Best Aprilaire Whole House Humidifiers Comparison

As a brand loyalist, it is clear you’ve got a reason for looking specifically into the best Aprilaire whole-house humidifiers comparison. In most cases, one of these is usually true. It is either you used any of Aprilaire’s products and found great satisfaction or you are following the recommendations of other satisfied users.

The brainchild of Research Products Corporation, a brand that goes as far back as the early 20th century, the company has an ethic of creating only products that help families get cleaner air.

We remember sometime back in the 1950s when Aprilaire created the very first humidifier built to cater to the whole house. 

That was a defining moment for the brand and helped to stamp its name as an innovative producer. Its reputation has continued to grow steadily since that time. In fact, it has kept up with the top producers in the industry and even ranks ahead of some other brands.

We invite you to read this comparison guide in detail as we introduce you to some of the best Aprilaire whole-house humidifiers and how they function. 

We’ll let you in on their capabilities and what each model has to give you. 

Don’t forget to also read our buying guide to help you make sound decisions about your choice of the best whole house steam humidifier products from the brand.


We are all humans and there are things we do for a healthy and clean living. You take care of your car, wash it, and maintain it. 

Also, when you notice an odd or unpleasant smell in your fridge, you clean it up. You also try as much as possible to maintain your washing machine. Why is it so? Well, it is because those products or appliances are investments and you need maintenance to keep them going.

You must have probably heard about a humidifier without knowing what it entails or what it does. It is different from a dehumidifier and you’ll be right if you saw them as opposites. 

However, this doesn’t still attach meaning to what it is. This explicit and concrete guide for buyers will let you in on all the vital details to be aware of before shelling out your cash on a humidifier.

What then is a whole-house humidifier?

It is paramount that you identify and understand what humidifiers are in general before niching down to whole-house humidifiers. 

Humidifiers refer to devices that boost how much humidity you have in a building, home, or room. 

Among the factors that determine how cool or hot an environment will be, humidity is one of them. It is normal for the air to begin to get very dry as we start approaching the winter season and this could trigger certain health issues.

The only way to retain comfort during such a time is to have some moisture in that particular environment, the air needs to be a little bit moist. 

This is where the humidifier comes in, as it will help to regulate the temperature and keep your family safe. Apart from that, it also helps to keep your furniture in top shape. We’ll be discussing the benefits or what you stand to gain from top-notch humidifiers

How One Differs From The Other – Room Humidifiers Vs Whole House Humidifier

Getting to know and understand how whole-house humidifiers differ from room humidifiers is vital. This will give you a better understanding of this topic. 

When we talk about room humidifiers, we refer to an air-cleaning device that is smaller and with relatively lesser power. 

But that’s okay because of what it is designed to do, which is to ensure a good level of humidity in just one small room. Many consumers consider it necessary to have humidifiers in their bedrooms to ensure comfort at night.

On the other hand, whole-house humidifiers have a different purpose. 

Their design means they are not meant for room to room movement. Rather, you are to link them to the ductwork of your heating system, very close to the furnace. In that way, the hot air will become humidified and can diffuse throughout the home from just one unit.

The Features Of Whole House Humidifiers

At the point where you spend money to purchase a good, you wish for only one thing – That it will serve you and deliver results. 

This is how it is when it comes to whole-house humidifiers too. The functions, capabilities, and features of this device make it very appealing and useful. But to make the right decision on a product like a humidifier, you need to do something important. 

You must identify what factors to watch for to determine what humidifier will deliver the results that you need. So, here are features to consider when choosing a humidifier –


This part of the humidifier works by examining in-house air levels. It can also tell how much humidity you have. 

All good humidifiers have a humidistat since it’s responsible for regulating the device. So, let’s say that your house experiences a drop in the humidity level, it is the duty of the humidistat to send a notification to the solenoid. 

This notification immediately triggers the humidification procedure.

Supply indicator

Whole-house humidifiers have an important element which is the supply indicator. This part of the humidifier shouldn’t lack water, so you’ll need to refill it most times. You will know if the tank lacks water or if it gets to the limit through this indicator.


Certain humidifiers work manually and automatically. It is left for you to choose which one you want. For it to work automatically, it is up to you to decide your preferred humidity level to keep you comfortable.

Water valve

Then, there is the water valve that helps new water to enter the evaporator pad and keep it filled. It is what helps to produce moistened air and also ensures that there is no overflow of water.

Automatic shut-off

Immediately your house temperature has reached your preferred level of humidity, the humidifier automatically switches off. This helps to save energy.

Different sizes come with different advantages- Some whole-house humidifiers can be compact enough to be installed in small spaces. Also, a large humidifier can be used as a table as it can easily blend into the furniture. 

