Neato D6 vs Roomba 960 Comparison

Regardless of whether you have used a robotic vacuum before or not, settling down for a Neato D6 vs Roomba 960 comparison is an indication that you know what you want. Besides these two popular robot vacuum cleaner brands, you’ll find some other affordable alternatives within this post. 

There is the teeth-grating noise to deal with; not to talk of the annoying inconvenience. Let’s not even mention the fact that sometimes you may need to vacuum again because some dirt was left out. 

The good news we have for you is that new technology has now provided cleaners that are robots, to replace the manual form of cleaning.   

The two products under comparison are robotic and are made by manufacturers of high ratings. Though Roomba is more popular, Neato can’t be considered an amateur either; besides, it is well fortified with functions, and attributes, that could beat the Roomba hands down. 

Well, you too will be a judge of that soon. 

What To Consider Before Buying A Robot Vacuum

Before doing a Neato vs Roomba analysis, you should know what to look for in deciding on a robot cleaner. Robot cleaners differ a great deal in their quality and features. Hence, the best vacuum to purchase should rest on the particulars of your desires and wants. This review will question you on some things to help you decide on the robot cleaner that is perfect for you. Check them out below: 

What to Expect from Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

A basic model is your best bet if, sometimes, you utilize a robot cleaner with the everyday vacuum. For the ability to use a robot cleaner daily or regulate it using your mobile device, you should go for a model that is better advanced. The qualities that will be embedded in an 800 dollar robot will, without doubt, be greater than that of 100 dollars. Do not forget that this robot will eventually be just an added help and not take control of the cleaning tasks you have to do so. For instance, staircases and baseboards will need your own cleaning. 

Type of Floor

Every robot cleaner operates fine over floors that are smooth or rock hard. Nonetheless, a few cleaners find it difficult to handle rugs and carpets with high poles. Consequently, any type of robot can handle your hard grounds, but a better-specified one is needed for houses with numerous carpets and rugs.   

Are You Allergic?

For those that are allergic to dust, a cleaner that has a peculiar exhaust filtration mechanism should be gotten—preferably HEPA 14/13. These kinds of filters prevent dust particles, allergens, and even pollens from staying in your room through the air from the exhaust 

Are Pets In the Picture?

The hair of pets loafing around is a possible problem for robot cleaners due to their little brush for suction. To be rest assured that those hairs are vacuumed, you should purchase a vacuum that has brushes that rotate centrally. Such brushes can pick hairs better than brushes with suction. While filtering for what you want, just choose the kind of robot that is perfect for picking up hair. This can be done under the place that reads “applicationâ€.

How Smart?

A smart robot cleaner is one that is connected to Wi-Fi.  This lets us have control over your robot using an application on your mobile device. This can be a very resourceful thing for those who aren’t usually home. A better-advanced robot equals a better sophisticated and loaded application. 

A number of these vacuums possess cameras that allow the viewing of images through the application. Don’t forget that such smart features cannot be in robots that are basic, beginning models. 

House Size

Here, we mean the size of the round area that the cleaner is to work on. This aspect distinguishes some robots from others. If you need a machine to clean several rooms at a stretch, then a robot that possesses above ninety minutes of battery power is your best bet.  

Neato D6 vs Roomba 960 Comparison

With the above points now noted, we move into the Neato D6 vs Roomba 960 comparison proper. The Neato lineup of machines from the Botvac-D has a peculiar D-structure that permits easy maneuvering and cleaning of corners. 

This is the exact thing with D6, plus several upgrades from the former ranges of Botvac vacuum iterations.

Roomba, again, possesses several top-notch features like the mapping of memory, the detection of particles, a sophisticated suction, the regulation using smart devices, and a lot more. The vacuum is of premium quality and is slightly more expensive than the previous Roomba makes due to its enhanced features. The 960 sure is the best choice for a vacuum that is effective and efficient. 

