11 Humidifier Repair Service Providers In California 

Are you looking for the best humidifier repair service providers in California? These companies listed below have been in the game for a while. And they have got great reviews too.

Humidifiers control the amount of moisture in a room. It is attached to the air conditioning and heating which regulates the temperature of a room. 

The importance of humidifiers cannot be overstated and this is why humidifier repair service providers have made an effort to ensure that everyone can use a humidifier that suits their budget and location.

Like any other machine subject to constant use, humidifiers can also develop faults. But that doesn’t make them useless or does it mean that they should be discarded. There are options to fix them, replace them, or upgrade them.

Best Humidifier Repair Service Providers

If you’re having trouble with your humidifier and dehumidifier, then you can contact one of the following humidifier service repairs near me below.


California Air has over 20 years of experience in air conditioning, heating, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers in residential buildings, industrial and commercial buildings too. 

Their workers comprise only skilled and passionate personnel who are there to ensure that your humidifier problems will be looked at and fixed efficiently.

California Air also carries out servicing of humidifiers, maintenance, installations, and cleaning of the duct. The services are not limited to a particular area as they operate statewide and even sell humidifiers and equipment relating to HVACs.


ADEEDO! The humidifier repair service offers round-the-clock maintenance, installation, and repair of your home humidifier. The licensed and certified experts at ADEEDO!, focus on giving expert advice on the best options for your humidifier and dehumidifier.

Looking for where to fix your portable humidifier near me? Contact ADEEDO! They offer upfront quotes that enable you to negotiate a price tailored to your budget. 

Also, satisfactory customer service is guaranteed and ADEEDO! is open even on weekends without extra cost. Positive reviews have shown that they can be trusted with your humidifier repair.

ADEEDO! tries as much as possible to satisfy its customers. If you cannot get to the center, they offer the option to render home service, check the problem of your humidifier and dehumidifier, and proffer solutions on how to fix a dehumidifier that will not collect water.


Just One Call Inc is a humidifier repair near me, focused on heating and cooling systems and for over 10 years, has continued proving their efficiency over time. Maintenance and repair services of humidifiers are offered at affordable prices and the quality of maintenance is top-notch.

Since 2005, Just One Call Inc has thrived and keeps striving to give satisfactory customer service, especially by improving productivity through feedback and reviews from customers.

Over the years, Just One Call Inc has risen to one of the top service providers with 4 warranties to meet the expectations of their customers ensuring that you get the best deals.


California Coolin’ Heating & Air is interested in the well-being of families and that is why they focus on whole-home versions of humidifiers. They do not only focus on repairs but can also install and maintain your humidifier.

They also deal with portable dehumidifiers near me. Although they are portable to move around California cooling heating and air gives you solutions to your humidifier options. 

As stated earlier, the well-being of your home is of interest and they are focused on rendering satisfactory service which in time will pay off. 

The allergies that may result from not having a properly set up humidifier or a faulty humidifier can be fixed by California Coolin’ Heating and Air.


If you have been searching for humidifier repair service providers, then look no further. Contact Timo’s Air-conditioning. 

While you may have been facing disappointment with different humidifier repair services, Timo’s, promises to give you expert and personalized services.

For your comfort needs, Timo’s offers an impeccable humidifier repair service. It is a family business with skills and proficiency when it comes to handling humidifiers, heating, and cooling systems.

Take note that Timo’s is responsible for handling top firms and businesses, taking care of their heating and cooling systems. So you can be sure to get professional humidifier repair services

They have the customers’ needs in view and recommend the best, efficient, and most affordable equipment installations and fixing for your humidifiers; since they only work with qualified experienced, and NATE-certified technicians.

6. GREENLEAF (Heating and Cooling)

With so many humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and HVAC contractors out there, Greenleaf promises to offer top-notch services. They work with qualified employees and technicians who value teamwork and focus on bringing the best results to the customers.

Greenleaf has one of the most competent installations and humidifier repair service departments, working as a family, and transferring this great attribute to their clients. One thing that makes Greenleaf stand out is how they leave the environment after a job well done. They leave the property cleaner, they are punctual and always available when the clients need them.


Service Champions is a humidifier repair service in California known as one of the best heating and air conditioning companies. They repair, service, and install humidifiers using well-trained air qualified specialists. 

As the name suggests they are champions in handling and fixing problems related to humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Contact Service Champions to find out the best humidifier options for you. 

Their expertise is not limited to a particular brand of humidifier. With the help of qualified specialists, they can take care of all types of humidifiers and also recommend the best humidifiers to suit every individual or business needs.  

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All-pro-air can handle any air-related machine, such as humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and air-conditioners. They carry out installation, repairs, duct repair, and maintenance all done by trained professionals. 

You do not have to go to the center as they render home services. All-pro-air offers comfort, as they will be responsible for checking and diagnosing the problem of your portable dehumidifier near me. 

Comfort is key to them as they ensure that your humidifier is up and running at its best, providing clean air in a comfortable environment.


In addition to the countless number of appliances that Frigidaire offers, you can get a Frigidaire dehumidifier repair near me by contacting their skilled specialists.

When you purchase a Frigidaire dehumidifier, you get the warranty option which stipulates that you can get regular checks on the scheduled appointment. 

If your dehumidifier is faulty, Frigidaire offers repair, maintenance, and several service options. Among these options include over-the-phone service. So you do not necessarily have to go over to the store to get help.


Schmitt Heating and Air Conditioning offer humidifier repair near me. Over the years, they have perfected their skills in the repair, maintenance, and installation of humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, ventilators, and air purifiers.

They also offer great advice and guidance on the best humidifiers to purchase, how to handle indoor air pollution, how to prevent the health problems bad air can cause. 

Also if your ventilation system needs an upgrade, they are available to handle your purchase and installation and also give you affordable and comfortable home smart choices.


Since 1984, Sierra Pacific is also known as “the guys in the big red truck”. They have been providing comprehensive humidifier and dehumidifier services. 

With years of experience, they have come to establish that you do not hand out repairs and maintenance of delicate machines like humidifiers to just anybody.

So if you need help fixing your humidifier, contact Sierra Pacific as they have trained experts who have been in the air regulating business for decades. No matter how bad you think your humidifier has gotten, Sierra Pacific will have a solution for you.

Advantages of Using Professional Humidifier Repair Service providers

If you have a faulty dehumidifier or humidifier ensure you contact a professional humidifier service repair. This is to ensure that the humidifier is fixed properly to avoid further damage or unnecessary future repairs. 

Employing the services of a professional, you will be able to :

  • Save time
  • Minimize resources
  • Ease stress and enjoy comfort.

Since humidifiers use water to regulate the moisture in the air, in a room, sometimes mold and bacteria grow in the humidifier and cause damages or even health hazards. 

Good thing we have experts and specialists who are there to ensure that our humidifiers and dehumidifiers can be fixed and get back to working efficiently.

This article has sourced humidifier repair services in California and some of these companies listed above, also work nationwide. Feel free to contact any of the above and fix your air or humidifier problems. 

Try not to mishandle your humidifier by trying to fix it yourself. Contact a professional to ensure that your humidifier serves you to the best capacity and for a very long period of time. 

These professional services are worth experiencing because as time goes by you would have saved yourself a lot of time, money, energy, and above all, resources!

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