Shark Rotator NV501 vs Eureka NEU100 Comparison

Bearing in mind that individual needs are usually different, this Shark Rotator NV501 vs Eureka NEU100 comparison takes into account the most important vacuum cleaner features and benefits that you can compare before making the purchase. 

In many households today, there is a constant need to keep the floors and carpets clean. Besides the visual appeal, keeping a clean home or atmosphere also helps to prevent some respiratory problems that often originate from dust and other pollutants. 

Before purchasing a vacuum cleaner, we totally expect that the device will be strong enough to satisfy our needs. To prevent being disappointed with the product you buy, it is necessary to understand the device you’re buying.

Among other things, an ideal vacuum cleaner should be easy and ergonomic. It should come with a strong filter and other important accessories. From this vacuum cleaner buying guide, you will see these features detailed and two quality vacuum cleaners are also compared.

How To Choose Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 

Since the price-quality ratio is to be considered before buying a bagless vacuum cleaner, you must understand the features of this device. Because we don’t want you to waste time doing a lot of research, we intend to put you through some of the fundamental features required by a bagless vacuum cleaner, in this guide.

These features involve mostly the amount of comfort derived from using the device, the filter, and other supporting accessories.

Level of Comfort During Usage 

The first main tip for purchasing a good bagless vacuum cleaner is based on how comfortable it is to use the device. You must know this feature beforehand so that you can screen a particular model to see if it meets your standards compared to another. 

A comfortable bagless vacuum cleaner should be noiseless and handy. There are different points through which one can verify the handling of a vacuum cleaner.

The lightness should be considered especially if it is to be used for multi-story buildings, the build of its wheels for easy movement rather than carrying, and the telescopic handle that makes it easy to do size adjustments and prevent getting back pain from using it.

Every vacuum device emits noise but you should check before buying the sound level of the model you choose so you don’t get annoyed by the noise it produces when you use it. The device often has a sound level from  60 dB to 85 dB.

However, when choosing, do well to choose a model that makes a low noise, possibly between 60 to 70 dB.

Vacuum Cleaner Filter

Before you choose the bagless vacuum cleaner you want, you should be aware of the type that suits your current needs. Also, you should go through the feature to know the effectiveness of your unit when it comes to sucking up different sizes of elements.

A bagless vacuum that uses cyclonic technology for its main filter system is well equipped to keep all the elements it sucked in in place. However, there are some of these devices that can release elements even though they are within the micron range. The correct solution is to choose a model that has HEPA filters because they prevent any element that manages to cross through the main filter from passing through. If you have asthma or allergies, these filters are great for you.

Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

Before you start comparing the prices, you should first find out details about the several accessories that the model you are interested in comes with. This is an important feature because with it you can know the ease of use of the models available.

It would be great if the unit comes with different auction heads as part of the accessories so you can vaccine many kinds of surfaces and also clean out difficult to reach areas. Also, better is a unit that is already fitted with a wide brush that saves time at every use, or a turbo-brush so that any hair (pet hair) on your carpet can easily come off.

Shark Rotator NV501 vs Eureka NEU100 Comparison

For you to easily make your choice of among the best vacuum cleaners in the market, we constantly put in the effort to provide more information and increase the number of vacuum cleaners we recommend. From here, you can start making your comparison. 

Shark Rotator NV501

This Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away NV501 is a product in the Shark’s Rotator Lift-Away Series that is made up of a large portion of the famous upright vacs in the market. Since it is a product from one of the industry’s best vacuum cleaner brands, it deserves your attention. You should get the NV502 if you’re in any of these categories.

  •  If you own hardwood – the hard floor attachment makes the Shark Rotator Lift-Away one of the best hardwood vacuums. Also, it has a motorized power brush which you can also turn off before using it on your hardwood. 
  • If you easily have allergies – there is a HEPA filter in this Shark model. HEPA filtration is the best type of filtration that keeps all the dust inside the machine while your breathing space receives only clean air.
  • If you want something portable – You can carry this model around although it is an upright vacuum that looks bulky and big.

Shark Rotator NV501 Features Highlights

The many features in the NV501 make it one of the best shark vacuums one can find:

  • Three vacuums in one – There are three accessible vacuums in NV501. It can be used as a canister, a portable, and an upright vacuum. It becomes a canister vacuum when you use a canister caddy and with the Liftaway Pod, you can move the vacuum so you can clean less reachable areas like your car or corners without electricity.
  • Anti-allergen complete seal technology – People who often get allergies when they inhale dust molecules will find this one to be better for them.
  • HEPA filter – The filter meets North American Standards.
  • Rotator Technology – With the rotator technology, the NV501 can enter unreachable areas and this means you can easily manipulate it. Stairs and stubborn edges are its forte.
  • Enhanced swivel steering – The cleaner uses this feature to move at different angles which means it easily navigates corners.
  • Shark Lift-Away Technology – with the  Shark’s patented Liftaway Technology you can remove more dirt from floors and carpets. Persistent dirt and dust particles can be removed with strong suction. 
  • Premium Pet Tools – The machine comes with pet tools that will benefit Pet owners. With the brushes, owners can easily rid the carpets of pet hair and mess.

