Wireless Home Security System Guide For Beginners

With the high rate of burglary losses which seems to be a constant occurrence, the wireless home security system is starting to become the next most preferred system of security in many homes.

Even though it assures you of a more safety filled environment, a lot of people are still in fear as regards how they can begin the journey of a whole new home environment.

Recently, there have been statistics that clearly show that each new day tends to give birth to a new kind of theft. This should tell you that it’s time to stop contemplating and start taking your decisions as soon as possible.

This guide is a simple one that will show you all you need to know about wireless home security. You’ll also see how to adequately implement it in your home as a means of ensuring maximum security.

What Is a Wireless Home Security System?

Just like the name implies, this new method of home security doesn’t let you or your installer involve yourselves with wires or cables during the installation. Rewiring or pulling of old wires to install new ones in a bid up to your home security game actually does not apply here.

Instead of the outdated methods of home security, these wireless systems are basically built to transfer signals through radio chips, cellular chips. They also do so through several other technologies that are wireless.

Using this system simply means that criminals will have little or no access when it comes to breaking. That’s possible since the access codes are usually on the high-end. The majority of this new method of home security are wired to emit warnings through a kind of alarm system. 

If you carefully digest this, you’d notice that it’s almost going to be impossible to get robbed because you, your family, or loved ones who implement this system will always get first-hand information as regards attempted burglary. 

Are wireless security systems trustworthy?

You might be asking: “how effective is this”? 

The truth is that new developments made in home security are very effective. It comes with so much flexibility as well and there’s room for you to create Diy wireless home security systems.

Also, the method of installation is very easy. This has made it the first choice among homeowners in America and other parts of the world. 

Basics of Wireless Security System Installation

As mentioned earlier, it’s absolutely easy to get this wireless security system installed in your home.

About $20.4 billion has been spent by the Americans as a result of the high quest for products, services, and goods that have to do with home security. However, you shouldn’t let that deter you from making a decision that will help you. 

To save money and cost of expenses, one can actually have these wireless security systems installed DIY. It’s only going to cost you a couple of hours and you’re done. By choosing not to spend on laborers, you still can smoothly deal with a burglary issue.

Benefits of Wireless Home Security Systems

You know, some time ago, there were sad tales about people who got electrocuted as a result of the wired system of home security. 

Aside from being able to scare thieves away, wired home security systems posed a lot of risk to the health and life of human beings. Wires practically run through the walls of the house and the presence of children and minors means that’s a hazard.

Ideally, this new development security system will save you from that risk and more. Furthermore more, you won’t be needing to spend your arms and legs in a bid to install them. Here are three perks of embracing this new technology”

1. It can be remotely accessed

One beautiful thing about wireless home security systems is that it can be remotely accessed. Now, being remotely accessible means that you can easily operate them from anywhere, anytime. 

For example, if you are at work somewhere very far from your house, the remote access feature will allow you to get a glimpse of every activity that’s going on in your home. With the way it’s been wired, you can do these operations using the aid of your smartphone, personal computer, and some other extras.

This particular addition to them has made a lot of people buy it because indeed, this has really made it stand out. In addition to that, the systems are built with internal speakers that allow you to see and speak to your visitors even while you’re not physically present with them.

2. It’s always reliable

When choosing security, you’d probably want one that is free of all limitations, and this is exactly where wireless security systems offer you. These home alarm systems are not ones that have to solely depend on power. 

Unlike some of the old means of providing home security that very well may refuse to function in the absence of power and electricity, these recent ones are made to use a cellular network connection.  They also make use of batteries to solve needs in some cases that involve security emergencies.

In addition to the battery feature, some of them come bearing an auto dial feature. This simply means that in cases that involve an emergency, if no one is around, the wireless system calls you repeatedly. That ensures that you don’t have to bank on the neighbors, police, etc, to call you first; that would be a total waste of time.

3. They are very flexible

These wireless home systems are a great fit when it comes to flexibility. As you already know, these security systems are entirely wireless. This ultimately suggests that you can freely move them at will. There won’t be any need to disconnect or remove any cable of any sort. Just you, and your system.

With the wireless home security system, you are always going to be aware of the things happening around you through its utmost aid. This is also the main reason why it’s easier to get installed.

How To Choose a Wireless Home Security System

As one who wants to move over to buying wireless security systems, you’d probably get very confused about the top qualities to look out for when you storm any place that they have set up a wireless home security system for sale.