Best Aprilaire Whole House Humidifiers Reviews

Aprilaire 600M 

This humidifier has a large capacity and can cover up spaces as much as 4,000 square feet. It can also supply moisture levels as much as 17 gallons every day and this is why it is linked to a direct source of water to keep the refilling process continuous. That way, you don’t have to worry about refilling manually. 

The Aprilaire 600M is quiet on the high side when placed side by side with its counterpart, 700M. However, the 600M does not support automatic control. 

You also need to devote extra time to maintain it and this should be done by the right HVAC specialist. 

In spite of all this, the unit is a powerful one and performs its duty of supplying the right levels of humidity to any home. Not forgetting the fact that the 600M is highly efficient at conserving water and energy, thanks to the bypass damper.


  • installation and maintenance are hassle-free
  • Connected to a water source
  • Can be used for large spaces
  • High level of humidity output every day
  • It is high in energy efficiency
  • Relatively easy to use
  • It is great at saving energy/water
  • Comes with a lengthy warranty period


  • requires an expert to set it up
  • Quite costly
  • Does not support automatic humidity control
  • changing of water panel must be done by a pro every year

Aprilaire 700

How would you like to have a humidifier for your entire house that caters to your health requirements while making sure that you and your family stay secure? 

We bring to you the Aprilaire 700. One good side of this Aprilaire 700 whole-house humidifier is that it doesn’t use up too much space. With coverage of only about 4,200 Sq. ft., it is just the perfect fit for any small space. 

You would be making a great choice if you decided to go with this Aprilaire humidifier. 

This whole-house humidifier has an 18-gallon capacity and has the ability to draw in hot air through the help of a fan. 

What you get as a result is efficient and effective air humidification and also an increased level of temperature. A striking feature that you’ll get from this whole house steam humidifier is its automated performance. 

The Aprilaire 700 also has two sensors that can register not only outdoor temperature but the humidity levels inside the home. 

That way, it is able to cater to the atmospheric requirements and conditions of weather by adjusting its functions. So, you don’t have to worry about doing that much manual work.

But something that we consider important to note is the process of installation. We recommend that you seek the assistance of an expert rather than going it alone. 

We also say this because it seems to not have very precise instructions as regards the wiring. 

Running the humidifier under the highest pressure means you should expect a high rate of water wastage. What you can do here is to get a valve for controlling water flow. That said, expect to have a solidly-built product that is durable and reliable.


  • Has two sensors
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Can be installed in a small space
  • Automated operation
  • It comes with an in-built fan


  • flaky filter retainer
  • Requires an expert installation
  • Wiring instructions are not clear
  • under full pressure, it usually wastes water.

Aprilaire 865 

This particular humidifier from Aprilaire gets attention just from the brand name, amidst other things. 

Aprilaire is a household name when it comes to humidifiers as the brand has been able to prove its worth. This unit comes with a mounted fan that allows humidified air to circulate the home without the use of an HVAC duct system. 

Another thing is that it covers up to 6,200 sq.ft of room space. This product has been specifically designed following the standard level of humidity which is between 35 to 45 percent. T

his helps to bring a reduction in skin and respiratory diseases that can be gotten from a dry environment. Note that the humidifier uses up a lot of power which may bring an increment in price. It is a great investment though which will eventually pay off. 

This Aprilaire doesn’t need to be scrubbed or cleaned. 

You only need to change the canister once in a while. It is quite easy to use, install and maintain. It makes noise when in use but it will effectively and efficiently protect you from cold, bacteria and mold. 

The Aprilaire 865 is one best whole house steam humidifier you can get out there and it can suit your needs.


  • Made from a well-known brand
  • Good level of humidity
  • Does not need scrubbing or cleaning
  • Easy to use, install and maintain


  • Quite expensive
  • Uses a lot of power
  • Makes noise when in use

Aprilaire 400M 

The Aprilaire 400 is quite an exceptional humidifier because it is a drainless bypass unit. This means that the system can save water with a process that doesn’t also need a floor drain. Well, maybe this is what makes it more expensive than the others. It is suitable for long-term use. 

Also, the panel that helps in water conservation needs to be changed at least two times a year and by an expert too. 

Because of its evaporation process, the water panel works so hard and tends to wear out faster than the usual bypass models.

Generally, the 400 is a powerful whole-house humidifier that helps you save water and at the same time adjusting the humidity level in your home. It covers the largest residential areas and can produce about 17 gallons of moisture every day. The unit is worth its price.


  • Covers large residential spaces
  • High level of daily humidity output
  • Support automatic mode
  • Has a drainless feature that saves water
  • There’s no standing water
  • Easy to install and use


  • Quite expensive
  • The water panel needs to be frequently replaced by a professional


  • Can be put on manual or automatic operation
  • It has a usual drain cycle
  • Quite easy to use and maintain
  • Noiseless operation
  • It protects your furniture, floors and any other furnishings from dry air 
  • It helps to reduce the cost from energy consumption 

You can humidify your entire home with an exclusive whole house humidifier like the Aprilaire 800. It is very good for houses where in-duct evaporative humidifiers are not in use. 

