Best Solar Installation Services Providers In California

Among other benefits, solar installation services can help you save good money on recurring energy bills. For people in California, these are the leading solar system installation companies that have proven to deliver great services at an affordable cost.

Seeing how expensive power bills can get, solar power is becoming prevalent around the world. It has also been discovered that the cost of electricity in California is way above when compared to other states and even countries. So to conserve energy and save cost, many homes and industries are going solar. 

Solar Power, unlike other sources of electricity, does not use fuel. It is rather powered by energy from the sun which is3 natural and cleaner. The energy from the sun can power the whole globe if utilized effectively and can help curb some hazards that fuel and other sources of power can bring about. 

Another good thing about solar power is that it does not emit harmful gases and the energy is recyclable and you will need to know the best solar companies to aid the smooth installation of your solar power system.

Top Rated Solar Installation Companies In California

There are thousands of solar companies around the world that focus on the installation and repair of solar power systems. If you need the services of one of the top solar companies in the world, this article will serve as a guide as it provides a list of solar companies in California.

Soleeva Energy

Soleeva is one of the solar installation companies in California. They offer professional solar installation services using the most advanced technology and quality panels. With years of experience, they have won multiple awards for impeccable service and use the best thermal systems for solar installation, making sure that the best result is gotten.

Soleeva also offers heat management and cooling system while installing the solar panels. They have an entire team of experts who cater to every solar need of their customers. To work with Soleeva, contact them and a solar consultant will visit your home or office to see the best solar fit for you. They will also draw up an installation budget for you to fit your pocket and lastly their installation team will carry out the installation while offering up to 30 years warranty.

Renova Energy

Renova is a renowned energy company in California. They have full NABCEP accreditation and have years of experience in solar power installation meaning that they do not only carry out installation but design, maintain and repair home and industrial solar power systems. 

In affiliation with SunPower, a credible company that produces some of the best solar panels, Renova offers only the best quality while ensuring it does not exceed the customer’s budget. They also have a division that takes care of solar engineering and maintenance inside houses.  

Cosmic Solar

Cosmic Solar is a solar installation service provider based in Southern California. They offer quality installation services using the best solar panels. In addition to installation, they also carry out other services like maintenance and repair using their team of professionals who are experienced and dedicated.

Cosmic Solar has accreditation from the State of California’s Licensing Board. 

Sunwork Solar 

Sunwork focuses on helping communities maintain a safe, clean, and high standard environment. They try to help homes make the switch to solar power to help reduce the cost of electricity bills and increase the safety of the environment. Their focus is not entirely on profit but on taking care of the environment.

Sunwork has a team of trained, experienced, and qualified volunteers that install, repair, and maintain solar systems. They handle the site work, paperwork, and inspection before proceeding to install the solar power systems with the best quality.

NRG Clean Power

NRG Clean Power is a top solar installation service provider in California. For over 30 years, they have been carrying out the installation of solar panels alongside maintenance and repair. They are devoted to offering the best quality to ensure durability and sustainability. 

NRG Clean Power handles everything about solar installation starting from consultation to installation. They are focused on giving their customers maximum satisfaction as their services also include checking the installed solar systems regularly.

Affordable Home Solar 

Affordable Home Solar as the name suggests is a solar installation service provider in California aimed at offering the best services at low rates and affordable prices. Using their team of dedicated professionals, they install solar systems at residences at cheaper rates without affecting the quality of the work and materials used. 

They aim to ensure that more people switch to solar power use while trying to reduce the cost of solar power. They install solar systems for both homes and small industries.

SunLux Energy 

With over 30 years of experience, SunLux Energy has helped many homes go solar as they are among the list of solar companies in California. They offer unique services like allowing their customers to customize their solar panels on request to suit each home. They make sure it adds positively to each home by saving cost and energy. The customer service is great and they offer constant checks once they install a solar power system for your home.

SunLux has great pricing, so all you have to do is let them know your budget and they will work to get you the solar power system that matches your budget. The good thing is that a smaller budget does not affect the quality and performance of the solar panels installed.

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Sol R US

If you want to invest in solar installation services while retaining your electrical design, Sol R US should be the solar installation service provider you consult. They install solar power systems while using the aesthetics of regular electrical designs. They focus on using modern technology and designs in installing solar panels. 

This is great because you get to choose designs that suit your needs without compromising the quality and performance of the solar panels installed. They are NABCEP accredited and build solar panels to meet all your solar power needs.

Forme Solar

Forme Solar helps homes and businesses go through the hassle of installing solar power systems. They offer consultation services to find out what the needs of the customers are. Their customer service is great and focuses on making sure the customer gets the best deal for money paid. 

Imperium Energy

Imperium Energy is a solar installation service provider in Southern California. They have been rated top several times and are reliable when it comes to solar power Installation. They can be trusted with all solar installation and repairs as well as all energy services. 

Imperium Energy has a team of trained, qualified, and licensed energy professionals that check your home and environment to see the best solar power installation service for you without breaking the bank or compromising quality. They even offer a free energy assessment over the phone.


SunGreen offers environmentally friendly solar power installation services. They like to believe they are the middle man between their customers and the environment. They focus on carrying out an installation that saves costs while eliminating all other sources of electricity that are harmful to health and the environment. 

SunGreen carries out regular research, trying to stay updated with modern advancements in the design, construction, and installation of solar power systems in both homes and commercial areas. They are quite affordable and do not compromise the quality and performance of solar power systems.

Citadel Roofing and Solar

It is true that as time goes by, newer electrical designs and appliances emerge. This usually increases electrical bills. Citadel Roofing and Solar help homes and businesses curb this cost by installing their solar power systems at affordable rates while retaining quality. 

Citadel Roofing and Solar offer a warranty upon installation and this warranty also covers roofing so you do not have to worry about damages. They have experienced professionals who give the best service while trying as much as possible to save costs. They never give out the jobs to secondhand workers, they offer service themselves and maintain a good relationship with their customers.

Alternative Energy Systems

Alternative Energy Systems provides great solar power systems installation from the beginning, covering every detail, down to the end. They maintain contact with customers while catering to the needs that may arise after the installation of the solar power system.

They handle consultation, getting the paperwork, and carrying out the installation. Their aim like every well-meaning solar installation service provider is to save customers some money and preserve the environment.


There are a few benefits when one switches to solar power in California. The tax system rewards homes that use solar panels and the solar installation service providers in California offer great service and maintenance at good rates. 

There are over 2000 solar companies in California but this article has discussed a few trusted and reliable companies just in case you are looking to install solar panels at home. 

Most of these solar installation service providers in California draw up installation budgets tailored to fit your pocket and their installation team will carry out the installation while offering great customer service.

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