Bissell 3 In 1 Lightweight Stick Hand Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Vacuums that are Uprights are quite powerful and tailored for vacuuming the entire house, as opposed to handheld ones.  In light of this, Bissell 3 in 1 Lightweight stick hand vacuum cleaner reviews will be done in this article to aid a selection process. 

It has been noted that Uprights work well for cleaning an entire house, while handhelds work best for little messes. However, have you considered the prospects of a balance? A machine that lies in between cleaning little messes and cleaning entire houses?

Though less powerful than uprights, stick cleaners offer a greater suction power over handheld machines. On the other hand, though larger than handheld vacuuming machines, stick cleaners are quite light and easy to carry around. Hence, the best option for having a clean home amidst heavy cleaning tasks is the use of stick vacuums.  

How To Choose A Stick Hand Vacuum Cleaner 

In making a proper comparison between stick cleaners, you should carefully evaluate the diverse features of the models and if they fit into your vacuuming needs. Below are some of the major points for proper comparison of stick models:  


Sticks can be anything from about $50-$1000 and up depending on getting what fits into your budget and required features. Of course, more money is to be spent on a product to do major carpet vacuuming, and well too.  However, for a rapid skim over to make the area have “the look of being cleanâ€, any basic product will suffice.  

Accessories for Cleaning

Sticks are highly versatile, having accompanying crevices, as well as attachments for upholsteries that go beyond ground-level cleaning.  

Boosting Feature

This model is structured to give more suctioning for tougher cleaning tasks greater than basic messes in the home.  

Cost of Maintenance

Getting stick cleaners that have accompanying filters/bags that can be reusable saves you some money over the cost of performing maintenance.  

Stick Hand Vacuum Cleaning Tips 

The weight, dual handheld advantage, and malleable ability have made such vacuums perfect for users. However, below are some essential tips for maximizing the machine for continual optimal efficiency.   

The Batteries Should Be Recharged

To ensure the durability of your machine’s battery, they should be charged following each use. This also makes them ever ready for subsequent vacuuming tasks.

Utilize Accurate Accessories

Those accompanying accessories shouldn’t be left idle. Use those vacuuming accessories for the perfect cleaning outcomes.  

Maintenance is Key

You should replace or wash the machine’s filters often as stipulated by its user’s manual. This maintenance keeps the device operating at an optimum level for a long time. 

Safe Storage

Safe, dry/airy storage of the vacuum and charger elongates their lives. Some of such safe storage places are a cupboard for cleaning, beneath your bed, and at a particular corner.    

Empty Out Dust Often

Sticks come with compact canisters for dust, and they should be disposed of often so that the machine doesn’t begin to suffer in performance. The canister should be disposed of its dust after each vacuuming task; this prevents debris/dust accumulation.  

Bissell 3 In 1 Lightweight Stick Hand Vacuum Cleaner Review

Having gone through those preliminaries, this section enters into a review of the Bissell 3-in-1 corded stick vacuum proper.

All the other Bissell 3 in 1 Lightweight Stick Hand Vacuum Cleaner reviews we found have the same testimony about it being a model that conserves suctioning capability instead of sacrificing it. Though slender in build, the machine is efficient in trapping litter from pets, dirt, as well as debris. Hence, it is quite a handy cleaning device necessary to be had in all homes.   

As affordable as it is, the machine is highly efficient for staircases, floors, and table/shelf surfaces. Below are some reviews that will help you understand more about the Bissell featherweight stick vacuum. A deliberate read-through should help you decide if it’s worth a purchase.  

What about the Features?

A motor of two amps powers the vacuum; this is enough for a filtration process and a reliable suction. The amperage might be insufficient for thorough cleaning of carpets with density, but it’s good with other kinds of surfaces.  

Also, not only is it wonderful for its lightness in build, it makes little noise. This would be more appreciated by homeowners with children and pets that scare easily.   

Nevertheless, we don’t dispute reviews that give a warning about using the machine for long periods of time. The cleaner simply was not built for such strain.  

At just a little over 4 lbs, the machine is so light. With such a weight, cleaning gets less strenuous and fatiguing even if you need to do the floors and the upholsteries at once. The children can even have a go at practicing cleaning up their rooms and messes they make.  

A 16-foot cord comes with the machine; a length sufficient for covering an entire room, though not the whole house. 

Accompanying Accessories

This machine has an attached three-in-one design that is convertible. For example, there is the fast hand-releasing attribute that changes the machine to a tool for vacuuming the stairs.  

You will also be excited by the machine’s bagless make which saves a bit on cost. Its cup for dirt makes it unnecessary to keep replacing bags for dust regularly.  

Nonetheless, apart from the stated accessories, the machine is not accompanied by any more useful stuff. It has neither a beating brush used for the carpets; nor a rolling one for the eradication of hair/dirt in confined spaces.   

Many uprights and canisters can prove a problem in terms of storage, but Bissell is different. Numerous reviews on Bissell point out the adorable fact that storage for consequent use is easy.  

The Advantages

Several things are likable about the Bissell 3-in-1 corded Stick Vacuum. We adore its three-in-one convertibility—especially how it makes it affordable.  

Also, its lightness in weight when handling makes it the best 3-in-1 vacuum in that regard.   

Also, its handy build helps for easy storage in your garage or your kitchen. Don’t forget that uprights and canisters pose this problem a great deal.  This Bissell model, however, can be carried around easily and kept somewhere safe in your home. 