These, here, are the basic things that should be found in your wireless security systems:

1. A mobile app (for easy remote access)

Deciding to get this system means that you have chosen to embrace a better security system. 

Therefore, it won’t be so great to know that you couldn’t properly control your system because you couldn’t get the mobile app. Always ensure that there’s a mobile app for the brand you are buying.

Your mobile app helps you to control your system remotely when e.g when you’re at work or doing other personal activities. That provides you with instant notifications.; I’m sure that’s not something you would want to miss.

2. Ensure that the design matches your taste

Yes, designs in which your wireless system comes in, helps you develop a unique natural likeness for it.

While some people might get triggered by very simple designs, others will want something more complex, advanced, and can fit perfectly into the interiors of their home.

So, wanting to have a choice of design is great. Get one if you have to.

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3. Ensure that it’s one that you use properly

When buying your wireless security systems, you might want to check out the usability feature. This is because some of them come with a complex kind of operating system that leaves the user confused about the next step to go through.

You can’t possibly want to stick to a system that won’t allow you to access the click the alarm or panic feature when there’s an immense need for it.

Figure out a way to seamlessly operate the new security camera system you want to buy, but when you can’t, opt for a new choice; it’s better than having to deal with the worries that might show up later as a result of this. 

Best Wireless Home Security Cameras

If you are still considering improving your home security but are still confused as to how to go about it. Below is a list of some of the best wireless home security of 2020.

  • Hiseeu wireless security camera system
  • Amcrest 4MP UltraHD Indoor
  • Blink Mini
  • Arlo Pro 3
  • Reolink Argus 2
  • Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor
  • YI Dome Camera
  • Abode Iota
  • Zmodo outdoor camera 4 pack

In the aforementioned, you can also find the best outdoor wireless security camera system as well as the best self-monitored home security systems in the form of a camera.


A lot of people are constantly asking questions about wireless systems. Let’s look at some of these questions as well as some of their answers below;

Q1: What is the best home security system with no monthly fee?

A: There are different types of home security systems. But these discussed in the guide are considered the best amongst the rest.  Arlo is one of the best outdoor wireless security camera systems. They are most prominent for their stellar features which include: high-quality video baby monitors, weatherproof cameras, indoor cameras, etc. They are great for DIYs.

Q2: Are wireless home security systems safe?

A: Wireless security systems are extremely safe and they offer a very effective and hassle-free operation. Also, you need to appropriately take care of them to avoid any sort of negative activity that might occur.

Q3: Are wireless security cameras worth it?

A: Yes, they are worth the buy. There’s been a record of very positive sides of security cameras over their counterparts that are wired.

You can easily install them and they will still stand out as very unique as possible.

If you are one who loves very smart devices, these wireless security cameras are actually what you need to fulfill your expectations.

Q4: What are the best DIY home security systems?

A: When it comes to the best kind of DIY security systems, many people might not understand what it really means. With the help of this section, we’ll help you find out the best kind of home security systems that you can install at your own convenience right now.

  • Simplisafe is the best if you want to own a wireless system within your own budget.
  • Link interactive is the best when you are looking to customize your wireless systems to suit your taste.
  • Frontpoint happens to be the best in the league of DIY home security systems.
  • Goodness nature is suitable when you want to make your home look smarter.
  • Alder is the best and easiest one to set up.
  • The ring is the most suitable for an outdoor camera.

Q5: What’s the difference between a wired and wireless home security system?

A: There’s really no significant disparities between the two techniques. Wired security systems are as consistent as wireless security systems. The only known difference is that wireless security systems operate on cellular signals while wired security systems operate on radiofrequency. Also, the fact that that one is wired and the other isn’t is another difference

Q6: How long do wireless security camera batteries last?

A: The batteries last mostly for one to three years. For wireless security cameras, the battery usually lasts as long as three years or even more. They really last long. Also, in case of spoilage, a new battery can be bought and the old one, be replaced. A lot of wireless security cameras are usually activated through a cable.


In choosing wireless home security systems as a beginner, you are probably going to get confused in the long run. This guide here teaches the most basic things to know about these security technologies.

We hope you find it very helpful. While it is easy to find lots of cheap security camera systems online, always bear in mind that being cheap is not the same as delivering quality service. 

Regardless of the one you end up buying, be sure to test all of the important features that matter most to you immediately after arrival. Don’t forget to check the return and replacement policy before placing your order.

Finally, it is important to note that all the products mentioned here were selected from the best home security camera systems on Amazon, the most reputable online store in the US.

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