Neato D7 vs Roomba i7 Robot Vacuum Comparison

In the world of Robotic vacuum, Neato and Roomba continue to contend for the top among the best robotic vacuum brands. The introduction of BotVac D7 into the market saw it competing favorably with the already established Roomba 980.

This Neato D7 vs Roomba i7 Robot Vacuum comparison will help you make informed purchase decisions even when Roomba is currently being considered as the favorite. Neato fans still think that the D7 is superior especially in terms of cleaning power, containment, and navigation. 

Well, in this article, we will join the neato d7 vs Roomba i7 Reddit to make out points needed to crown a new superior. If you have to choose between these two models, follow this review.

Best Cheap Robot Vacuum Buying Guide 

Robot vacuums have been in the market for a very long time but they were not so popular until recently. Many homeowners are fascinated by it because it lowers the amount of housework that they would have completed on their own.

It is incredible how the devices with their small sizes can clean large areas and they are even able to do more than that. 

They have multiple sensors that allow them to cruise and memorize the environment, make limits, and understand the difference between some types of litter and surface. 

Robotic vacuum cleaners are like the house-help you’ve always dreamed of having that will no longer elude you. However, your interest in purchasing one is not enough, you have to consider some factors before you choose anyone.

Owning a pet

If you have pets then you should go for the model which is already designed to remove pet’s hair and litter. There are special brushes fitted in these models that clear pet hair better than a regular vacuum cleaner would. 

To add to that, the best robot vacuum for pet hair is fitted with the HEPA filter ( high-efficiency particulate air filter) which rids the air of all pet allergens and helps to lower the risk of having allergies.

But the maintenance needed by these models is high because they use bigger suction power which means that the brushes and filters have to be replaced more frequently. To add to that, homeowners who need the robot vacuum to clean out pet litter should choose those with bigger bins so they don’t have to empty frequently.

How Large Is Your Home?

First, you should think about the size of your flat or house as the area to be covered determines the kind of robot cleaners to be used. Some are made for small areas like flats or small houses while others were designed to serve bigger areas like bigger houses.

When you have decided the type that matches your choices, think about the space under your furniture because some robot vacuums are quite tall and that can be a problem because they may not go under the furniture. 

To solve this, get a measurement of the space under your beds, sofas, wardrobes, and choose a suitable vacuum to prevent hassles that come with cleaning those spaces.

Type of Floor

The type of floors you have should also be considered in your decision making. There are models whose features are advanced enough to switch when they are used on different kinds of floors like tiles and hardwood. However, some other models can only do this if they are manually adjusted.

Vacuuming features are not the only thing in some models, some of them have mopping features and are suitable for homes having vinyl floors.

Robot Vacuum App Features

Many of the current and extremely high tech models have a connection with a mobile app that you can issue commands with. You don’t have to manually adjust the settings on your machine, as long as you have your phone, it can be done from wherever in your home.

If you cannot remember where you dropped your robot vacuum after the last use and cleaning, you can use the app to find it by choosing the start option. 

You can use voice commands for the latest models and you can just end the cleaning process by simply saying ‘stop cleaning’.

Neato D7 vs Roomba i7 Robot Vacuum Comparison

The current top vacuum manufacturers are iRobot and Neato. These companies are trailed by a long history of creation and success that has been motivated by technological advances and a little healthy rivalry. Now, the Roomba i7 and Neato D7 are the best high-end models they have.


It is difficult to call out a winner in the design as the two robot vacuums are unique in their features and this is why they are above the competition.

Its name,  D7 is inspired by Neato’s unique D-shaped design. The D7 can use its flat front side to gather much more dirt from corners than other models with the round design which operates on a limited range. 

The vacuum’s front is fitted with a set of bristle brushes that are placed all over it. On the right side is a rotating brush that collects debris from the corners and dumps it into the cleaner.

Neato D7 has a single multifunctional button that brings on the power, allows you to switch between cleaning modes, and starts charging. 

The power and connection light is shown by the four LEDs. It also shows when the battery is due for charging or the dustbin should be emptied.

This model is taller than the i7 Roomba with its 3.9 inches. Because of this, it cannot pass under furniture easily and so if your beds and sofas have low edges, you will still have to get a traditional vacuum cleaner.

The Roomba i7 still has the conventional pucklike look only it is upgraded. It has an alluring black finish with touch buttons that are responsive and do not permit dust to enter and there’s a space meant for its camera. Since the i7 is shorter than its counterpart from Neato, there is not much concern with hitting the edges of chairs or other furniture.

The top of this device is luxurious and regular but the bottom of the Roomba is different. One thing that you’ll notice immediately is the V-shaped rollers. 