The Disadvantages

We detest the fact that its multi-talented brush has no other accompanying accessories. This is one fact that numerous Bissell 3 in 1 Lightweight Stick Hand Vacuum Cleaner reviews point out.   

More so, it has no brush for its exterior that can be useful for cleaning carpets and complicated areas 

Hence, if a cleaner with various accessories is what you seek, another kind of model should get your money.  

Also, the minimal amp on its motor shows that it won’t suffice for an excellent, deep vacuuming. The machine isn’t also good for dense carpets.  

Well, all that has been stated are expected of a device with such a price, but the mention was pertinent.  

Some Other Stick Vacuum Alternatives 

Some other products similar to the one under consideration will be reviewed in this section, and from them, you might find the best 3-in-1 vacuum for your needs.  

Bissell Air Ram 1984

This gives you a quality, standing vacuum cleaner without cords at a cost that you can surely afford. The device has high ratings in its ability to vacuum carpets and even floors that are bare. During testing, it emerged with a run duration that was longer than any other cordless cleaners, lasting up to forty-seven minutes. 

Though a model you can consider “basicâ€, it has remained topmost in our charts for a long time. However, quite unlike many other sticks, it isn’t convertible into something for the hand, nor does it have any accompanying accessories.   

Bissell Poweredge 81l2a

This is a fairly-priced vacuum, having a nozzle shaped like a “Vâ€.  

​It is one of the highly-rated sticks having a cord, specifically built for handling hardwood grounds and stains from pets. It has a design that is ingenious, practical enough for providing maximum suction. Its “V†structure guides particles to a central suction way for easier cleaning along baseboards and the house’s walls.   

The V-structure’s ends capture little minute debris while a swiveling movement traps dirt around legs of upholsteries, and rugs with areas of minimal pile. It has a lengthy cord of 20ft that enables movement and the trapping of plenty of debris/dirt. 

The product features a come-with rapid-release wrap of cord; this makes for a simpler and faster winding of cord. At seven and a half pounds, the device is quite light.   

The cleaner can be used for capturing dirt in confined places and furniture edges easily. Its ability to stay upright makes storage very easy. Also, this machine can trap little particles/debris without the need for a broom or some other such attachment. Its accompanying cord can vacuum about 11.35 widths in inches. You will also find it easy to clean the machine due to its easily-emptied cup for dirt.  

Tineco S12

Tineco performs well in all ramifications. This quality product is amassed with numerous features and has a wonderful vacuuming ability. Thus, it earned high scores during all vacuuming tests; this includes one for pet fur eradication.

It has a panel for the LED on its handle’s top that shows the level of power and battery left. It also notifies you of tangles and clogs. The power settings can be adjusted by a screen swipe; a sensor for dust notes the debris quantity and modifies its suction suitably. The machine is quiet, with clean, safe emissions.  

Shark APEX LZ601

This is new to the ratings we have but wins all the same. It excels in all major vacuuming tests on different surface kinds and works noiselessly and thoroughly. More so, it thoroughly vacuums wall edges, missing nothing. It stands on its own, thus enabling easy storage. 

It also features a roll of brush that cleans itself so that tangling hairs can be avoided. There are several attachments it has that can be stored safely.   

The FAQs

What is a 3 in 1 vacuum?

Bissell 3-in-1 corded stick vacuum is a product that is spectacular and is usable for cleaning carpets and hard ground surfaces. If wanted, the fast-release holder is removable—while the foot that is attached is kept—for convenient vacuuming of the staircase.  

What is the best month to buy a vacuum cleaner?

Springtime is best for purchasing a cleaner, but we understand that you may need one sooner than that. Well, not to worry—the November/December months are good enough periods for purchase too.   

Are stick vacuums as good as uprights?

Sticks are quite convenient, perfect for hard floors, and easily stored and transported. Conversely, uprights are wonderful for dense vacuuming, like carpets, as they give greater power.  

Is Hoover better than Bissell?

Hoover suffices for cleaning carpets with mild stains of pets. However, Bissell comes to the rescue in the quest for something that has a hand accessory and can clean up feces and such things regularly 

Is Bissell better than Dyson?

To us, Dyson possesses a greater quality. Also, they tend to operate better in comparison with other brands. On the other hand, Bissell is perfect for handling dirt from pets. You should know that the Bissell brand of cleaners can be better afforded than many others.  

Why does my Bissell vacuum belt keep breaking?

This is caused by an excess amount of hair, lint, and string being trapped in its brush; this makes it stuck. A stuck brush ends up putting excessive load on this belt, causing a probable breakage.  

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Final Thoughts

In concluding the Bissell 3 in 1 Lightweight Stick Hand Vacuum Cleaner reviews, we remind you that the product is capable of more than floor cleaning. By removing its handle, a cleaning ability at a closer level is gotten; this is perfect for vacuuming the stairs. By removing the head of the floor and the said handle, a holdable vacuum is created for cleaning tables and pieces of furniture.

For a preferred extra-light cleaner that can be converted to a hand device easily, the Bissell 3-in-1 Corded Stick Vacuum is your best bet. Do you hate protracted and stressful cleaning tasks? Go for this vacuum cleaner. 

Let us know how it all works out for you. Don’t get tired of cleaning!

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