Kitchen Remodeling Cost In California: The Estimation Guide

Kitchen remodeling cost often differs from one location to the other. Such differences are usually based on the prevailing local labor and housing laws in each state. Interestingly, if you are looking for a kitchen remodeling company in Oakland California, this cost estimation guide is for you.

The kitchen is the hub of the home, the place where food that keeps body and soul together is prepared. 

If you are looking at some embarrassing look of disrepair and decadence in your kitchen, do not hesitate to look for the help of expert kitchen remodelers in Oakland, California. The professionals there will give you the best job possible with your budget.

If you’ve been cooking in a cramped, outdated, or plain ugly kitchen, then I’m sure you’ll recognize the long-term benefits of having an attractive state-of-the-art kitchen design notwithstanding the costs. 

With proper expertise and budgeting, your drab kitchen can be transformed into the very beating heart of your home.

Kitchen remodels are the most popular choice of remodeling done by homeowners over the past years. About 82% of the home remodeling projects done in Oakland California in 2019 were kitchen remodels. 

You don’t always have to go high end when designing or redesigning your kitchen, smaller remodels often bring about more value because of their functionality and appeal. Most of the expensive kitchen projects are expensive simply because of individual style, preference, and aesthetics.

It is also highly recommended for homeowners to factor in the resale value of the remodeled project. A vintage kitchen is only good for resale in the market when it has good lighting, functioning electricity, and a great plumbing system.

Looking at the statistics gathered from the Interior Design industry today, average remodeling costs can easily run up to $170k+ depending on your style, tastes, and preference. All you need to do is prepare your budget wisely and proceed appropriately.

Kitchen Remodel Cost Estimation: The Six Phases 

  • Evaluation of the available space.
  • Preparation of a clear vision.
  • Creation of a kitchen design based on specifications and scope with the aid of a contractor.
  • Development of a very detailed plan including timelines, deliverables, and costs, based on kitchen size, materials, labor, and room finishes with the aid of a contractor.
  • Development of the ideal kitchen remodeling budget for each construction phase with the aid of a contractor.
  • Actual Remodelling and finishing.

How To Plan A Kitchen Remodeling Project 

  • Get suggestions
  • Create a list of 10-15 regional specialists who have the requirements.
  • Compare and contrast the contractors’ portfolio
  • Ask for their license and certifications and all the other necessary documentation.
  • Request for kitchen remodeling quotes and compare them 
  • Pick the contractor that best suits you and your project
  • Start the project.

Types of Kitchen Remodeling Projects 

All kitchen remodels in Oakland are not the same. The project differs variously according to factors like location, space, time, budget, etc. the main types of a kitchen remodel in Oakland, California include –

  1. Small kitchen remodel
  2. Mid-range kitchen remodel
  3. High-end kitchen remodel

Features of Small Kitchen Remodeling 

  • It costs about $8,000 to $9,500
  • 10% has to be put aside for unplanned expenses
  • Laminated countertop
  • Some kitchen furniture will be refurbished if necessary.
  • No changes in the layout
  • New fridge

Features of Mid Range Kitchen Remodel 

  • It costs between $10,000 to $27,000
  • New hardware like the refrigerator, toaster, coffee maker, etc.
  • 20% has to be put aside for unplanned expenses
  • No structural changes
  • Granite countertop for the midrange budget
  • Stock cabinets
  • Midrange floors

Features of High-End Kitchen Remodeling 

  • It costs between $36,000 to $150,000
  • Custom cabinets
  • 20% has to be put aside for unplanned expenses
  • Luxury floors
  • New range hood
  • New high-end electronic kitchen appliances
  • Luxury countertop

Other enhancements and improvements

  • A kitchen island
  • A kitchen peninsula
  • An effective water treatment system
  • A garbage disposal unit
  • Extra windows for more ventilation

How To Estimate Kitchen Remodel Cost In California 

Before starting any venture, it’s important to know the costs and/or expenses that will be incurred. 

Kitchen remodeling in Oakland cost estimates are very important because when not properly planned, these projects can get quite expensive. 

When budgeting, for precautionary purposes, it’s important to find out the precise costs of your precise remodel from the remodeling company you’re going to be working with. 

General averages and costs based on previous remodeling jobs and such might help give you a rough estimate, but you cannot be fully reliant on them because they don’t consider the additional factors that gather up to affect, sometimes massive, on the final costs.

Factors that can also influence kitchen remodel cost in Oakland California –

  • Local labor hourly rates
  • Material costs
  • Obtaining documentation and permits for the Oakland Kitchen Remodelling projects.

However, as of 2020 when this was published, the average cost paid by homeowners for an Oakland complete Kitchen Remodel is between $14,784 and $57,584.

The quote for the entire Kitchen Remodelling Oakland project includes –

  • Average labor costs
  • Average costs for materials and equipment
  • All project costs (surface preparation, components, and machinery) clean-up, and sanitation fees 

It does not include –

  • Any permits required for kitchen remodeling
  • Materials and supply Oakland sales taxes
  • Inspections and/or Oakland building fees
  • General contractor fees usually add up to $4,560 at the highest. 
  • Materials and supply local sales taxes

Factors That Influence Kitchen Remodeling Cost

There are so many ways and techniques you can use to approach your kitchen to remodel in Oakland, California, and for each one of those ways, there are several factors that can ultimately affect the overall costs.

