The Starter Guide To Smart Home Devices

Setting up your home with affordable smart home devices is one practice that a lot of people are starting to embrace. It must feel really beautiful to come home and have the door open itself to you before you even say “jack”

Think about it! The bulbs get lit by themselves and so many other beautiful scenarios, courtesy of smart home technology. Now, this might sound really confusing to some maybe because they do not think it’s possible. It could also be because they are not sure about how to build a smart home system.

This guide is aimed at resolving your confusion by showing you exactly how you can start building a smart home from the ground up. If you’re a rookie, then this is for you, so stick around.

The Basics of Smart Home Devices

When you own smart home, it means that you are automatically exonerated from some of the manual house processes that a lot of other people go through. Everything becomes so easy for you because you can rely on your remote controller and digital devices. You can also count on the internet as a tool for switching on any of your home appliances. 

These home appliances include light, thermostat, control appliances, etc. In all, if you especially want to experience convenience via home automation, check the next section below.

Top Smart Home Devices To Consider Buying As A Starter

As a starter who’s still new to the world of automating their home, here are some of the devices that you can begin with:

1. Smart Locks

How does this sound to you? Cool, right? With smart locks, you already know what to expect just by spelling out the name. We understand the trouble which people face with doors and locks. They keep misplacing their keys with no one to open up for them when they get home.

Smart locks are there to save you from such troubles and also offer you a good home security system. And that’s added to even greater convenience. Convenience in the sense that you wouldn’t worry about the jingles that your bunch of keys seems to give out each time you search through your purse.

Also, you don’t need to worry about strangers barging in as your lock will be there to prevent an unrecognized face from entering, see? Tons of benefits.

Some of the smart locks which are being sold in stores come with a different operating system and there are really affordable ones. You might just want to make your pick today!

2. Smart Home Security Camera

We all know what a camera does, right? It helps you capture real-time images of people and things. The smart home security camera is a part of smart home technology. It lets you have an eye on all the activities that go on in your home whenever you’re out.

This is really special because you get to experience maximum peace of mind while seeing all ongoings in your space. Also, seeing something that doesn’t sit tight with you will make you call the police in no time.

This device tends to come in different models. Regardless of how cheap or low a model can be, it still Affords you an alternative that’s going to fit into the purpose of creating smart home appliances.

3. Smart Light Bulbs

In every long list containing smart home ideas, smart light bulbs will always be at the top. They seem to be the most popular and most used. Of course, who wouldn’t need a light bulb in their house?

This is one of the best smart home devices 2020. They are also very affordable and can be pretty easy to set up. A little screwing and some connections with your gadget or device can set it up running. It can simply be controlled with an app or your smart home assistant.

These light bulbs have a way of helping you conserve energy by consuming little power. This isn’t so common with regular lift bulbs. In addition to that, using a smart light bulb is a great way of ensuring security in your home or space. How? They usually come with a feature that detects motion. T

This means that when someone goes close to the light, it sends you a message to alert you immediately. With this, strangers won’t have access as you already have everything figured out. As a beginner, this is something you should look forward to.

4. Smart Video Doorbells

Doorbells help your visitors to knock and tell you that they are at your door.

What smart video doorbell does is this; it records the image of whoever is at your door and tells you immediately who the person is. You then decide if you actually want this person to be in your home. You either discuss with them, ignore, or send them away.

Whatever you do, the smart video doorbell does the only job of showing you who wants to be allowed in. This is also applicable to the times that you’re not home too. You get to talk to your visitors instantly even when they come in your absence.

The different models of smart video doorbells have a specific way through which each of them operates. While some will record a video and others will send you real-time alerts. The whole idea behind creating smart video doorbells is to alert you of visitors.

5. Smart Appliances

Having a house is one thing, building a home is another. But having a home that has everything in place is a totally different game altogether.

With smart appliances, you don’t have to worry about carrying out some of the household chores that are really tasking. This is because smart home appliances will always help you attend to some of them. From cooking and cleaning to washing and refrigerating, and in fact, everything. 

Everything which is meant to happen in a standard home environment has a device that can help with it. They come in different models and you get to choose the one you want.

6. Smart Thermostats

How do you regulate your home temperature? Do you still stick to the old traditional means? If that’s a yes, then it’s probably because you’re totally not aware of how a smart thermostat can help relieve you of some of the stress and money you’ve been extending.

They usually come with a feature that automatically detects when a human being is around. If you forgot to turn off the thermostat before leaving, the smart thermostats detect that no one is around and automatically shut off.

