Roborock S5 vs Roomba 980 Comparison

Thinking about the best robot vacuum in today’s market, a specific search for Roborock S5 vs Roomba 980 comparison is an indication of one thing – you’ve figured out the preferred brands that make the bestsellers in this niche. 

Besides, you might be following the recommendations of other satisfied users of a robotic vacuum cleaner from either of these manufacturers. Whatever is the driving motive behind your current need, this robot vacuum comparison guide is for you. 

The Roborock Company is concerned with the world of robotics. As an establishment, it is an offshoot from Xiaomi, the technology don.  In the world of robotic vacuums, iRobot is a well-known brand. 

The company focuses on the creation and designing of robotic household vacuums. It looks towards merging novel innovation with greatly advanced tech. This way, robotic cleaners possess features that improve user experience. 

Roborock, a Chinese establishment, is relatively new. It was created in the year 2014 and has left an indelible mark amongst its peers since then.   

However, iRobot can be noted as a pioneer of this robotic vacuum business. It introduced the product to American homes first. The 980 brand of Roomba was its first-up until the release of the “i7+” and the “i7”.

The two vacuums to be compared are big names in their category. Hence, this review promise should be exciting.      

How To Choose The Best Robot Vacuum

Before making a purchase, you should understand what you really need, and the amount of money you can spend to get it. The following are factors to be considered:  Note that these are the major factors you should be comparing whether you are looking at these best selling robotic vacuums or other alternative models that could be within your current budget. 

  • The amount of money you can afford for the product. 
  • How big is the area to be cleaned? 
  • Whether or not you need to vacuum the hair of pets. 
  • Whether or not you wish to regulate the cleaner with your phone. 

On a general scale, robotic cleaners can be divided into two kinds. They are:

-the budget, $200, and below models that are not smart. And,

-the smarter ones from about 400 dollars and above.

 Though quite effective, the first models are not quite sophisticated. They usually just bump through the surface area until it gets clean. Due to such a random mode of vacuuming, a room of 15*15 foot can take up to 60 minutes to get cleaned 

Nonetheless, the more expensive vacuums possess a greater amount of sensors. These can be used for mapping the area and cleaning it effectively.

The best robot vacuum you can get cleans an area in just 10 minutes. Such have some added features that give that edge. These features are AI aid compatibility, Smartphone regulation ability, and a single-room cleaning feature.    

Roborock S5 vs Roomba 980 Comparison Chart 

 Roomba 980Roborock S5
NavigationiAdapt + Visual navigationLaser scanning with SLAM algorithm
Battery Life120 mins150 minutes
Filtration SystemHigh-Efficiency filterE-11 grade washable filter
Dimension13.9 x 13.9 x 3.6 inches13.8 x 13.7 x 3.8 inches
Weight8.7 lbs7 lbs

In addition to the efficiency of vacuuming, it is also able to mop the ground. It is possible to use its application. At its maximum setting, the product’s runtime is about the utmost around.     

The Roomba 980 model is quite breath-taking in many ways. It has technology for detecting dirt; this ensures that you have a neat carpet always.   

There is also a double brush-like roll made with rubber that prevents the stress of pulling hair from this brush after the vacuuming.  

There is no contention that both vacuum cleaners have much in store. Making a choice would be easier when you consider and prioritize what exactly the vacuum is needed for. Doing this helps you select the most essential to your specific need.  

Roborock S5 vs Roomba 980 Features Comparison

While having this Roborock s5 vs Roomba 980 comparison, it is pertinent to note that they aren’t entirely different though they emanate from opposing ideologies and forms of culture.  

The makers of both machines utilized different tech modes, no doubt, but at the end of the day, they will have more or less the same results.  

Some of the existing similarities between the vacuums are explained below:

Suite of Sensors

The two vacuums possess some sensors responsible for aiding their mobility across the area being vacuumed, thus playing it safe.  

Take for example the sensors to detect cliffs that both robotic cleaners possess. This allows the vacuums to note the availability (or not) of a potential fall so that it can make a diversion in time. This way, the vacuum cleaner doesn’t get damaged by falling off your stairways.  

Roborock possesses side sensors. This aids the cleaner to get proximity to the walls enough to allow the brushes on the side to sweep any dirt there to the best of their ability.   


The navigation setup is a feature of all vacuums that are robots. This system helps the cleaners navigate through the floor area for as thorough a cleaning as can be managed.

Roborock makes use of the LDS tech that scans the environment with an adopted laser. The gathered information is used to make a “cleaning map”.   

On the other hand, Roomba utilizes the novel iAdapt (2.0) for navigation. This works alongside an inbuilt camera to study the surroundings well and make a plan of the surrounding area. The routine vacuuming of the house is organized and created this way. The created plans are accessible with the device’s application—this will be expounded upon later.  

Imagine a situation in which the navigation methods of the two robots are tested. Both robots are put to work in an area with numerous obstacles.