For most kitchen remodels, you are likely to pay for the following –

  • Countertop and backsplash
  • Flooring
  • Painting
  • Carpentry and cabinet
  • Project management
  • Demolition
  • Framing
  • Plumbing and electrical

Raw and processed materials will take up most of your kitchen renovation budget. The price of the required materials for a successful kitchen remodel varies from time to time according to the effects of external constraints on the market.

These days, the cost for new materials is on the high side for most of the inventory, so you might want to consider amending and refurbishing some of what you already have, instead of a total replacement.

The costs will also be noticeably affected by the number of professionals you involve in the business. For one, you’re going to need a contractor and then, you’ll also most likely need an engineer, a carpenter, a bricklayer, an electrician, a plumber, etc. You have to realize that the more professionals you involve in the Kitchen Remodel, the more the costs will rise.

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Kitchen Renovation Budget Allocation 

  • Countertop 15%
  • Plumbing 10%
  • Lighting 10%
  • Flooring 5%
  • Installation 10%
  • Cabinets 25%
  • Appliances 20%
  • Professionals (20% or a percentage of the total project cost) 
  • Unplanned expenses (Extra 15-20%)

Please note that while you’re considering your budget, a self-remodel might seem like the better option based on the expenses. But that’s not the right path to go down because the Oakland kitchen remodels experts are highly professional and trained to do a good job.

Doing the remodel yourself will take you thrice the time it would take a professional, not to talk of the dangers and hazards only a true Oakland Kitchen remodeling expert can foresee.

Besides, the professionals are in a better place to handle the scale of a kitchen remodel. 

Some of the questions you should ask yourself and answer honestly before starting the Kitchen Remodel project include –

  • What are the key elements that are important for me in a kitchen?
  • What kind of kitchen can I afford?
  • What kind of activities can be done in the kitchen?
  • Is there a chance of me selling it in the future?

Kitchen Layouts 

Go for a kitchen model that works best for you. Look for comfort, look for convenience, look for adequate spacing, look for good plumbing, etc., and go for it. 

There are several choices of kitchen layouts that you can choose from, depending on the size of your current kitchen and if there’s still space for enlargement if necessary, and also, of course, it is dependent on your personal preference.

When you have decided on your kind of kitchen, you can then work with your interior designer to transform that kitchen into one that works best for you and everyone in the home. 

You must not forget to let the designer handling the Kitchen remodel know just how many people will use the kitchen. It is also important to let them know how else you plan on utilizing the kitchen space asides from cooking activities.

The classic Kitchen Layout design is referred to as The Working Triangle. 

The concept of this layout is the simple connection from the sink to the cooking counter, and then to the refrigerator. 

An effective working triangle Kitchen system will make the activities in the kitchen run more smoothly and efficiently.

Other models of kitchen layouts are as follows –

  1. The Galley kitchen layout (In the Galley kitchen layout, the kitchen cabinets and appliances, utensils stacks, etc. run parallel to one another in a row. It is quite useful for small spaces and is great for when the kitchen has only one cook)
  2. The One Wall kitchen layout (This layout may contain an island. It is very good for a kitchen with open spaces)
  3. The L-shape kitchen layout (This kitchen layout is great for kitchens with wide-open spaces. It can also contain a very large kitchen table)
  4. The “Peninsula” kitchen layout (This is highly recommended for when there isn’t enough space for an island. It looks like the L-shaped kitchen, but with a countertop jutting out to create a working area)
  5. The Horseshoe kitchen layout (The concept of this kitchen layer is a U shape encompassing the cabinets, countertops, appliances plus the island)
  6. The Island kitchen layout (This layout may include a sink and a cooktop and it’s useful for kitchens with large space)

It is important to note that when planning for a kitchen workspace in your remodel design for the layout, you must also include the room for your movement around the kitchen. 

There needs to be extra space for furniture if you so desire and there also has to be space created for multiple cooks in the kitchen and/or extra hands.

Kitchen Remodel Design

Another factor that you should consider when planning for your Kitchen Remodeling in Oakland is the design concept that you prefer. Depending on the tour budget, there are a whole lot of ideas and design concepts that you can look at. You need to consult the right kitchen remodel contractor or interior designer to help you find out the best design for your preferred style.

The different styles you can choose from include –

The Traditional kitchen style

  • Elements of antiquity are used here for effect.
  • High cabinets
  • It has the “classic American” look

The Monochromatic kitchen style

  • The color code of this style is black and white, or a single or a neutral color combination.

The Craftsman kitchen style

  • Heavy influence and use of wood elements
  • Presence of some handcrafted materials 

The Minimalist kitchen style

  • Minimalized lining.
  • Fresh looking finishing touches
  • Solid color code

The French kitchen style

  • Breezy colors 
  • Tile floors
  • Cooking utensils and equipment can also double as decoration.

The Mediterranean kitchen style

  • This makes use of wood and tile elements for the flooring and furniture
  • Warm colors

The Farmhouse kitchen style

  • It has an open floor layout with all the classic elements
  • Great ventilation because of the presence of many windows and airways
  • Wide sinks
  • Wooden floors
  • It is homey
  • Large kitchen table

The Vintage kitchen style

  • Vintage style appliances are predominantly used in this style setting
  • Also called the “distressed” style
  • The use of natural materials like wood and stone

The Scandinavian kitchen style

  • The lighting is important in this setup
  • The tiles are mostly hand-painted
  • The color code is white

The Modern kitchen style

  • Bright color code
  • Neat lines
  • Glossy and updated kitchen hardware

Kitchen remodeling cost estimates are very important because when not properly planned, these projects can get quite expensive. 

When budgeting, for precautionary purposes, it’s important to find out the precise costs of your precise remodel from the remodeling company.

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