15 Best HVAC Installation Service Providers In Texas

Especially when you are moving into a new home, buying the best HVAC installation services has so many benefits. First, it gives you control over the air quality in your home. Secondly, smart HVAC systems with a higher level of control will help you to save money on energy bills. 

And thirdly, you can adjust the atmosphere in your home based on changing weather conditions from one season to the other. Besides listing some of the companies within the space in Texas, we’ll also look into the key points to consider when requesting installation quotes. 

With this, you’ll be able to decide on a perfect match for your current needs. Probably, what suits one homeowner might not suit the other. 

Let’s check out the proven companies below. 

Best HVAC Installation Service Providers In Texas

There are several HVAC installation service providers but this list comprises the best 15 in Texas. You can easily pick the HVAC companies near me.

1. Horner’s Service DFW

If you’re looking to install HVACs around your home, Horner’s service is a reliable HVAC company. Knowing how important having HVAC companies in Texas is, Horner’s service focuses on using or employing the services of professional technicians. 

This installation company acknowledges that installing an HVAC is a delicate service and if handled by someone with little or no experience, it can have your HVAC developing faults or even going bad immediately. Horner’s Service promises to do an intricate job of installing your HVAC system.

Being experienced and having installed HVACs, Horner’s Service outlines the steps followed to ensure that the HVAC is installed properly at all times. Reviews have shown that they can be trusted and recommended as one of the best HVAC installation service providers in Texas. 

In addition to HVAC unit installations, they also carry out AC repairs, HVAC maintenance, PC troubleshooting, and other emergency HVAC services.

2. Extreme Comfort

Extreme Comfort is a commercial AC service that handles HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance. They keep offices working by ensuring that the air conditioning and HVAC system is up and running at its best. 

If you have questions about any brand of HVAC, you can contact Extreme Comfort, as they specialize in all models of commercial HVAC units, including Trane, Lennox, York, Goodman, etc.

Extreme Comfort offers commercial HVAC services such as commercial furnace installation, commercial air conditioning installation, heat pump installation, air handler installation, HVAC damper balancing, etc.

The technicians at Extreme Comfort are NATE-certified technicians. They are professionals and specialists who have proven themselves efficient by going through the NATE program, passing the exams, and being certified as qualified to handle all HVAC-related work.

The employees and technicians are also certified by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations. So you can relax with confidence knowing that the services are being rendered by an efficient company, who has passed all background checks. 

3. Tom’s Mechanical

Tom’s Mechanical gives professional HVAC services in Arlington, Texas. They are a well-known HVAC service provider and offer top-notch services, providing excellent customer care, and garnering positive reviews. 

This company has proven to be one of the best when it comes to HVAC installation and has maintained an A-plus rating for over a decade. They provide high-quality HVAC services which include: repair, replacement, and maintenance. 

At Tom’s, your budget is also put into consideration as you are helped to get a professional HVAC installation service without breaking the bank. They also have a certified partnership with Optimum Solutions, which allows them to provide energy solutions to help save customers money while ensuring that their safety is guaranteed. 

4. JW Arnold Heating And Cooling

JW Arnold Heating And Cooling offer quality HVAC installation services. They are always ready to help homes and businesses located in Texas. The company specializes in all heating, ventilation, and air conditioning installation systems and has a lot of mouth-watering offers.

They do not only install HVACs but repair and replace all types of units or brands. They provide effective solutions for their customers based on individual needs and budgets. They have been in the HVAC installation business for over 5 years. 

5. Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating

If you need to install your HVAC then Texas Made should be your next call. They work with experienced, licensed, and insured contractors to ensure that your HVAC installation goes smoothly. 

Their passion is to provide the finest heating and Cooling solutions all around Texas. They constantly improve and redefine their services through feedback and reviews as all customer opinions are taken into cognizance. 

Customer satisfaction is key to Texas Made as they seek to do everything possible to ensure that your heating and cooling system operates at a high-level efficiency and keeps you comfortable.

6. Aire Texas Residential Services

Aire Texas Residential Services offers residential and commercial HVAC installation services in Plano, Texas. Since 2010, they have handled residential and commercial HVAC installations and developed positive relationships with the homes and businesses they have worked for.

They offer round-the-clock service, the workers are NATE-certified and also certified by the Texas Department of License and Regulations. They also have an a-plus rating with BBB. 

So contact Aire Texas Residential Services for your residential and commercial HVAC installation repairs and maintenance as you’re sure to get excellent service.

7. TM Air Conditioning & Heating

Are you looking for an HVAC  installation service provider in Cedar park? TM Air conditioning and heating offers outstanding HVAC installation services repairs and maintenance of all heating and cooling systems. 

They have been in business since 1991, therefore, have collected the experience to render excellent service and meet the expectations of their customers. They install HVAC systems for both residential and commercial purposes and can handle any HVAC-related activity.

They are licensed, bonded, and are a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and can handle any heating and cooling system including design, repair, and maintenance. Customer satisfaction is their focus so they try to exceed customer expectations and give the best. 

You also have the opportunity to select a contractor for whatever heating or cooling problems you may have at home or commercially. They install, repair, and maintain all models of HVAC equipment.