Eureka NEU100

Away from the shark vacuum comparison is another model with considerably high power output. The strong  Eureka NEU100 airspeed is amazing and you’re guaranteed that every dust removal will be done impeccably.

This model is very elegant because of its blue and silver color. The model has several accessories and a great performance that you can use on any type of surface to remove the finest particles. 

With its 4.7kg, this equipment is compact and has lightweight making it easy for you to move and you can use it to reach tight places.

Eureka NEU100 Feature Highlights

  • The handle has an easy grip which allows you to clean above the floor effortlessly. Fix the dusting brush or crevice tool on the handle tip to allow you clean windows, upholstery, and other distant places.
  • Hair and dirt are easily extracted from the great all floor suction without hassle. The work is done fast with the 10. 5″ wide cleaning path.
  • It weighs only 7. 7 Lbs. This compact and lightweight build make the vacuum easy to move about and be stored wherever you want in your home. 
  • The filter is reusable, just rinse out and dry without extra maintenance costs.
  • It comes with a crevice tool and dusting brush that attach to the vacuum and can be reached whenever. 

Shark Rotator NV501 vs Eureka NEU100 Pros

Shark Rotator NV501 Eureka NEU100 Pros
Powerful suction – The Shark Patented Liftaway technology used means the suction is great. All dirt is vulnerable. Also, it works either as a canister or upright vacuum, meaning that suction cannot be lost.Easy to clean above the floor with the quick release handle. The dust brush or crevice tool can be attached to the handle to easily clean upholstery windows and remote places.
Very effective caddy – The caddy is the customer’s choice because with it the vacuum can switch between canister and upright.The crevice tool and dusting brush are on the vacuum and can be used whenever at the time of cleaning.
Not heavy – the plastic and metal are in the right proportion to make it featherweight and easy to move about.This upright vacuum is very light with its weight at just 7.7 pounds. It is compact and almost weightless which makes it easy to manipulate, store, and carry.
Easy to empty – It discards everything right into the trash without having to use anything else.It has good capacity and the Dust Cup can be emptied easily. Do not be easily deceived by the small frame of this machine because it stores about 2.7 liters of dirt. Also, there’s no hassle in cleaning up the dust cup.
LED headlights: This upright vacuum cleaner is fitted with LED headlights that you can use to see dust and dirt easily. You can use the light to suck up dirt on your carpet and floor. This is very necessary especially when cleaning out dark corners like spaces between furniture or under the beds.The suction works on all floors and extracts hair and dirt from hard floors and carpets. The work is done without wasting time because of the 10 5†wide cleaning path. 

Shark Rotator NV501 vs Eureka NEU100 Cons

Shark Rotator NV501Eureka NEU100
It needs a big storage space because of the extra attachments.It’s somewhat heavy to use on the stairs
The hose doesn’t stretchThe hose is short
It has much weight when it is used as a handheldNot suitable for big spaces
Maintenance is high because there are more than one filters to replaceThe dust canister is small

Verdict – Making A Choice 

The Shark NV501 is an all-rounder unit that you can use for plain floors and carpets. Because of the size, there may be a little problem with storing it if you don’t have enough storage. But it does the work well and is easy to maintain and use.

The Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away NV501 is your best bet if you want a vacuum unit that lasts long without plenty of maintenance. It also has extra accessories like the dusting brush and the crevice tool.

Many Eureka airspeed NEU100 reviews agree that the unit can go round the house at a fast pace and clean out every corner. It helps to suck out things from your thick carpet with its strong suction, and it drops them into the 2.7 liters detachable canister.

The many tools mean that it can take vacuuming up a notch and clean curtains and upholstery too. With the washable foam filters, the maintenance is low. This vacuum cleaner is great for people with small apartments or cleaning areas. The product is worth more than its affordable price.

Alternative Vacuum Cleaners To Consider

Oreck Magnesium RS Vacuum For Shag Carpet

This vacuum cleaner is upright and lightweight. It is ideal for people with back problems and older people who want to have another lightweight vacuum cleaner. It can reach any corner of the space and even under furniture with its swivel head. It does not have any extra accessories but adjusts itself when the surface changes.

It has a HEPA filter bag that cleans about 10 liters of dirt and dust and that means it has low maintenance. However, this floor vacuum cleaner can only handle carpets and floors efficiently but is unable to clean above the floor.