This is a better way of saving yourself some money. You can also switch it to get either hot or cold. It strictly depends on what you want.

7. Smart Home Theater

If you’re one that loves to make your home a fun place or a mini party ground, then the smart home theater is probably the best way to achieve this. Aside from other smart home devices that cause you to experience an all-round easy life, the smart home theater provides an extra kind of security.

From movies to music to a dance party, etc. Smart home theaters have a way of collaborating with smart lights to tune the whole atmosphere to suit the mood. This will make anyone who visits to always want to stay.

8. Brilliant Control

Brilliant Control is a smart device to implement for easy control of smart devices. Every smart home gadget or appliance in your house is meant to be controlled easily. But how do you control it if you don’t know what’s involved? 

As one who’s still very new to smart home technology, you cannot only depend on your phone for effective and efficient control of your smart home. Brilliant Control is formed like a wall switch. It’s able to have control because of the WiFi feature which connects to every other smart device in your home.

Through this connection, you will be able to have total control over everything. Its 5-inch touch screen allows you to set up your TV, activate the doorbell, switch on the light, and do typically anything you want to.

Unlike what you might think, Brilliant Control is a wired device. This means that you need to get an electrician to help you with it. Aside from that, it’s a great way of improving your home.

9. Smart Irrigation

How do you maintain the moisture in your lawn or garden?  We all need water to maintain these and ensure that they keep staying healthy. What smart irrigation does is to help you protect your vegetation without going through much stress.

Benefits of Having Smart Home Devices 

Creating a smart home comes with huge benefits. Here are some of the reasons why you should build a smart home:

  • You get to experience a lot of conveniences.
  • Have a huge control of everything that goes on in your home in real-time.
  • You’re guaranteed maximum security in your home.
  • Ideas on how to manage a home perfectly.
  • Ability to control your devices at home remotely
  • Fast-functioning appliances

Best Smart Home Devices For Beginners: The FAQs

Q1: Is there an app to control all smart home devices?

A: With Yonomi smart home app, you can automatically sync all your home devices to the Yonomi app. It’s a very easy way to own control over everything that goes on in your home from your comfort zone.

This is one of the smart home tips that not a lot of people are aware of. Get Yonomi app and experience swift control.

Most people who use this app have tons of positive reviews about it 

Q2: What do I need to make my house a smart home?

  • Sound: you need to get a smart speaker to maximize sounds in your main hangout room.
  • For the outdoor space, you need a waterproof Portable speaker.
  • Get a thermostat for perfect control of room temperature.
  • Try and get a smart but for effective lighting of the home.
  • Get a smart home camera for perfect security.

Q3: Are smart home devices worth it?

Yes. smart devices are worth the hype. Aside from being pricey at times, you need the whole convenience, the minimization of spending extra money, and the safety it assures you.

Other times, you can set up these smart devices to be resold and that means more money for you. The truth is, these devices save you a lot of energy and time so that is worth it.

Q4: Is Smart Home expensive?

A: A smart home is a luxury that’s aimed at making your life more comfortable. Unlike what’s regular with traditional homes, the smart home is expensive. More expensive.

When you compare the gadgets and appliances of both styles of maintaining a home, you’d notice the huge difference. But, that’s why they ensure that we have a better living.

Q5: What is the best home control system?

A: Amazon Echo (3rd Gen) is a smart speaker coupled with Alexa. The Amazon Echo (3rd Gen) is capable of turning on just by speaking to it.

This means that it’s a voice-controlled smart home speaker. With this speaker, you can achieve the whole energy that comes with a smart home.

Q6: How do I integrate smart home devices?

A; connecting your smart devices with your voice assistant is the best way to integrate your smart devices. So, this means that instead of using the touch screen of your smart app, you only need to speak to your devices and they will come on. O

ne of the ways your voice assistant helps you control is commanding them through words such as ” Clean the kitchen”, ” turn on the camera”, or ” turn off the lights”.


This list contains some of the best smart home devices you need to start as a beginner. Although not listed in any particular order, the aforementioned are some of the most basic things you need at the moment.

However, if your smart home automation needs are relatively complex, you should consider engaging a company with a team of experts. This will help you to experience the best outcomes without any waste or regret. Whether you a beginner or not, one thing is very clear. Buying the top-rated smart home devices is one thing. Installation is another different challenge. 

contrary to what you may expect, the price of smart home devices are probably within your reach at this time. This one good reason why you should give it a try to experience the benefits.

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