Hoover C2401 vs ProTeam Coachvac Comparison

Looking for the best backpack vacuum cleaners online will certainly get you a lot of options. However, narrowing your search down to Hoover C2401 vs ProTeam Coachvac comparison will make your purchase decision easier. 

Probably, you are following the recommendations of other satisfied users or you have used any of these brands and found great satisfaction from the exact product used.

Whatever the reason behind your preference for these top-rated vacuum cleaner brands, this buying will help to make your purchase decision easier. As you are reading through, you’ll also find some other affordable models worth considering under the same product category. 

Commercial vacuuming services might be what you do, and an excellent vacuum might be needed for efficiency and time conservation. It is, therefore, necessary to get the perfect backpack cleaner; your bettered success in that line of work can immensely depend on having this sort of machine.   

To help your purchasing process, a guide has been assembled, which will entail reviews of both backpack machines under consideration. This, we hope and believe, will streamline your options into getting the perfect backpack machine in today’s world.  

Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide 

Please note that you can skip to the main section on Hoover C2401 vs ProTeam Coachvac if you are an experienced user of this vacuum type. 

In making the right choice for the purchase of such vacuums, several things have to be known and considered. These things are to guide you into making a choice that best suits your defined needs. The knowledge will ensure you aren’t making a mistake upon eventual purchase. Below is our compiled information just for your perusal:  

The Popular Question

The most common inquiry you get concerning backpack cleaners is, “do we have backpack cleaners that can be used in the house?† 

Well, of course, yes. These cleaners have become well-known applications that have been commercialized and have begun to charm their way into hearts for residential purposes. 

These machines work well in vacuuming hardwood grounds, attics, basements, staircases, rugs, and practically any place where dirt can be located. 

These machines yield spectacular results, not forgetting their role in cleansing your home’s air whilst vacuuming.   

Also, they give lesser issues in comparison with other types of vacuum cleaners. These backpack sweethearts are light and can squeeze into spaces that your aged cleaner can only fantasize about. Those are only a few reasons why the machines are gradually creeping into today’s homes at a high rate.   

Essential Backpack Vacuum Features To Consider 

Buying these backpack vacuums will be quite a large one till the costs go lower. However, it is an investment that is very much worth it due to the advantages it will yield for the household. 

Below, some characteristics that come with such machines are discussed; they should spur you to/deter you from purchasing the machine.   

  • EASE OF USAGE AND CONVENIENCE: the vacuum you intend to select should have a very comfortable harness. If this isn’t the case with the cleaner, the reason for the purchase makes no sense after all. We recommend that you test the machine for fit by wearing it before making a purchase. 
  • THE VACUUM’S WEIGHT: how light or hefty the machine is should be a topmost consideration before purchase when you have to bear the brunt of carrying it around. Disabled people can utilize a very light vacuum so that they can clean without aid. Many of such cleaners we have reviewed weigh about ten pounds and below. Carrying that would be no bother at all.  
  • THE INCLUSIONS OF ATTACHMENTS: Many backpacks possess a wide range of the said attachments which are come-witches. You should love the product you are seeing—it’s your money after all.  Hence, look through some diverse products; this will help you know what is natural to expect from a purchase.
  • ITS SUCTION EFFICIENCY: Several backpack cleaners possess reviews to inform you about how well the suction works. A vacuum with terrible suction should not be given a face. So be careful not to purchase a machine that has low reviews or, was still, hidden ones.  
  • HOW LENGTHY THE POWER DUCT IS: Many backpack cleaners we have checked out possess a cord length of about 35’-50’, which aids mobility. Because these machines are more commercialized for now, lengthy cords are produced for them. 

This is so that people that have big cleaning enterprises don’t need to seek some other plug. Thus, purchase a machine with a lengthy cord; something that will be of immense advantage to you.  

