Full Kitchen Remodel Cost Estimation Guide

In most cases, full kitchen remodels cost cannot be compared with cabinet makeover. Here is one reason why it is very important to understand most of the variables that often play out when you are looking for kitchen remodeling quotes in New York or anywhere else for that matter.

Known to many homeowners, the very heartbeat of the home is said to be the kitchen by most people. This is because the kitchen is where food that keeps the human body and soul together is made for consumption.

It’s very easy to get lost in thought when you’re dreaming of your perfect kitchen in your home, especially if you currently face some embarrassing look of disrepair and decadence in your kitchen, but have no fear because there is still some hope for the home of your food making.

Do not hesitate to look for the help of expert kitchen remodel companies around you in New York. Enlist the aid of professionals that will attend to your needs and give you the best job possible with your budget.

But no matter the costs, the long term benefits of having an attractive state-of-the-art kitchen design cannot be overemphasized. It has been gathered from several independent pieces of research that Kitchen remodels are the most popular choice of remodeling done by New York homeowners over the past years. 

About 82% of the home remodel projects in 2019 were classified under kitchen remodels/renovations. That market has boomed so much that any service you require done to make your kitchen look a little bit refined will just be at the tip of your finger literally.

Don’t hesitate to browse online and get some updates about the kind of kitchen remodeling you want to do. With some knowledge beforehand, the process will be undertaken faster as you will already have an understanding of some of the necessary steps to take.

Your kitchen can be transformed into the spot you always wanted to make food in once you have the proper expertise and budgeting. It’s not a must that you go high end when you want to design or redesign your kitchen, remodels that are done on a lower scale often bring about more value because of their functionality and appeal. 

Most of the expensive kitchen projects are expensive simply because of individual style, preference, and aesthetics. Now, one thing that you should have at the back of your mind when you do your kitchen remodeling is to factor in the resale value of the remodeled project. 

Homes with kitchens that have good lighting, functioning electricity, and a great plumbing system sell well in the market when it comes down to the wire. 

Therefore, in as much as your individual styles and preferences are important, don’t skip the basics that will serve everyone just as well. This will go a long way in helping you sell your property in the future if you so wish.

Kitchen Remodel Cost Estimation: The Starter Guide

Looking at the statistics gathered from the Interior Design industry today, average remodeling costs can easily run up to $170k+ depending on your style, tastes, and preference.

There are several ways to go about this remodeling project, and it doesn’t need to be a headache for you and/or the people in your home. Many kitchens in New York have been remodeled by experts and we encourage you to do the same thing as well. Involving experts in the job will make the process flow with little or no effort from you, except of course the financial investments.

However, you can also decide to go DIY and fix up your kitchen yourself using resources that you can find at any Interior Design outlet near you. You can source a list of those companies easily online. 

Doing a kitchen remodel yourself will really help you to factor in your style and vibe to make your kitchen really special. Of course, you must have a lot of time to do this, and if that’s not something you can spare, we advise that you have the professionals do it.

Apart from the time that the remodel will take, you also need to think about the hazards of the job and the cleaning up and logistics. In the end, you’ll see that it’s often much better to let the experts handle the job for you. You can also substitute this with doing a few tasks on your own just to save the extra cost.

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The Key Factors In Full Kitchen Remodel Cost Estimation

The average cost of a full kitchen remodel is between $24,704 for a low scale kitchen renovation and $147,560 for major renovation projects. The cabinets, which could cost as much as $15, 000 for a set, are the most expensive part of an average kitchen remodel. 

Kitchen renovation projects differ variously according to factors like location, space, time, budget, etc. The main types of kitchen remodels are –

  1. Low-range kitchen renovations
  2. Mid-range kitchen renovations
  3. High-end kitchen renovations

The Low-range Kitchen Renovation Costs

First of all, you need to set aside 10% of your budget for any expenses that might just suddenly arise. The cost of this type of remodeling is typically between $120 to $150 per square foot of the kitchen. 

There are no major changes to the physical space and layout of the kitchen. You can use laminate or tile countertops and some kitchen furniture will be refurbished if necessary. Some new electronics like a fridge, toaster, microwave, etc may be added too. In most cases, the same pricing structure also applies to bathroom remodeling projects

The Mid-Range Full Kitchen Remodel Costs

It typically costs between $245 to $320 per square foot of the kitchen. New hardware like the refrigerator, toaster, coffee maker, etc. Set aside a part of your budget, at least 15 – 20% for miscellaneous expenses.

 It is a setup of both price and quality delivery. There may be no structural changes made to the remodeled kitchen and you’ll get granite or vinyl countertops for the midrange budget. This budget may also come with the installation of Stock cabinets and midrange floors.

The High-End Full Kitchen Remodel Costs

The costs for the High-end Kitchen remodeling could amount to around $320 or more per square foot of your kitchen depending on how your budget is planned. 