 Botvac D6 Pros

  • It possesses connectivity to IFTTT, as well as AI assistants. 
  • There is the availability of Wi-Fi.
  • There is an application for it, using a Smartphone.
  • Availability of mapping.
  • It allows for navigation.
  • There is a laser navigating system to help it see at night. 
  • It can save about 3 maps.
  • You can set it to stay away from some areas. 

Roomba 960 Pros

  • It has a come-with camera for mapping your house. 
  • The sensors of its camera can make out clear paths for cleaning. 
  • It vacuums all surfaces inside the home.
  • There is a virtual block with it.
  • The Smartphone application makes room for remote abilities for cleaning.   
  • It can be simply put together and utilized. 

Botvac D6 Cons

  • Maps can’t be used without the docking place being where it was made. 
  • There can be issues with many obstacles. 
  • It can be quite tall and high for several pieces of furniture with little profile.  

Roomba 960 Cons:

  • It has issues cleaning up minute things.
  • It is costlier than many robot cleaners. 

Structure and Design

Botvac vacuums corner well, just like its antecedents. This is so with its stout and broad profile letting it maneuver beneath low pieces of furniture. It is also able to maneuver between the legs of chairs and some other little places.     

It surpasses several Botvac-D ranges of vacuums with its larger brush. The machine takes up a greater quantity of hair and particles of dire than the former makes. Its brush can be removed easily; hence, it can be cleaned using pieces of equipment provided by Neato. This makes it able to snap off hairs and other such things that stick to it.  

The machine has a brush at the side for sweeping up dirt in such places. Dust gets taken from edges/corners so that the cleaning is encompassing.

Its ultra-functioning filtration mechanism gets rid of air allergens together with any debris. The application on the Smartphone can be used to change this filter at the needed time; this makes the machine perfect for allergic/sensitive people. 

 Roomba has one circle as every robot cleaner does. The circle’s handle makes for easier carriage. More so, its come-with camera, as well as regulatory buttons, allow it to be better in function and adaptability.  

This product, like many Roomba classics, is silver mixed with black and sports a matte polishing. It also has a bumper-like ring above it which stops it from colliding into obstacles and furniture.   

Mode of Operation

To operate the Neato D6 to clean the entire house, you should press the button for power on top of it. It can bypass staircases and blockades through its sensors. If you double-tap the button, the cleaner vacuums one little square space. This function is most useful when a soiling/spilling has been done somewhere.  

Conversely, Botvac is powered by Wi-Fi to permit a cleaning routine that is better streamlined. The connection is quite seamless; more so, the connection of many cleaners the Neato application allows you to monitor all the robots on every floor in the house.   

The creation of maps for the floor before cleaning lets the machine move around the house, studying how it is. This makes it easy to create personalized cleaning routines as well as maps. 

The known cleaning step of the 3 parts is not different on any Roomba machine. This lets it loosen up debris/particles, carry it up, and into its unit. Its brushes that spin, its extractors for dirt, and its highly effective suction, tackle stubborn dirt.    

Roomba has a digital camera; this does the mapping of directions for easy navigation. Its sensors located around its boundaries help in tracking the machine’s location, mapping out the house, and setting its bearing/compass from its dock.   

Also, Roomba has sensors for detecting dirt/hair/debris while cleaning. The information gathered is used to make out an excellent travel path. This stops it from aimlessly galloping around your home before going back to the dock. The machine can map out the most sensible direction.  

Type of Floor

Botvac functions perfectly on carpets, as well as bear grounds, cleaning out both corners as well as edges. The machine even traps minute things like flour in the dirtiest room you can think of. Because such spills are not daily occurrences, a scheduled vacuuming will not be an issue for D6. You get this rest from the knowledge of how well the machine can tackle such tedious tasks when necessary.

Roomba is set for any foot type in your home and can be controlled from whatever place you are. Hence, with it, you have easy operation and excellence in one package.

