Los Angeles Bathroom Remodel Cost Comparison Guide

Your budget and costs are very important factors to think about when you are interested in a Los Angeles bathroom remodel. That’s why we created this Los Angeles Bathroom Remodel cost comparison guide. Many homeowners seeking to remodel their bathroom prioritize money but the prices shown online are lower compared to what a person living in southern California eventually pays. 

HomeAdvisor pegs the average cost of bathroom remodels Nationwide at $9,758. But in Southern California, the most you can get for that price is a makeover.

You may feel like the general contractor is fleecing you when you get the price list and because of that, we’ve compiled this article to guide you in knowing the exact amount it costs to remodel a bathroom in Los Angeles. 

From experience, the cost of remodeling a classic Los Angeles style bathroom can fall into three categories; Good, Better, and Best. “Good” refers to a basic bathroom remodel while “Best” describes peak experience.

Getting Started With Bathroom Remodel Costs

There are many options to choose from in remodeling a bathroom and the style and taste of a homeowner will determine the final cost. The cost of a remodel depends solely on the homeowners. 

Those whose budgets are not so high can go for the fair priced materials, leaving the high-end materials to those seeking luxury. Not to forget though, remodeling your bathroom and kitchen can boost the resale value of your home. Create a budget based on your expectations, needs, and designs you can cover. 

Find your muse, check for the cost, and choose what’s going into the project and what will be left out. Have a budget for plum unf fixtures, paint, lighting, tile, ventilation, etc. It will cost you about  $8,000 and $10,000 for materials if you’re going to fit in a new sink, new bathtub, or new toilet. Also, factor in the coat of labor for the fixtures. Allow professionals to handle it if you’re not sure of what to do.

Los Angeles Bathroom Remodel Pricing Estimates

From available facts, it costs more than the national average to remodel a bathroom in Los Angeles. The prices you see on HomeAdvisor, HGTV, Houzz, or DIY Network will be lower than the actual price you’ll be given. However, the prices still fall into the Good, Better, and Best ranges. Let’s consider them:

The Good Bathroom Grade

Ranges from $22,000- $25,000. The plumbing fixtures are cheap (the same ones you get in Lowes, Home Depot, and/or hardware stores) and the footprint doesn’t change. The toilet, shower, and vanity stay in their original location. 

You get prefabricated cabinets and porcelain tiles with the walls remaining the same. An additional vanity light is added to the new recessed light and you also benefit from the replacement of the vent fan.

The Better Bathroom Grade

Costs around $25,000- $33,000. You get higher quality plumbing fixtures from dealers like WDC kitchen and Bath or Ferguson Showrooms. The vanity is made of heavy brass, including the faucets. 

The shower system has extra features like a temperature setting and a hand wand, and Travertine or porcelain tiles are used for the walls. Prefabricated cabinets or custom vanities are the choices of vanities. The higher end of this group uses custom made vanities. 

A shower is used to replace the former tub/shower combo. There may be space for custom storage, a frameless shower space, and a bench having a stone top surface. There is a lighting upgrade as changes are made to the counter plugs and circuits. Addition of a moisture-sensitive ventilation system

The Best Bathroom Grade

You’ll have to cough out around $35,000- $45,000 give or take. You get a perfect spa treatment at home, a full shower system with ceiling rain showers, and a shower with wall jets not excluding jet tubs immanent heaters. 

The cabinet and vanity are customs made with extra storage layouts while the wall tiles are from natural stones like granite, limestone, or marble. A shower bench is customized with exquisite stones and the shower enclosure comes devoid of frames.

Los Angeles Bathroom Remodel Cost Comparison: The Key Stages 

When you plan to remodel a bathroom, you should be considering a certain number of phases because funds are not the only important thing in bathroom remodeling. The actual remodeling takes time and so it is important to make sure everything is properly set from start to finish so that things don’t fall apart later on.


The only labor needed for a small bathroom is a contractor but it will take a bathroom designer to remodel a master’s bedroom. This is because a bathroom designer is capable of utilizing the large space of a Master bedroom.