  • A large filter bag
  • A lightweight vacuum
  • The swivel head is self-adjustable


  • Vacuums only floor
  • Twin LED headlights supply poor lighting on the surface
  • Makes noise

Eureka NEU202

The Eureka NEU202 is a strong but noiseless vacuum cleaner that is used to remove any kind of soil in one pass and create a perfect result when it is used.

This model runs on 2100 Watts and has an amazing cleaning speed with the energy it consumes pegged at 27KWh every year when used daily.

While performing, it releases only about 68dB of sound and which is great especially when the performance and power are compared. This means you can operate it in the daytime and at night without having to worry about noise disturbances.

The multi-cyclone technology it possesses extracts everything without leaving fine particles. Three filter levels filter the particles in hygienic conditions.

To add to this, the model is lightweight, compact, and handy which means you can easily grip it and be comfortable while cleaning with it.

This model can be compared to the best vacuum cleaner because of its performance.


  • Suction power is great 
  • Light and compact
  • Consumes little power
  • Can be used with ease


  • Much of it’s build is plastic
  • Needs regular maintenance

Shark Rocket HV382

Oftentimes this vacuum is miswritten as an upright vacuum but that should not confuse you. It is a 30 feet corded stick unit that has a flexible detachable handheld option. The motorized attachments have a connection for the dust cup and motor to clean with strong suction.

You can use it for deep cleaning on rugs and carpets because of the DuoClean brush head and the softer brush attaches to larger debris and dust when it is used on solid floors. There is a floor switch to change between the two options. But if you are gathering plenty of dirt, you will need to discard the contents of the smaller dust cup more frequently.

There is an LED light that helps you see clearly whatever lies ahead of the brush head if you’re removing dust from hardwoods. For most users, they do not see it as an ultralight product as it feels heavy during use. Many accessories can be used to clean it.

People who do not have large storage space and little floor areas can fit the vacuum into corners or closets. The model number you buy determines the kind of accessories it comes with. The HV382 comes with a complete set.


  • LED light that gives you a clear view of what’s ahead
  • Removable handheld flexibility
  • Satisfies major cleaning needs


  • Has a heavyweight

Kenmore Elite 31230 

If you own a nice shag rug and also have pets, you are supposed to own a vacuum cleaner that can be used in homes with pets so it can clean the debris and dust from your carpet and you don’t have to deal with stubborn pet hair.

It has a removable canister so even cleaning after using the machine is very easy. The light indicator is also present to help you know when you skip a dirty spot.

This vacuum cleaner is run by a 3D inducer motor that makes sure the work is done well and fast. A good HEPA filter means there is low maintenance because you can wash it. You can use the vacuum cleaner for hard flooring and other carpet types.


  • Cleaning is easy
  • Pet-friendly


  • Canister is small
  • A bit noisy
  • The guarantee is for only one year

Shark Rotator NV501 vs Eureka NEU100 Comparison: The FAQs

Is Eureka a good vacuum brand?

The preferred choice generally is bagged vacuum cleaners but the Eureka bagless vacuum competes well enough with other bagless vacuums. There are a lot of choices for you and at a very fair price, if you want a small, cheap canister or an upright vacuum for your home.

What is the difference between the shark nv500 and nv501?

They are different because one is a 3-in-1 and the other is a 2-in-1 vacuum. The shark nv500 comes with a strong upright, canister with an additional lift away pod. The NV501 is just an upright vacuum that only converts to a lift-away when it needs to be cleaned conveniently.

How long does the Eureka vacuum last?

You can use a Eureka vacuum for as long as ten to twenty years if you give it adequate care. However, this is determined by the model you chose but on average, they should be around for fifteen years. Brands like Shark and Dyson can’t be used beyond ten years but it still depends on the model.

Is Shark better than Dyson?

They both produce vacuum cleaners that promise great performance without suction loss and clogging. But the price is the difference between them as Dyson vacuum cleaners are always more expensive than those from Shark. The power cord in Shark’s vacuum cleaner is short and lighter.

How much should I spend on a vacuum?

Canister vacuum cleaners cost more than upright vacuum cleaners. Also, the cost of your vacuum can be increased by the number of new features it has. You can get an upright vacuum for about 50 dollars if you choose the low-end lightweight but the newer and more advanced models often cost more than 1000 dollars.

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An individual seeking an affordable and functional machine will find the upright vacuum as a good choice. Canister vacuums are made in two pieces whereas the upright vacuums are very compact and can be used easily on floors.

The Shark Rotator NV501 vs Eureka NEU100 Comparison review has shown that you can get a range of affordable and efficient vacuums from the Eureka PowerSpeed line. And the shark Rotator Pro lift away vacuum cleaner is good for easy mobility as it can be used in a handheld or upright fashion.

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