8. Bayshore Air And Heat

Bayshore Air and Heat are professional HVAC contractors. From HVAC installations to HVAC repairs, to routine maintenance or even emergency repairs, Bayshore is available to handle all heating, ventilation, and cooling needs. 

They try as much as possible to guarantee all customers the best service. As a result, they have gotten positive reviews and keep getting positive reviews and recommendations from customers who have used their service.

They save customers the trouble of trying to get HVAC services and products by working to find HVAC solutions that fit each individual’s heating and cooling needs. They also provide full consultations to customers to let them pick the best fit for their budgets.

9. Texas AC & Plumbing Technicians

Texas AC and Plumbing Technicians have a plus when it comes to HVAC installations because they are also a plumbing company. So they do not only install HVAC systems but can also take care of leaking pipes and other plumbing-related problems. 

All of the work is done with guaranteed satisfaction. For over 10 years, they have installed, repaired, and serviced many HVAC systems. All the technicians and installers go through checks and drug tests to ensure that they are physically fit and healthy. They are also trained and registered with the state of Texas.

Texas AC and Plumbing Specialists take precautions while on your property and ensure that nothing is damaged, whether it is at home or a place of business. They clean up and leave the environment even better than when they got there. 

They also ensure that they cover the medical issues of all their technicians and workers to enable them to work in the best condition and deliver the best results.

10. Texas Air Doctors

Texas Air Doctors and known to be one of the best air conditioning and heating companies in Texas. As the name suggests the doctors take care of all your heating and Cooling needs efficiently like it was an actual patient being attended to. 

They are dedicated to providing quality HVAC installation services. And if you have a faulty HVAC system, specialists at Texas Air Doctors can replace, repair or install a new HVAC system for you. The good thing is they work with all brands and models.

They offer additional services like upgrading your HVAC system, saving you from stress. They can select the perfect heating equipment and guarantee that the products being installed and the services being rendered are of the highest quality. 

11. North Texas Air

North Texas Air handles HVAC installation services. They can be trusted for your installation service and offer additional services like free home consultation with HVAC specialists, consultations to check the spec and size of the HVAC system to ensure it fits your home. 

They also help to select energy-saving and efficient HVAC systems tailored to your budget, preference, and style. They offer full factory warranties on all tools, equipment, and services being rendered by them. Payments are not an issue as you have the option to pay flexibly and not at once. 

If you’re interested in being comfortable at home, contact North Texas Air as they have studied and come to know the importance of having proper heating ventilation and cooling systems at homes and also know the proper designs and installations that will save energy, money, and time for every individual or business.

12. JE Maintenance and Service

JE Maintenance and Service offers professional HVAC services and home improvement solutions. Knowing that HVAC installation should be done properly, they work with experts to ensure that the installation is properly done. 

They work with modern tools and equipment that help to ease and complete HVAC installation and other tasks that come with it quickly and effectively and help to save time. 

JE also uses certified methods that make them stand out and have received positive reviews from customers they have worked with.

Customer satisfaction is important to them. So if you want to install your HVAC system or carry out repairs and maintenance, you can contact JE Maintenance and Service for expert assistance. 

They also install furnaces and air conditioners and help to maintain the heating and cooling system, rendering electrical services too. Additional services they offer are helping to renovate homes and making the home look more attractive through upgrades.

13. 5 STAR HVAC Contractors

Five-star HVAC contractor is a full-service air conditioning and heating company. They specialize in installing, repairing, replacing, and servicing HVAC systems. They also carry out maintenance and regular checks to the comfort of the customer. 

They render additional services like trying to help the customer find ways to reduce costs and conserve energy. Reviews have shown that they can be trusted and truly live up to their name. They are honest, punctual, efficient, and dependable. 

They render quick service at a pocket-friendly price to suit every individual or business budget. you should work with 5-star HVAC contractors because they are honest, straight forward, fast, friendly, and offer affordable services without taking any unnecessary actions. They are bent on rendering quality service at an affordable price.

14. Georgetown Air Conditioning & Heating

Georgetown Air Conditioning and Heating offers professional HVAC installation for all businesses and commercial purposes. They handle new designs, installations, heating, ventilation, and cooling system upgrades, maintenance, and repair of commercial HVAC systems.

You are sure to enjoy satisfactory service when you have employed the services of Georgetown air conditioning and heat. They are fully licensed and pride in offering the best HVAC installation services to give customers a rewarding experience.

After installation, customers are offered programs for maintenance to know how to safeguard the HVAC systems and get them running optimally. The health, comfort, and safety of the business and its environment are key, so they offer reliable service which takes as little time as possible, a favorable budget, and above all, complete customer satisfaction.

15. Bristow Air LLC

Bristow Air LLC is a trustworthy and reliable HVAC installation company in Texas. They offer professional HVAC installation services and HVAC repair near me for both home and commercial purposes. They also carry out maintenance. 

Final thoughts

You should hire the service of Professional HVAC Installation specialists because they focus on giving 100% efficiency. Their workers are experienced engineers and specialists and are also trained in customer relations. These pros conduct regular training for their workers to ensure that they become better and render even better services to their customers. 

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