Roborock observes the area first to evaluate its situation and cut-out work. After this, it vacuums the available borders, getting under the obstacles it can manage to.  After this, it begins making a pass in this perimeter from one end unto another. It performs all this without getting colliding into many things. 

 Conversely, Roomba performs the same edge to edge movements; only, in its case, covering the insides before going for the borders… 

Keep the above scenario and the respective response patterns in mind.

Smart Home Compatibility

There is the probability of you possessing an appliance, (at the barest minimum), having smart technology.

Presently, many households possess some “smart” equipment that is linked to and regulated from one hub.

Possessing this kind of setup allows you to latch any of the vacuums into the set, and then use oral commands to regulate them. 

Both of them work well with AI assistants; meaning that it is possible to speak to the robot using your Smartphone/ devices.  

Robotic App And Wi-Fi

The said smart application cooperates with your operational Wi-Fi, working together. Your Wi-Fi has the duty to link the vacuum with its smart application. You will understand all these as we go on.  

The products have an application that should be downloaded into your mobile device. It is available for IOS devices and that of Androids.  

After that, you should pair the vacuum with this application that has been downloaded; this, your Wi-Fi enables.  

With this access to the vacuum with the aid of the application, some tasks can be carried out using it.  

One major thing that can be done is the use of your device to control the vacuum.

Also, it becomes possible to schedule dates in the future for your vacuum to carry out cleaning. This way, the machine can clean your home when you aren’t there. How convenient!  

Nonetheless, you should ensure that the cup that accumulates dust is emptied. Failure to carry this out can lead to you meeting a mediocre, terrible job when you open your door.  

The Roborock s5 application lets you decide upon the space you need the vacuum to particularly clean. This can be carried out by sketching a single box over the ground map that your robot has made.  

Also, the vacuum can be set to run by that particular space as much as three times. This you’re your mind at peace concerning how spotless and efficiently your ground will become even when you are away.  

Do not forget that Roborock S5 has the ability to mop floors; it can even do this in a particular area about three times. If the area is not spotless at a first go, a third pass should do the trick.  

Robot Vacuum Power Modes

There is no question that cleaners need a high level of power for carpets, over hard floors. 

Hence, it is reasonable that the two robots possess over one mode for power. Again, it should be noted that the two vacuums perform a similar function using that feature; however, execution differentiates them a little. 

Roborock possesses four levels of power. A transition can be made between the quiet, to the balanced, to the turbo; to the maximum modes. Whatever mode is chosen depends on what suction energy is needed.    

The vacuum is also able to do an automatic transition to the maximum level when a carpet is detected. But, this has to be turned on using the application.

Conversely, Roomba mechanically elevates its power/suction level when a carpet is detected. This allows it to brush through your carpet’s fibers and take away any particles lost on it. 

Recharge & Resume

Can you think about how difficult things will be if your vacuums are unable to recharge themselves after vacuuming? You can imagine how scheduling will become almost unachievable.

Take for example your cleaner doing its job and then its power level goes drastically low. This will make it terminate its operation and return to the dock. At this point, it puts itself to begin recharging.    

Another great feature of both vacuums is that after the recharge, they return to their interrupted work and resume again. This feature will excite folks who set the vacuum cleaners to function when they aren’t home.

You can be sure that meeting a half-done job isn’t going to be as a result of the vacuum’s power.   


It is popular knowledge that all vacuums need an efficient filtration mechanism. This feature should be greatly considered for people with asthma or allergies.

Both vacuums under consideration have efficient filters. These can capture dust particles and allergens and stop them from re-entering your home. 

Roomba’s filter can trap up to 99 percent of these particles, bringing them downwards to about ten microns.     

That of Roborock can trap just 95 percent, but efficiently.  Its E-11 filter has a coating of Teflon that is waterproof, thus making it very washable.

Though not quite effective like the HEPA filtration system, it works well in stopping reactions for those with asthma and allergies.

Situational Differences

Numerous customers will love a cleaner that can work on hard grounds, as well as carpets effortlessly. Would you be surprised to learn that Roborock can do this and even more than this? Having this means having something that dually cleans your space for just one selling price.  

Some home areas get greater traffic in comparison to others; these areas, of course, get dirtier.

Roomba’s feature for detecting dirt suffices well for such. The machine exerts greater effort in those places, and less elsewhere. Hence, the whole space gets well cleaned evenly. 

Alternative Robot Vacuums For You

In the course of this Roborock s5 vs Roomba 980 comparison, here is a quick look into some alternative vacuums you can consider.

Neato Botvac D7 

This machine is the halved price of Roomba Plus. This 647 dollars machine cleans dust, particles, and stains almost like Roomba. This ranks it “best robot vacuum” with a price at medium-range. Averagely, the cleaner vacuums sand in large quantities (36 percent) over rugs/carpets with minimal pile; this is greater than what Roomba does. 