  • HOW POWERFUL: Due to the commercial reason for backpack cleaners, many possess great power. Ensure to consider one that will suffice for the cleaning task (s) you have.  
  • CLEANER’S TUBE LENGTH: for tall people, please give rapt focus unto this aspect. A tube that isn’t very long enough will need your stooping always; this makes the machine not so comfortable anymore. Ensure that both attachment tubes are adequately lengthy for easy usage.  
  • HOW GOOD A BRAND?: A lot of manufacturers have dived into the commercialization of backpack cleaners. Though some products from some of these makers might be okay, a more long-lasting machine and customer relations are guaranteed with known and trusted companies.   
  • REVIEWS FROM CUSTOMERS: Thanks to technology, we have the ease of searching for any subject matter existing and non-existent. Knowing about the efficiency of backpack cleaners is not left out of this great good. With any device having internet connections, you can find out several reviews on any of these cleaners. 

If you just keep seeing negative things about the machine you have your eyes on, it is a sign from the heavens that the product is a total “no-noâ€.  

Why Buy A Backpack Vacuum Cleaner? 

  1. These machines are light and thus easy to move with on the stairs. 
  2. They are the best for little apartments since they are not greedy with space. 
  3. Such cleaners are easily maneuvered, having the ability to enter spaces that used to prove difficult to vacuum. 
  4. These kinds are also perfect for bigger areas, as they come with lengthy cords that aid mobility; something other cleaners might not readily possess.  

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • One good advantage of these vacuums lies in the fact that they let you stand straight while using them, thus removing the probability of having backaches after cleaning. The fact that the machines are quite light contributes to its goodness.  
  • Their lightness and small size make them quite portable in comparison to other vacuum kinds. Also, they let you reach other places in the house that you couldn’t before. With these vacuums, your mobility has free will.
  • They can vacuum for a long time before needing to be emptied. Also, they aren’t messy, but cleanse the house’s air, using HEPA filters.  


  • They don’t give all the kinds of features many have come to know and love. 
  • They are more expensive than good old vacuums. But there is the hope that the costs will eventually reduce with time.  
  • Many are meant to be commercialized and thus have just that suited ability. 

 Hoover C2401 vs ProTeam Coachvac Comparison

Having noted those preliminaries above, we take a dive into the Hoover C2401 vs ProTeam Coachvac comparison proper. 

The two backpack cleaners have motors that are very powerful, resulting in efficient suction. Also, they have filters built and structured to trap the minutest dirt in the home’s air, resulting in an allergen-free space. 

Moreover, they come with the necessary features that ensure comfort whilst the machine is in use. Examples of such are the cords of great length, and the additions useful for diverse surfaces.

Performance Level

ProTeam Super CoachVac 

This product possesses many attachable accessories for improved performance over different surfaces like tiled floors, wooden, and carpeted ones, and so on. They even work for ceilings. You will love the outcome as the room’s ends can be reached and well cleaned.  

Hoover Commercial C2401

Any Hoover C2401 review you come across should attest to the fact that the machine is quite quiet for a cleaner of its power. Also, it is awesome on many surfaces like ceilings, upholsteries, and floors. The outcomes differ for carpets, depending on the kind. This cleaner doesn’t possess any brush and may have issues with carpets that are lengthy hairs.   

Filtration Mechanism

ProTeam Super CoachVac 

This machine has minute intercepting filters that were built for efficiency in trapping the littlest of particles. Hence, if the possibility of allergens whirling around during vacuuming bothers your mind, you shouldn’t worry about that at all with this product. 

This is because the cleaner traps whatever it encounters, with filters that pick whatever bacteria, pollen, or molds around.    

Hoover Commercial C2401

This product has a Hypercone filtration device that is produced using the media of HEPA. Its efficient suction can trap allergens and any microorganism out of your home’s air. This air keeps flowing well, no bother the amount of time the machine has been cleaning for. Hence, the machine will conserve its power even if its filter has been filled up.  

Ability to Move

ProTeam Super CoachVac 

At just eleven pounds, this machine is a great weightless consideration for a backpack cleaner. Its harness is adjustable, with the ability of its weight to be shared on the back in a balanced way. Also, it has a cord of fifty feet that aids the rapid covering of very large areas.   

