HEPA filter to provide deep fresh air. It covers a space of 600 ft. square and is good for bedrooms, offices and living rooms.

The Colzer True HEPA Air Purifier is easy to fix and use because of the smart touch control panel. Users can personalize settings from the three fan speeds and timer for as long as 12 hours to fill their homes with clean air. 

The air purifier has a Sleep Mode which lets the user sleep soundly at night while the air purifier purifies the air without producing noise. 

  • Reliable Coverage – The Colzer 142C purifies room air fast with its CADR rated at 123CFM, 210m³/h. It can be used in offices, kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. 
  • Composite Filter Performance – The HEPA filter and activated carbon layer combination enhance air purification. 
  • Auto Mode – It has a smart sensor that lets the air purifier change the fan speed settings based on the current air quality. 
  • Serene And Good Performance – It makes a low noise of about 29db during sleep mode which maintains the serenity of the environment.
  • Safe And Durable – It has passed several quality tests and meets strict requirements. It is CARB, FCC, and ETL certified. 

Colzer 1556 Air Purifier Review: The FAQ

Do air purifiers emit radiation? 

Air purifiers do not give off ozone if they purify the air with high-efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA filters). However, ionizing air purifiers that have electric charges produce ozone. The ozone can be produced at harmful levels. 

Ozone emission can lead to health problems. Air purifiers that function with filters do not produce any dangerous by-products and even maintain health. They rid the air of allergens and leave only fresh air. But air purifiers that produce ozone are bad choices and potential hazards. 

Can air purifiers cause illness? 

People who are ill or suffer from asthma or allergies find air purifiers to be a lifesaver. This is because they are proven to clear dust, smoke, allergens, and other pollutants that may cause disease, from the air. Basically, air purifiers should not cause any sickness. 

Should my HEPA air cleaner run continuously 24/7?

Yes. Air purifiers are meant to run continuously in order to fulfill their purpose. Some studies have shown that turning off the system will return indoor pollution levels to their pre-filtration stage. 

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It is not so difficult to choose the best non-ozone air purifier. All you need is to be aware of the features that you need most. That way you can find a product that perfectly matches your needs. Besides the main Colzer 1556 air purifier review, we’ve added some interesting alternatives worth considering. 

Perhaps, if you follow the appropriate links above you can get more insights by asking specific questions on each product sales page. From there, some other experienced users can provide you more clarifying answers.

Don’t forget to check the return and replacement policies before placing your order on Amazon.

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