This will feature the full scale remodel of your kitchen, as well as carpentry and construction of brand new custom cabinets. You’ll also get an installation of luxury floorings, a new range hood, new high-end electronic kitchen appliances, and a new Luxury countertop.

There are many more options available once you negotiate your way around the market well enough. Every good homeowner knows how to get the best design plan for his kitchen. 

We encourage you to not slack when it’s time for that remodel. Apart from the things listed above as benefits of signing up for a kitchen remodel plan, there are some additional enhancements and improvements you might want to consider for your kitchen.

You could think about installing things like a kitchen island, an effective water treatment system, a garbage disposal unit, etc. The more you design and redesign that kitchen space, the more creative you’ll be in the long run and the more ideas you will get for a better look.

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Why Do Kitchen Renovations In New York Cost As Much As They Do?

Make no mistake about it, kitchen renovations or remodels in New York cost more than the national averages, but not with as much as you think. The average cost of a Kitchen Remodelling project done in New York is reportedly 10% higher than the national average.

When budgeting, for precautionary purposes, it’s important to find out the precise costs of your precise remodel from the remodeling company you’re going to be working with.

This is because the general averages obtained from Remodelling Magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value Report only give general estimations and rough guesses that do not consider some specific factors that affect the final cost.

Things like the size of your current kitchen, cost of the materials, the average hourly rates of New York workers, etc. will have a big influence on the final cost of your complete kitchen remodel.

You also need to set aside a part of the budget for the fees for obtaining the required permits for doing a Kitchen remodel in New York.

But before all that, your contractor would have already drawn up a plan that’s not breaking any local building/construction laws for Remodelling projects.

What To Consider When Comparing Kitchen Remodel Cost

There are so many ways and techniques you can use to approach your kitchen remodeling in New York, and for each one of those ways, there are several factors that can ultimately affect the overall costs.

Raw and processed materials will take up most of your budget. The price of the required materials for a successful kitchen remodel varies from time to time according to the effects of external constraints on the market. 

These days, the cost for new materials is on the high side for most of the inventory, so you might want to consider amending and refurbishing some of what you already have, instead of a total replacement.

The costs will also be noticeably affected by the number of professionals you involve in the business.

For one thing, you’re going to need a contractor and then, you’ll also most likely need an engineer, a carpenter, a bricklayer, an electrician, a plumber, etc. You have to realize that the more professionals you involve in the Kitchen Remodel, the more the costs will rise.

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Types Of Kitchen Layouts

Go for a kitchen model that works best for you. Look for comfort, look for convenience, look for adequate spacing, look for good plumbing, etc., and go for it.

There are several choices of kitchen layouts that you can choose from, depending on the size of your current kitchen and if there’s still space for enlargement if necessary, and also, of course, it is dependent on your personal preference.

The classic Kitchen Layout design is referred to as The Working Triangle. The concept of this layout is the simple connection from the sink to the cooking counter, and then to the refrigerator. An effective working triangle Kitchen system will make the activities in the kitchen run more smoothly and efficiently.

Other models of kitchen layouts include –

  1. The Island kitchen layout (This layout may include a sink and a cooktop and it’s useful for a kitchen with large space)
  2. The Horseshoe kitchen layout (The concept of this kitchen layer is a U shape encompassing the cabinets, countertops, appliances plus the island.)
  3. The “Peninsula” kitchen layout (This is highly recommended for when there isn’t enough space for an island. It basically looks like the L-shaped kitchen, but with a countertop jutting out to create a working area.)
  4. The L-shape kitchen layout (This kitchen layout is great for kitchens with wide-open spaces. It can also contain a very large kitchen table.)
  5. The One Wall kitchen layout (This layout may contain an island. It is very good for kitchens with open spaces.)
  6. The Galley kitchen layout (In the Galley kitchen layout, the kitchen cabinets and appliances, utensils stacks, etc. run parallel to one another in a row. It is quite useful for small spaces and is great for when the kitchen has only one cook.)

It is important to note that when planning for a kitchen workspace in your remodel design for the layout, you must also include the room for your movement around the kitchen. There needs to be extra space for furniture if you so desire and there also has to be space created for multiple cooks in the kitchen and/or extra hands.

Another factor that you should consider when planning for your Kitchen Remodel is the design concept that you prefer. Depending on your budget, there are a whole lot of ideas and design concepts that you can look at.

The different styles you can choose from are the traditional, monochromatic, minimalist, farmhouse, French, Mediterranean, craftsman, vintage, modern, and Scandinavian styles.


It’s important to know the costs and/or expenses that will be incurred before starting any venture. Kitchen renovations in New York cost estimates are very important because when not properly planned, these projects can get quite expensive.

Instead of locking on a specific number when it comes to pricing, it’s much better to juggle a couple of cost estimates in your head for different stages of the kitchen renovation project.

We recommend that your kitchen has lots of windows not just so that the neighborhood can smell what’s cooking. Since the kitchen needs as much fresh air flowing in it as possible, the ventilation needs to be spot on.

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