It has two of these on the center of the i7 together with a brush that rotates to the right and is much larger than that of the D7.

The different patterns of the rollers gather the dust and deliver it into the Roomba neatly. This means that you do not have to clean often because unlike the ordinary brushes, this one has no bristles where the dust can settle in.


One of the best features you can get from this high-end robot vacuum is its ability to map your home and clean only the real dirty parts. The two models being discussed give accurate maps that you can adjust to suit you but the Roomba robot is better by a little margin. 

The mapping speed and accuracy of the D7 is impressive. As soon as you turn on its peculiar cleaning modes, the vacuum will tour your house thoroughly and get an accurate map on just it’s the first round. But the i7 has to make about three tours before it can produce the same result, but you do not have to clean every time because there is a training mode.

You can easily split the map made by Roomba into zones. It also allows you to make boundary lines and label every room. 

The i7 can also be set to clean one or some rooms without touching others. There is also a similar way of doing this in Neato and it is known as the No-Go Lines. The lines are drawn between two walls and the D7 stays away from the spaces that have been marked off virtually until you change the settings.

The i7 excels at map storage and usability and can keep a record of 10-floor maps while the D7 can not store beyond 3-floor maps. This implies that you can use it to make a map of a fairly large multi-story office space or vacuum out many houses that have the same unit.

The Roomba also does not depend on the location of the station where it’s charging and will totally clean out a floor no matter where it is kept. However, the same can’t be said for the Neato D7 as it may get lost if it does not clean from its charger.

Robot Vacuum Navigation

The navigation control of the models are different and they both have advantages and disadvantages. Neato D7 also moves around the home using lidar-based sensors. It can easily identify furniture and walls and shows both of them on the mobile map.

The robot can be set to work at night even when your lights are turned off. It also comes fitted with high proximity sensors that find out elevation changes and will be able to go through the stairs easily. 

One feature that can only be seen in the Neator D7 is the spring-loaded wheels. 

Their job is to act as shock absorbers and ensure a smooth transition between surfaces.

The navigation system of the Roomba is dependent on the plenty of sensors it has and a camera. The robot can map your ceiling accurately because the camera faces upwards at your ceiling. 

Generally, Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners are prominent for being able to avoid obstacles and the i7 still has that trait. 

Even though it may catch a sock sometimes, it has no problem with main obstacles like the legs of tables and appliances. Also, it is great for use on black rugs that can not be easily detected by other brands. You can even program the i7 to clean out a dark carpet that’s beside the stairs and it will do just that.

Cleaning Up After Pets

This can be seen as their forte, the robot vacuums. The two of them can remove any hair, dander, or particles they come across. The Roomba i7 is particularly good for dog owners because it is great at extracting all sizes of hair from shag rugs. However, Neato D7 is better for cat lovers because it is more efficient at removing cat litter.

General Cleaning

For the price at which they come, they must clean perfectly and both of them do very well in terms of gathering dust and crumbs to pick up hair and dirt. But the D7 may be the leading product because of its unique shape.

The Roomba i7 does not pick much dirt from the corner even with its bigger rotating brush. But it makes up for how well it switches from hard floors to carpets. There is less hassle picking dust from shag rugs. 

On the other hand, Neato D7 functions better by doing a great job in less time and can also remove tiny crumbs.

Spot Cleaning

There are more advanced robotic vacuums and even they cannot clean every hardcore stain just on the first attempt. The two reviewed products both have spot cleaning methods however the i7 ranks higher. The spot cleaning mode of the Neato D7 is built to make many passes over a particular 4 by 6-inch area no matter how dirty or clean it is. 

The Roomba i7 has a memory of the places it was not able to clean at once and goes back to them to complete it. Your home is kept clean continuously.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Speed

Speed is one feature in a robot vacuum that is worth pumping a lot of dollars for. A low-end device may clean a small space in hours and might even need to be recharged half of the way and that makes it even a longer process. True the i7 and D7 are ahead of others by a huge gap when it comes to speedy cleaning. Every Neato review recognizes the D7 as the winner.

On paper, they both look the same as they have the normal CFM ( cubic feet per minute) rating of 17. However, the performance of the D7 is more than that of the i7 when it is in normal mode and it boosts to 80% faster when working on Turbo because the CFM is at 20. The D7 can vacuum an entire flour within 30minutes and still be capable of cleaning three more.

Robot Vacuum Battery Life

The two vacuum cleaners are always alert to find their way to their chargers right before the battery dies. But the Neato D7 does it better because it runs almost double the time of the i7 which is 120 rather than 75. But then it is fitted with smart charging.

The app on the D7 indicates how much battery is left and how much running time you can get for that. Once the battery is low, the vacuum goes to find its station.