Ease of Use

Botvac is workable with IFTTT as well as AI assistants. You can speak to the AI home aid to regulate the machine to begin or end cleaning. If you possess over one D6, you should instruct it on which to commence—don’t worry; it obeys. 

IFTTT improves the usability of the Botvac, by starting particular jobs triggered by actions, time, and events noted in the calendar. For instance, the machine can commence cleaning after you’ve left when you set one IFTTT happening using a destined geo-location. It can even be programmed to take a pause when a mobile device beeps, or go back to the dock at your arrival. The things that IFTTT is capable of are numerous. 

Botvac’s mapping mechanism is top-notch. The laser used for navigation lets it have a vision in dark places. The navigation function called “Gentle ” can be used to find a way through blockades gently in case of having fragile things or a machine that is quite insensitive. 

Botvac’s broad base might require the removal of chairs away from your table so it can navigate such places easily. It can transition well from bare grounds to rugs/carpets without stress. Their sensor for “drop†prevents it from falling over the staircase.   

Roomba’s setting up is not difficult. You simply remove the vacuum out of its container, plug the docking, and let the machine charge. Nothing needs to be put together before usage.

After the machine is 100% charged, several ways can be used to commence cleaning—the device’s top button; connection to its application, and the regulation using your phone.  

With the help of the application, cleanings can be scheduled. Also, research can be made, commencing cleaning one spot, or even a cycle that hasn’t been scheduled. There is even no need to do a physical interaction with it unless for emptying its bin.  

What We Think

Botvac has all that is necessary, be it cleaning methods of floor maps. It gives an excellent vacuuming with top-notch technology. The application on Smartphones plus other integrations allows you to easily regulate cleaning schedules.  

Roomba allows for easy cleaning without hand-contact. It is the best machine for those who want the most recent technology. It is perfect for any floor kind you possess and permits you to regulate it from whatever place you are. For easy usage and excellent operation, choose this. 

Alternative Robotic Vacuums For You

In the course of the Roomba and Naeto robotic vacuum reviews, below are some alternative vacuum cleaners you can try out. 

Eufy L70 Hybrid

The Eufy Company is well acclaimed for creating very affordable vacuums. Nonetheless, the model under consideration is one that is quite high-ended. It possesses lasers and sensors that face forward for easy navigation in tight rooms. There are also advanced smart functions. Its application showcases a digitized map wherein zones can be drawn to program focus areas or keep-off areas 

With the smart functions come basic ones as well. Test results show a vacuuming of about 10.8g dirt averagely. This is sufficient for a large-sized cleaner for one week. For an excellent vacuum upgrade, this product is your best bet.


  • There is a laser feature for navigation.
  • It possesses sensors that face forward. 
  • It possesses numerous smart functions. 


  • For now, no disadvantage has been found there. 

iRobot Roomba i7+

This is about the initial cleaner capable of emptying itself automatically and possesses a powerful suction.  The vacuum found in its charging place sucks everything from its dustbin and into a bag that can be sealed. Consequently, the cleaner vacuums wouldn’t be seen, smelt, or touched. Also, the product possesses numerous smart functions too, plus good compatibility with AI assistants. It can also create maps that are virtualized and are capable of tracking the cycles of cleaning, and prevent it from respective rooms.    

Apart from its nice technology, the machine vacuums a good quantity of particles of about 10g averagely. Hence, within one week, a gentle cleaning that is manual can be coped with over many surface types. The product is costly, but worth it due to its numerous features and excellence with diverse floors.   


  • It can empty the bin mechanically. 
  • Its application permits the choice of which room should be cleaned. 
  • It has an efficient dirt-picking system.


  • It is somewhat costly.

Botvac D7 Connected

This machine is a great achievement in the world of robot cleaners. The machine is the forerunner of vacuums that can receive instructions on where, when, and the way to vacuum, using your mobile device. Its novel tech “keep-off†lines function allows you to sketch outlines over the machine’s created maps. This stops it from moving towards sensitive plays. Neato produced an efficient floor cleaner just as its “keep-off†function is great too.   


