Home Security Tips And Tricks To Prevent Painful Losses 

Whether you are a homeowner or tenant, putting these home security tips to work could help you prevent some losses before it happens. As you’ll find out later, the cost of taking preventive measures, in this case, seems to be lower than the cost of property repair or replacement.

In the quest for greater and more secure methods of keeping himself safe in the home, man has developed several security systems and techniques over the years, some more effective than others.

The easiest and most hassle-free method of securing your home is to enlist the help of top security professionals or a custom installer. That’s if you are looking for a classier, more sophisticated option. These Home security companies will have their experts come to look at your residence, and estimate your security needs, and make the required recommendations. 

However, If you decide to outfit your home with security equipment yourself, you can do that by acquiring security hardware from DIY-friendly providers like Frontpoint or Simplisafe. 

The good thing about these companies is that they are cheaper to work with and even though they won’t be present to help you set up the purchased security hardware, they will still provide you with enough generic advice to go through with the project successfully. 

When securing your home by yourself, the right methods and approach should be determined for your specific needs based on the kind of neighborhood of your residence and the likely problems you might encounter.

The main aim of this guide is to provide you with enough home security information to help you understand the right types of security devices to make the right purchase that suits you and your home’s security needs. 

This information was gathered by interviewing and picking the brains of home security experts like Dick Soloway and Taniqua Johnson-Pino – both security experts. 

Now, it is important to note here that most security experts do not recommend DIY installations for Home Security projects.

The main reason for this is that DIY security systems don’t have the functionalities of professionally-installed security systems. Home Security companies have the expertise to make the security of your homework effectively 24/7 which is something that regular security hardware products don’t.

Home Security Tips And Tricks

Security Layers

Jordan Frankel who happens to be a top official at Global Security Experts believes that keeping your house free of burglars has more to do with the security layers you have in place. Burglars have to decide if the risks outweigh the rewards, so stricter security measures mean fewer rewards for them. That way, your home becomes less appealing and more secure against intruders.

When it comes to effectively protecting your home from external threats like burglars and home invaders, you need to first of all think of the security of your home security metaphorically as the wearing of multiple layers of clothing to warm your body when the weather is freezing. 

This is very true because if you are looking at things the way home-invaders look at it, you would know if your house is worth breaking into or not? Simply put, if you tried to break into your own home, what are the chances of you succeeding?

Thinking of this should lead you down the path of researching the various security measures that you can put up at different layers of your home security system to deter criminals from breaking in. you need to understand the systems and methods you choose for securing your property because you have to adjust for it to fit your current lifestyle.

 A whole lot of research has to be done before investing in a security system. You need to know all there is to know about the system you choose. Certain security methods and devices provide various levels of security for the different layers. The layers of Home security include –

  • Tools For Forensics – The importance of having and using forensics equipment as part of your Home Security setup is that in the event of a home break-in, you can use them to provide the police with sufficient evidence to get the criminal/criminals involved. 
  • Home Interior Security – For securing the home from within, you could also use security surveillance equipment to monitor and record the activities going on inside your home. Motion sensors also work well in this aspect.
  • A Security Alarm System – The importance of having a viable alarm system in the home cannot be overemphasized, especially when it is set up in such a way that all the entrances to your home are covered. These alarms should trigger and go off when suspicious activity is going on. For example, you could set up sirens in your compound to deter criminals from attempting forced entry. And you could also have a warning system in your home whose motion sensors will be triggered if movement in the home is sensed when nobody is supposed to be home. 
  • Home Perimeter Security – For securing the home at this layer, the use of door access control systems and entrance sensors will do the job. These suffice to provide perimeter security for the home. You can use security surveillance cameras to serve as a deterrent for burglars. 

Maximum Protection For High-value Possessions

The most important security question you need to answer right now to get right down to the specifics of your home security endeavors is, “What are the things you value the most in your home and want to keep safe?” The answer to this question will influence how you design your home security system. 

While you ponder on the appropriate answer to this question, it is important to again think of the neighborhood you live in and the likely problems you might encounter.

Make sure to connect your lighting systems to the home security system you choose so that they can light up the home when security motion sensors are triggered in the event of a burglary.

When it comes to home security tips, you also need to understand that the threats and dangers are not always coming from the outside.

Sometimes, you have to deal with threats from inside the home. For example, you might need some motion sensors to protect your kids from getting to the liquor cabinet or weapons safe. You need to have some form of notification anytime a container or room or device is used/accessed without your knowledge.

Also, consider your regular activities and that of the people that live in your home too when setting up a security system. This is to make sure that the home security system isn’t triggered by too many false alarms.

Who’s Home?

One of the most important aspects of the home security system is the prevention of break-ins and/or forced entries. One way to make this possible is to make the home look like stuff is going on in there.

The reason for this is because burglars won’t likely break into a home where people are moving around and are active. 

Most people since when electricity has been invented have been leaving their lightbulbs on at night for this same purpose. However, with the introduction of more sophisticated Home security techniques, there are even more creative ways to give burglars the illusion that people are in the home actively. 

According to Soloway, a security expert, “Criminals don’t like light, and they don’t like movement. When it comes to timers for your lights, for example, you can take steps to create a lived-in look. 

You could have a lamp that comes on at a certain time and goes off at a certain time or a light in the upper bedroom window—things you can see from the street—so it looks like people are moving around. Or the TV could come on every once in a while, so you see the flickering—you want to have that look.”

Some Useful Home Security Tips To Consider

  • Your home should be secured enough with lights, cameras, and other security paraphernalia to deter criminals from breaking in.
  • You need to have an alarm system. According to the research done by the experts lately, you are more likely to have your home broken into if you don’t have an alarm system that works.  The alarm system has to be advertised so that the potential burglars don’t even consider your home as an easy option.
  • Removing any items or anything that can be used by home burglars to gain access to your home. Things like ladders and objects that can be climbed on to access second-story windows. 
  • Making sure that your door locks are good and that your security system is tight on all available entrances to your home.

The best method of securing your home is to enlist the help of top security professionals or a custom installer. These Home security companies will have their experts come to look at your residence, and estimate your security needs, and make the required recommendations. 

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