Solar Panel Installation Mistakes To Avoid In Your Home

Solar energy is becoming more and more popular because more people have begun to realize it’s many benefits although solar panel installation mistakes make them less efficient. 

It’s growing popularity is a result of the increase in the cost of electricity. Because of this increased cost, many homeowners and business owners opt for a cheaper means of generating electricity such as solar power. 

However, solar panel installation is a project that requires a lot of money and time so it is necessary that you carry out proper research and inquiry, putting every variable into consideration, to prevent making unreasonable mistakes as you switch your source of energy.

Building a solar-powered system is always very difficult, a lot more difficult than it may appear. People are prone to mistakes when they try to build their own solar system without critical research and considerations. 

Such huge mistakes can alter the solar-powered system’s operation and make then less efficient. Even if you are a professional, you must observe the precautionary measures and carry out your research if you hope to do a good job.

As the desire for solar-powered systems increases, homeowners tend to make more mistakes During the purchase and installation of solar units. Most times this is a result of carelessness and ignorance. To avoid such mistakes, next time when you want to install a solar unit, consider the following common mistakes and try to avoid them.

Common Solar Installation Mistakes To Avoid 

Excessive Spending

People normally think of turnkey installation from a national provider as their first option whenever the issue of solar installation comes up. They offer full package services including sourcing your parts, building your PV system, and mounting it for you. No doubt they offer first-class services always at your convenience but you will have to pay handsomely for this exclusive experience.

With Turnkey installers, a homeowner is likely to spend about one hundred to two hundred percent of the cost of the Solar-powered system. For instance, if a system was purchased at the price of twenty thousand dollars, installiiîng this system might cost you another forty thousand dollars. 

These popular installers always charge expensively to make up for insurance, marketing advertisements, labor, office rent, and other miscellaneous expenses needed to operate the business on a top scale. However, a lot of people do not know that they can personally install the system themselves after buying from a wholesale distributor or retail shop.

You can also save money by employing the services of a local solar contractor instead of a national provider, but have it in mind that you must be willing to perform some of the simple tasks while working with a local contractor.

Inadequate Planning

One mistake many people make is that they do not plan ahead. They are always concerned about satisfying their immediate needs, not realizing that those needs might change over time. They do not think about what they might need in the future.

 For Instance, a young couple might install a solar system that is just ok for them without considering the fact that one day they might have kids, adopt a pet, or even buy a rechargeable car that runs on electricity. All will definitely consume more energy. To fix this mistake, you will require an upgrade or a replacement which you may not be able to afford at that point.

Things to consider while installing a solar panel

  • If the need for expansion arises, will the space be sufficient?. For instance, let us assume that the solar panel you previously installed occupied the whole space on top of your roof, then there will be no space to add more solar panels in the future if the need arises.
  • Can your solar-powered system be expanded? Most times, people do not often make provisions for expandable systems. They often wave off the idea with the thought that they can just add more solar panels when the need arises. 

But expanding a solar-powered system isn’t all about adding more solar panels. Central Solar is built to support only a limited no of solar panels so you just can’t simply add more solar panels.

  • Typically, microinverters are suitable for expanding grid-tied solar-powered states. They normally operate on a one-to-one basis: every solar panel, being paired with its own personal microinverter. 
  • When you want to add another solar panel to your system you would have to purchase an additional microinverter. After purchasing an additional microinverter, an additional inverter pairing is then connected to your solar power array.
  • It is also important to meticulously consider the size of batteries when you are dealing with an off-grid Solar-powered system. The Expansion of the battery bank might be impossible for some battery size and type. If your battery bank is lithium, expansion is possible but if your system is running on lead-acid batteries, it will be difficult to expand its storage capacity.

Poor System Design

Before installiiîng, a solar unit makes sure you seek the advice and direction of an expert unless of course, you are one yourself. Installing a solar panel isn’t as simple as just knowing how to buy a solar panel and looking up your energy consumption on your latest energy bill, it is much more. 

In addition to just knowing the right solar panel that would accommodate your energy consumption, factors such as natural efficiency drop, panel orientation, shady, and climate would invariably have an impact on the actual system output. So if you do not want to make mistakes with all of these, you need an expert if you are not one.

Going for The Cheapest Solar Panel

One of the main reasons why people switch to solar energy is because they feel it is cheaper and would want to save money. Indeed, solar energy is a cheaper form of energy when compared to other types but it is very wrong and unadvisable to go for a low budget solar array because you want to save cost.

Such an idea may seem reasonable initially but in the long run, you will realize that it wasn’t worth it, going in and out of repair shops to fix parts that are always developing faults. 

However, you should note that the biggest solar batteries aren’t necessarily the best.. some systems with smaller solar cells might even be more efficient than the so-called big cells. So unless you are an expert yourself, the services of a professional installer are invaluable.

Choose a company or a team that would help you determine from the start the size of the solar system you need that would meet your energy demands, they will also help you decide what type of solar batteries will be suitable.

Not Switching Because You Think It’s Not A Worthwhile Investment

Years ago it would have been correct to say that solar is cheap but today, the price has drastically increased to a four or five-figure project. This indeed is a very big investment but remember the power company isn’t so cheap itself.

If you consider the long-run value of installing a solar system, you will realize that it is a very worthy investment. Besides, most grid-tied solar systems sort out their dues in a short while and even provide returns on investment.

Expecting Too Much

People, especially those who do not have the slightest idea of what switching to Solar is all about, expect too much too soon. They immediately want to see the dollar savings roll in once they have gotten their system installed. 

It is not always like that, have it in mind that it might even take years before you start seeing the much-expected dollars. It all depends on the type of system you purchased and on the amount of energy consumption over time.

Most importantly, do not forget that the intensity of sunlight is not steady and cannot be controlled. Therefore, the System’s output can fluctuate from time to time. You shouldn’t expect too much else you will just be disappointed. 

Solar takes quite a number of years before you start making a profit off from it. Solar project investment is like an investment made in the stock market. You never know for sure what to expect, some days turn out good while some days turn out bad.

Ways to Avoid These Solar Panel Installation Mistakes

The best way to avoid mistakes and excessive spending is to hire a professional to see you through the solar system design process. That is why most of the sites you visit will ask you to get an expert to design your solar-powered system. 

Other sites might require that you use the design DIY tool to design your solar-powered system. Most companies help you with the solar panel layout and ensure that your solar-powered system coding is correct.

Companies do this because they are going to be held responsible for pairing the solar-powered system wrongly so even though they are not responsible for installing the solar panel, they still need to protect their reputation.

In all, solar panel installation mistakes can simply be avoided by seeking advice, letting experts do their job, and not making unnecessary compromises.

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