The recharge is completed in 150 minutes but if the charging will interrupt a program cleanup, it is recharged enough to finish the task before it goes back to the charging station again. This indicates that your floor will still be cleaned faster not minding the battery percentage when it started cleaning.


Though none of these vacuums work silently, the i7 is easily tolerated. With a sound level of 62dB, you can still talk in the same room without needing to do it at the top of your voice.

Its clean base is not as quiet as it is though. It makes plenty of noise as it drags dirt from the dustbin to the base so try to fix your cleaning during the day.

The D7 is as loud as 66dB. Even though you can tolerate that, you may not be able to concentrate on a book or chat casually as it’s working. There is a power conserving eco mode but that doesn’t even make it quieter. The Turbo mode increases the suction power but still makes a lot of noise.


Clearly, the D7 is the winner since it has a 25% larger dustbin and can be removed without much hassle. The i7 is better than it because of the clean base. This is a good part of the charging station and it can carry about 30 times its size. 

There is a sealed bag that contains the garbage at the base and is sealed with a plastic clamp. You can easily remove the bag and it reduces the amount of dust that you contact and this is why people with allergies prefer it.

Alternative Robot Vacuums For You

eufy Boost IQ RoboVac

This Eufy RoboVac uses high pressure and vacuum while cleaning to get rid of tough dirt spots and give fresh, neat floors. It makes little noise while cleaning and still traps every corner of dirt. It can work on the stairs case because of the drop-sensing technology. It comes with original powerful auctions that make it great for cleaning both carpets and hard flooring.

Unique features

  • Cleans under the furniture easily with its height of 2.85 inches. 
  • It can store more dirt than some other robot vacuums with its 0.6-liter dust box.
  • This model can work for about two hours before the battery runs out.

iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum

This robot vacuum is popular and it has unique dirt detection sensors that can alert the Roomba to put in more effort in cleaning the home. There are three stages for the cleaning and it has multi-surface brushes that can be used for hardwood floors and carpets. There is an iRobot Home app that lets you create a cleaning schedule.

Unique features

  • The inbuilt 27 degree angled brush is suitable for tight corners.
  • It works for about three hours before another recharge.
  • Cleans in three stages and picks up everything.

ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum

The V3s Pros one-touch button has a remote which allows you to clean tight corners and pet hair without stress. It was created to evenly clean the right surfaces and furniture. This robot vacuum charges automatically after cleaning or when on a low battery.

Unique Features 

  • Has a special edge cleaning mode for cleaning the right corners and walls.
  • You can create a cleaning schedule for the robot while you’re out.
  • Has smart sensors and dropping technology to prevent damage while cleaning.


The ECOVACS DEEBOT can clean your floor when connected to your smartphone. You can send voice commands to Google Home or Amazon Alexa to control it. It sends notifications to your smartphone and you can also schedule the cleaning.

Unique features 

  • It is fitted with an anti-scratch finish and protective bumpers that lets you clean without damage to your floor or the robot.
  • Has three cleaning modes including tough spots and edges.
  • The ECOVACS mobile app connects to your smartphone and can be controlled to clean when you’re away. 

Neato D7 vs Roomba i7 Robot: The FAQs

Which is better Roomba or Neato?

The Neato makes a noise like an upright vacuum but the Roomba is not as noisy. But the two robots will wake a light sleeper.

Does Roomba automatically dock?

When the battery runs low, the Roomba docks automatically. It goes to charge and returns after if the job is not yet complete. After it is done cleaning, it returns to the dock.

How do I choose a robot vacuum?

Your home size should determine which robot vacuum you pick and also, the amount of space under your furniture.

How long do Roombas last?

iRobot states that a full charge lasts about 2 hours and from estimation, it can endure 400 charges. That’s great and is also dependent on how well the battery is taken care of. If no proper care is taken, it will be repaired much sooner.

Do Roomba batteries go bad?

It depends on the care. With good care, an iRobot Roomba battery can clean for hundreds of cycles before replacement.

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Although the winner of this Neato D7 vs Roomba i7 Robot Vacuum comparison is the Roomba i7. However, the Neato D7 is still a good product among the top-rated robot vacuum cleaners in the market today. 

Both products will serve you well and their cleaning performance is remarkable. Pet owners will be satisfied by how well they both remove pet hair.

But if you really want to get the best robot vacuum cleaner, then buy yourself a Roomba i7. It is convenient and you can use it for a long time without having contact with the robot or the dirt. It can work and be controlled from anywhere. And the charging station does not have to be in many locations. 

Assuming you have been looking for where to buy a robot vacuum cleaner online, you can follow any of the links above to get one on Amazon. On each product sale, you’ll be able to get more useful insights by asking specific questions that could be answered by other experienced users. 

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