Hoover Commercial C2401

This can settle on the back comfortably, with just a little over nine pounds in weight. There is also a professionally made harness to prevent hurting the spine and shoulders. Also, it possesses a lengthy cord of about forty-eight feet to enable mobility in large areas without having to seek other sockets.

Vacuuming Ability

ProTeam Super CoachVac 

The ProTeam Vacuum should be maintained by cleaning its filter, to prolong using the 107119 make. This filter can be rapidly removed and washed in a few minutes. Ensure that it gets well dried before replacing it in your cleaner.  

Hoover Commercial C2401

Your vacuum must be maintained, and for this product, the maintenance is quite easy. The motor on its exterior can be accessed and cleaned in minutes. This cleaning must be done weekly. The HEPA filtration device, which traps the aforementioned minute particles should get cleaned weekly too, based on how much it works. 

Other Backpack Vacuum Cleaners To Consider

While on this Hoover C2401 vs ProTeam Coachvac comparison journey, it might be helpful to go through some other alternative backpack vacuum cleaner reviews. From other reviews and user experiences, below are the bestselling alternatives worth considering. 

ProTeam ProVac FS 6

Do you know that pollen, hair, mites, pet fur, and even bacteria to be having a field’s day within your house? Not to worry—this machine was particularly made for living spaces and combats such problems well.  

This device is compact and less weighty compared to many others. It can be used easily as well and manipulates its way around any blockade on its way.

Its harness, which is flexible to fit, ensures the proper dissipation of heat. Also, there is a cord of fifty feet, a high-tech filtration mechanism that has 4 levels, and some come-with accessories. The latter includes a soft brush for dusting, a nozzle for power, crevice and upholster equipment, a wand having double pieces, and so on.

There is also a hose that is electrified for the cleaning of walls, staircases, floors, and so on.   


  • ​It is simple enough for operation and usage. 
  • ​Its extension wire is lengthy. 
  • ​It is compact enough and long-lasting. 
  • ​You will love its versatility.


  • ​It tends to excessively heat up and then go off. 
  • It can take a while to swap its tools. 
  • ​Its bag for dirt does not have an indicator. 

Bissell BG1001 BigGreen

This commercial backpack vacuum has a belt for the waist, plus an adjustable strap for the shoulders for better portability and mobility.  

It comes with one motor called “Ametekâ€, plus an inbuilt sensor for heat to protect this motor for when the machine’s bag gets filled up. 

There is one wand that links to the machine’s hose, used for cleaning vents, fans, and any other elevated surfaces. Its nozzle for power possesses a hookup; this permits you to make use of the off and on switch even while the vacuum is worn.  

There is a lid that can be twisted off; this is used to aid emptying. The machine’s lengthy cord for power permits the cleaning of big rooms without the need to find other outlets. It has up to eight cleaning attachments sufficient for whatever surface has to be vacuumed.   

Bissell gives you topnotch, residential-purpose at an “okay price. And there are numerous tools we believe will come in handy for the office and home too.  


  • It has a lengthy cord for power. 
  • It is light to carry. 
  • It can be maneuvered easily. 


  • Though lower in price, the vacuum remains a commercial one. 

Hoover 6Q HushTone

This backpack cleaner is also commercial, light, and easy enough to be maneuvered. Its light structure and harness that is ergonomic permit this easy maneuvering.  

It has HEPA filters with the Hexaguard tech for improved indoor airflow and quality. Its mechanically sealing bag can pick up dust while disposing of. Its motor with dual speed possesses a quiet mode; this is quieter and can boost the machine when a greater performance level is needed.

This mode for quietness will be quite appreciated for those with children who can nap even as you clean. It is perfect for household/ residential purposes, though slightly weightier in comparison with other available alternatives.  


  • It has Hexaguard tech.
  • There is a motor of dual-speed, with an included mode for quietness. 
  • It uses HEPA filters. 