It costs between $1,400 to $4,000 to hire a bathroom designer who also comes up with several ideas that can help save the cost of materials and other necessary things that the bathroom remodeling will require.

This stage of planning with the contractor and/or bathroom designer may span for a few weeks especially in a situation where the homeowners are being scrupulous with the details.

Gathering the materials

This phase of collecting the required material consumes a lot of time. It is necessary to give the shop where you’re making the purchase of materials and the exact deadline so that they can make the delivery quick enough and work can start in earnest.


Once all the materials are ready, the next step is to start the remodeling properly. The construction phase has some stages which begin from ridding the bathroom of the old materials.

After the old materials are taken out, the contractor proceeds to check for problems in the bathroom like mold and water leaks. If the contractor finds any issues in the bathroom, then the cost of remodeling will be affected as they need to be fixed before work will continue. It costs about $2,700 to fix a water leak and $500 or more to fix a mold.

After fixing these issues, a plumber and an electrician will come in to do their part. It costs between$45 to $65 to hire a plumber and s $65 to $85 to hire an electrician. The flooring is the next after the plumbing and electrical works are done.

The tiles used in the bathroom will determine the flooring costs especially since there are different quality and design of tiles. After completing these parts, the next stage will be to install the lights, fixtures, and other components.

The Costs For Bathroom Options and Essentials In LA

After constructing the bathroom, the next thing to worry about is the kind of essentials that we need to install in the bathroom and how much will be spent to get them.


Installing a shower in the bathroom is not compulsory because there are people who may not want it. However, if you must own a shower, then there are lots of designs of showers to choose from.

The commonest type of shower used is the shower-tub combination that comes with a pressure balance valve and a tub filler. The whole set costs $150. Also, there is a thermostatic shower valve you can get, the body sprays and hand shower attached to it drives the cost up to $1,000.

The prices given are for the materials only. It will cost about $6,000 to hire someone to install the shower, this is quite expensive.


Having a sink in the bathroom is very important and to get a standalone sink there are many designs to choose from. There is the pedestal sink and the wall hung sink which is cheap and costs $50 to $250 and  $80 to $500,  respectively. If you want a more expensive product you can go for the consoles with a price range of $600 to $1,000.


It’s quite impossible to omit the toilet when remodeling a bathroom. The toilet is the most significant thing in the bathroom. Simple toilets can be gotten for $100 but you may need to invest up to $1000 if you want a higher-end toilet.


Among all bathroom accessories, the bathtub is the least necessary accessory especially if the bathroom is small. But for bathrooms that have large spaces, you can get one for $125.

Some Bathroom Remodeling Tips For Homeowners 

It is way more affordable to remodel a small bathroom than a big master bathroom. The bathroom size is small and consequently, you will use only little materials to give the bathroom the facelift you desire. 

Also, labor costs are lesser and the work gets done faster and without much stress than when remodeling a large bathroom model. These 3 tips will help you reduce the general cost of undertaking a remodel project for a small bathroom.

  • Home Depot and Lowes stock prefabricated vanities. You can use these stylish accessories to save you a lot of money.
  • Make do without changing the bathroom’s original layout. If you try to move some accessories from one part to another, it will increase the overall cost of the project. It will cost you to hire professionals to do the electrical work and the plumbing so prepare for that.
  • There are times when the only thing you need is an update of the bathroom accessories like the toilet or bathtub. You’ll save money if you don’t exceed your budget. Your bathroom will look cool with a modern toilet but it is quite costly. Brass plumbing fixtures cost more than $800, you may want to skip those.


From this Los Angeles Bathroom Remodel cost comparison guide, there are many options to choose from in remodeling a bathroom. The style and taste of a homeowner will determine the final cost. The cost of a remodel depends solely on the homeowners. Remodeling your bathroom and kitchen can boost the resale value of your home. So create a budget based on your expectations, needs, and designs you can cover. 

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