  • It vacuums dirt excellently. 
  • It can be regulated to clean or to avoid some rooms. 
  • It can latch onto dense carpets. 


  • It is quite expensive.

Eufy Robovac 11S

This product is like an offshoot of the popular model 11 Robovac. The vacuum carries the Robovac name well, by giving a perfect suction, as well as advanced navigation. It’s more slender design permits its brush to enter more areas.  

During testing, the device vacuumed particles of about 11.6g for each run, which is greater than the capacity of many iRobot kinds. It was also discovered that 11S is quite discrete. The excellence in picking dirt, plus its quietness makes it highly loved. 


  • The product is quite affordable.
  • Its slender design permits its cleaning of more places. 
  • It takes up dirt well. 


  • It can become stuck in the midst of throwing carpets/rugs. 
  • Its cleaning routing can take about 120 minutes.

Deebot Ozmo 930

We believe that this product tops a lot of its competitors. Many smart cleaners allow you to commence, end, and make a future schedule using your mobile device. 

Virtual blockade-lines can be created for areas the machine can be restricted from. You can also do the adverse. One swipe can instruct the device to revisit one spot many times. This function operates perfectly together with places with great traffic in the house.


  • It can regulate the machine to or from some rooms. 
  • Its performance in picking dirt is remarkable. 


  • It is quite expensive.
  • It has some difficulties in climbing carpets with immense thickness and density. 

The FAQs 

Here are a few questions to help reiterate some of the points made during the Roomba 960 vs Neato D6 analysis:

What is the difference between the Neato models?

A considerable difference that can be found between the models is found in the battery they contain. The Neato robots with high-ends have the Li-Ion kind with bigger cells; these tend to work longer. However, the D6 model, together with that of D7, will work the longest—about 2 hours at its lowest and about 1hour 20 minutes at its highest mode of power.  

Which is better: neato or Roomba?

Our verdict is that Naeto is noisier than Roomba. Nevertheless, they both possess sounds enough to disturb one’s sleep.  

Is the Roomba 960 worth it?

Though the device is expensive, it is worth its cost. Its navigation mechanism is more advanced than that of cleaners that utilize sensors only. Also, you conserve battery with it as it doesn’t slow down its work due to obstacles or changing of ground surfaces. What more—your house is left spotless!  

How long does Roomba 960 last?

Diameter13.8 inches
Height3.6 inches
Weight8.5 lbs
Battery life1 hour 15 minutes

Which Neato Botvac do I have?

To know what model you have, overturn your device and search out the producer’s label. On this label, the product’s serial as well as model identification numbers can be found. To check these out, punch in the model data you have. It should be noted that Botvac wouldn’t list out the number of the model. You should visit the cart for models, and then select the closest one. 

Are Roombas worth the money?

Yes, as iRobot is amongst the top robot cleaner manufacturers on earth presently. Their varying models of Roomba have a range of prices—300 dollars to 900 dollars. Though the money might seem much, you shouldn’t forget that the product saves time, time that can add value to you in other ways. 

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The Neato robotic vacuum reviews have shown that the D6 model of Botvac proves to be topmost when it comes to beauty. Its battery power lasts for up to 2 hours, and the “resume†operation it possesses permits a continuation from wherever the task paused.

 Roomba has a color scheme of silver mixed with black. Though not as beautiful and long-lasting in power as Botvac, it does its cleaning functions well. You should know that the two cleaners perform awesome cleaning magic on whatever floor. Nonetheless, Botvac supersedes Roomba in terms of its flexible mechanism of navigation, connecting ability, and system of mapping.

Before you leave, don’t forget that you can get more insights by following any of the product links above which will lead you to a page where you can ask specific questions. When you do, you’ll get even more useful answers from other experienced users of each product as well as the sellers. 

Above everything else, endeavor to test every feature completely after arrival. Don’t buy and keep for future use. 

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