  • It is slightly weightier in comparison with other makes. 


If you need to do some massive cleaning, this machine is the best at it. You can’t go wrong with it, as it cleans blinds, floors, corners, and staircases of the home and can be for commercialized purposes too. 

At just a little over ten pounds, the machine tackles allergens as well as dirt well.  

Its filtration device has 4 stages, with one HEPA filter bag, one bag for shaking-out cloth, and pre and post-motor filtration devices. 

They all join forces for the separation of harmful pollutants and the provision of clean air. Hence, no one needs to fret over pet fur, bacteria, dust, and so on.  

Atrix has some quite useful accessories. This includes a lengthy extension, and a brush for beating, having top power. It also possesses an efficient motor; this reduces the cleaning duration. The unit is convertible into one single blower because of the three nozzles it possesses.  


  • ​Its weight is quite light.
  • ​It has HEPA filters of 4 levels. 
  • ​It can be used for commercial as well as residential purposes. 
  • ​It has awesome support for the back. 
  • ​It is affordable. 


  • ​Its cord is quite short. 
  • ​Its suctioned bar for beating is not carpet-effective. 
  • Its belt doesn’t do well with attachments. 

Hoover C2401 vs ProTeam Coachvac: The FAQs 

Are commercial vacuums better?

Such vacuums usually operate for the cleaning and servicing of structures that are of commercial size. Such are made in the “canisterâ€, as well as the “uprightâ€, styles. Also, they are usually larger and more solid than the vacuums used at home. What more—they were built to be very durable 

Can I use my vacuum without the HEPA filter?

Whatever the size of the space being cleaned, you must always use the HEPA filtration mechanism with your vacuum. Regular cleaners have a big issue of always spreading allergens/dust in your home’s air instead of eliminating them, thus worsening the whole situation.  

Are vacuums with bags better?

Such vacuums are usually a more preferable alternative for homes that require an improved airflow. They yield less dusty particles and eliminate a larger amount of contaminants out of your carpet, upholstery, and so on. They also have accessories that are capable of supplementing particular desires.    

What is a backpack vacuum?

These are advanced canister cleaners that are custom-made to be worn on one’s back. These machines are kitted with waist/shoulder straps that keep the cleaner balanced for enhanced usage and motion.  

How often should you replace your vacuum filter?

Many makers would make the recommendation that you should replace the filter within three to six months. Nonetheless, we recommend that you replace the filters much earlier than stipulated, as it depends on the frequency of use and its control of allergens. Many recent makes no longer have just a single filter.  

Why do vacuums stop working?

Do not doubt the fact that a power deficiency usually causes a dead cleaner. Hence, ensure that your machine has been connected to an outlet that works. Also, check that the breakers/fuses need no resetting. The cut-out of a thermal that has been activated—usually because of an obstruction—will also cause an issue.  

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Final Thoughts – Hoover C2401 vs ProTeam Coachvac 

 Among other things, the two backpack cleaners have motors that are very powerful, resulting in efficient suction. Also, they have filters built and structured to trap the minutest dirt in the home’s air, resulting in an allergen-free space

As we conclude this Hoover C2401 VS ProTeam Coachvac comparison, we leave you with some reiterated points and final words. 

The considerable assessment of every reviewed feature shows that the ProTeam vacuum is the best solution due to its sturdiness as well as lightness in weight. Its harness offers comfort because of its even distribution of weight, permitting long-duration cleanings.  

Its filters can vacuum particles of a single micron or maybe more, thus boosting the home’s air. Furthermore, it functions excellently on every surface; this can be essential for those who render cleaning services. Surely, precious time is conserved when one vacuum can function for a whole room. 

Just follow any of the product links above and you’ll be able to order any one of the best backpack vacuum cleaners on Amazon. Also from the same site, you can find other Hoover C2401 reviews that could be helpful. 

In case you need a robot vacuum for any specific reason, check out DSER 2200pa Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews here.

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