The cleaner slightly surpasses the Roomba S9 with its cleaning efficiency on wooden bare grounds, thereby vacuuming about 95 percent of available sand.

However, it doesn’t vacuum dust/dirt/sand from rugs of the medium pile that well; recording a 47 percent efficiency average.

Though nowhere near Roomba in eradicating the hair of pets—or disposing of its bin—the robot can navigate its way better. It covers a larger area of grounds as a result of its come-with laser called “Lidar” for maps and navigation. The vacuum cleaner is also controllable with the help of a Neato application.

It can as well be latched to AI assistants like that of Google. Such an application enables the machine to stay off some areas if you wish and set it so.

iRobot Roomba S9 Plus

This is a good choice for the “best robotic vacuum” any day and anytime. This machine is priced at $1,399, a mouth-opening sum for the excellence it gives in removing dust as well as dirt.  

It vacuums 93 percent of sand on hardwood grounds according to tests. You should know that it is about the greatest quantity amongst the group tested. For rugs and carpets with minimal-pile, it eradicates 28 percent of sand/dust.

Having noted the above, this product under consideration eradicates about 71 percent of sand found in the medium-pile carpet; the most excellent result from tests on this feature.

More so, it eradicates greater amounts of hair/allergens over other vacuums tested. What more—it can map out and navigate through numerous areas as well as rooms. Its application has been updated to allow the setting of areas to keep the robot from cleaning. 

During testing, the machine moved through the room area in just about twenty-five minutes.

You will be excited to know that it can be connected to Roomba’s application and the Wi-Fi of your house. 

You will surely love its base station for docking and cleaning. This recharges its battery as well as emptying its waste mechanically. Hence, cleaning is made effortless and you can cease to worry about the life of your battery. 

Eufy Robovac 11S Max

This vacuum cleaner showcases the fact that a large budget is not necessary for the purchase of a good robot cleaner. Though the product goes for 219 dollars only, it is very efficient in the cleaning of floors. This is particularly so with bare grounds of hardwood.  

Its basic system for navigation made it take over 60 minutes to find its way across the room during testing—this is which is quite long. Nevertheless, the hour was utilized circumspectly in covering the area well and vacuuming every spot well.   The device charges itself and so eradicates the need for worrying over its battery power and vacuuming time. This vacuum cleaner is topmost for those who seek value. 

The FAQs

How good is Roomba?

Relatively, Roomba is wonderful as it doesn’t circle round one spot or area too much. This makes it efficient in conserving the duration of its battery for cleaning. Also, its mapping using Wi-Fi allows you to set a speculated time for when the machine should clean. What more—the model is efficient in cleaning dust/ dirt particles. 

Is Roborock a good brand?

Roborock has a variety of vacuums; however, the incredible S5 has the ability to do everything. This capability ranges from having a powerful suctioning that can lift massive things, to stress less mopping, to cleanings that can be scheduled, to regulating off-limit areas, and so many other things. You really should consider getting the S6.  

Does Roomba work on carpet?

Yes, Roomba is capable of cleaning hard grounds as well as carpets with depth. The machine snatches a good quantity of hair, dust, and other particles from them. It mechanically changes from a ground surface kind to another. This ability encompasses linoleum, rugs, hardwood, tiles, and so on.  

Why is Roomba so expensive?

This is so because the brand is more massive, efficient, smart, and all-around functional than others. Having all that in just one machine is worth the high cost. The “Pure Clean” brand is not up to it in function and size.

How do I use the mop on my Roborock s5?

To mop, you should wet its cloth; after which, its tank for water should be filled. It may look like the water is small for the whole house, but that’s what makes it special. The S5 leaves no wet ground behind while mopping. You wouldn’t slip or worry about making a mess. The ground gets cleaned and stays dry.  

How do I clean my Roborock s5?

You should do some maintenance on Roborock regularly. This should start with emptying its bin, and then wiping your machine.

You should wash out the cleaner’s major filter when essential, and then let it dry out, the vacuum’s sensors should be cleaned in a and gentle manner so the Machine can keep “seeing” its destination properly 

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In concluding this article that has majored in a Roborock s5 vs Roomba 980 comparison, some things will be reiterated. 

Firstly, Roborock’s ability to mop makes it wonderful for houses that have bare grounds. Its rollers that do not tangle make the device one of the best things that individuals can invest in for their homes. There will be no problem arising from hair tangling somewhere or the other.     

Roborock and Roomba operate well over carpets with both slight and mid pile. However, it has been garnered from reviews of those who have purchased that Roborock works better over carpets with mid-pile due to its brush used for cleaning. 

This brush cleans deeper by scratching the area. 

Also, the two products work adequately over every surface kind except for very dense floor carpets. Roomba works better over bare grounds, but Roborock’s mopping ability ranks it better when it comes to bare surfaces. 

 Don’t forget to follow any other product links above to get more insights from other satisfied users on Amazon. 

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