It has no HVAC system but produces and delivers a high level of humidity, up to 23 gallons in one day. It is suitable for homes of 6,200 square feet.

The unit works to deliver steam humidification through existing ductwork. Then, it proceeds to produce steam through the energization of two electrodes. There will be a current flow between the electrodes that heat the water and produce steam. 

The steam flows through the steam hose and is put into moving air with the help of a distribution tube. The humidity then circulates evenly all over the rooms. 

The Aprilaire 800’s total capacity depends on the electrical voltage you have chosen. 

When it is at 240V, the unit releases up to 23.3 gallons of moisture. At 208 V, it produces 20.5 gallons and at 110 V, it produces about 11.5 gallons. It is suitable for homes that are tightly sealed, even up to 6, 200 square feet. 

Note that for this humidifier, a professional installation service is needed.


  • Easy to use and maintain
  • It runs a noiseless operation
  • You can easily adjust the settings
  • It is lightweight


  • There are additional costs that come with purchasing this system and this includes the cost of replacement
  • The Display Panel which indicates lights have been said have some issues
  • It is quite difficult and stressful to clean
  • It needs a professional installation service.


The Aprilaire 500 is a great pick for you if you are seeking to increase your comfort level. The unit works with HVAC and produces about 12 gallons of moisture daily. 

Suitable for small homes – The Aprilaire 500 is a small bypass whole house humidifier. Therefore, it would work for up to 3000 square feet. of tightly sealed homes, 750 sq.ft. for a loosely sealed home and 1500 sq.ft. for an average sealed home.

Apart from working with HVAC, the unit humidifies a space with a natural evaporation process. 

When your home needs more humidity, water will automatically flow through a connection line to a water evaporator panel. The distributed moisture evaporates in the air and makes it humidified. The humidified air is spread around the area with the HVAC system.

  • Reduce the effects of dry air
  • It helps to protect your furniture and other wooden interior decoration
  • It has an indicator to enable Water Panel Changing
  • It reduces costs from energy

Seek professional assistance for installation – The unit may seem a little complicated. Therefore, to ensure that you get everything right as well as get maximum performance, you should get a licensed professional to help in installing it.


  • It doesn’t make noise when in use
  • Its settings are adjustable
  • It is lightweight
  • Easy to repair and maintain


  • Installing it is difficult as well as time-consuming and therefore, a professional installation service needs to be used 
  • Does not have a built-in fan


Q1: Do whole-house humidifiers really work?

Whole House humidifiers can save you a lot of money. However, they only work when you have a functioning heating system. 

In this way, you’ll only be including moisture when the furnace us on. Some systems run for a little part of that time or even less if they are oversized, as a lot of older units do.

Q2: What should my whole house humidifier be set at?

You need to be super comfortable when using a humidifier. Therefore, the relative humidity for most homes is between 30 and 50 percent. If you set the humidifier to this level, it will be suitable for your home.

Q3: Is it good to have a humidifier on your furnace?

If you install a furnace humidifier in your home, it would provide maximum humidification for your entire house. When put into comparison, portable humidifiers are very effective in small areas. When humidifiers are installed with your home furnace, little energy and maintenance are needed. This makes the whole house furnace humidifier user-friendly and a good option too.

Q4: Can dry air make you sick?

Breathing dry air can cause breathing problems such as asthma, bronchitis, nosebleeds and so on. This is not good for health and should be prevented. It also leads to dehydration because your body fluids work during respiration. 

Q5: How often should you change the whole house humidifier filter?

The filters which come with your whole-house humidifier need to be changed frequently, at least every three months. 

If the humidifier is used daily or regularly, then the filters should be replaced every two months. Again, if you reside in a hard water area, you can change the filter once every month.

Q6: Is it good to sleep with a humidifier?

You mustn’t have a cold before sleeping with a humidifier. When you sleep with a humidifier, you wake up with a clear throat and nose. Winter air tends to lower your resistance to bacteria as well as drying out your sinuses. Sleeping with a humidifier can tackle this issue.

What is better, a vaporizer or a humidifier?

Both appliances include moisture in the air, thereby helping with respiration problems. The only difference is the method of introducing moisture to the air. However, humidifiers function by producing mist from cold water while vaporizers heat water to produce steam.

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I bet it feels good to know that you can now purchase any one of the best Aprilaire whole-house humidifiers for the general well-being of your family. You must be relieved to have a lot of information about humidifiers and how best they can help you. 

Also, this guide will surely help you know the right choice of humidifier to buy. 

The reviews are accurate; the functions, installations and how they are used.

We hope that this article will help you make a perfect choice. Whichever you choose though, be rest assured that a humidifier will improve the quality of the air you breathe.

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