Essential Vacuum Cleaner Accessories Buying Guide

Different types of vacuum cleaner accessories help to extend the functionalities and usability of this household cleaning tool. Depending on your current needs, you can use these accessories to clean different surfaces and edges in your home. Through this buying guide, we’ll highlight some of the best accessories to consider now you are in the market to buy one.

Vacuum cleaner accessories are designed for different purposes. Mostly, they are designed to help reach every spot in your house, as well as all nooks and crannies where dirt is stuck. Now you no longer need to buy different or separate cleaning tools because the modern designs of vacuums come with provisions for other vacuum cleaner accessories/attachments.

There are vacuum accessories to help you clean your bed, your ceiling fan, air vents, etc. There is practically a vacuum accessory for every corner and even extension poles just in case you need to make it longer to use it in areas that are difficult to access and clean. 

A standard vacuum cleaner comes with some basic accessories like the dust brush, extension wand, and upholstery tool. These will be discussed subsequently in this article. 

But other accessories do not come with a standard vacuum, so you have to buy them separately to meet your cleaning needs. Accessories like the fan blade duster, multi-angle brush that turns in different angles can be purchased separately.

Let us talk about some standard best vacuum cleaner accessories and even accessories that you can purchase separately. If you have been having trouble getting the right vacuum attachment, this article will help you find the best vacuum cleaner accessories to suit your cleaning needs and also serve as a guide to help you clean and manage your vacuum cleaner better.

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Best Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

As mentioned earlier, some accessories come with every standard vacuum cleaner, and there are also accessories or attachments that you need to buy separately. It is actually very easy to continue using only one accessory because you have become very used to it, so you end up using it for almost every cleaning purpose. 

Note that one accessory can’t clean every corner the same way or thoroughly. In evaluating vacuum cleaners, these are some basic attachments that every vacuum cleaner needs.

The Crevice Tool

The crevice tool is usually streamlined and skinny with an angled tip and narrow nozzle which helps with cleaning tight spots and impossible corners. Think of all those corners that you have never been able to clean or you probably had to flush out with water to get it clean, a crevice tool will come in handy. 

If your cooker is heavy or immobile, this accessory will help clean under it. You can also use it to clean your refrigerator and the vents in it. It clears out dust, no matter how little, and can be used to clean out edges of any surface or appliance. Since it has a small nozzle and tip, it may not clean as fast as the accessories with bigger nozzles, but it is a must-have because of the work it does.

The Upholstery Tool

As the name implies, this accessory is used to clean surfaces and corners with cloth material. It is used to clean upholstery which includes furniture made with leather, cloth, or any other material with fur. The upholstery tool has a wide, small, and very flat head that allows it to use great suction on these surfaces, removing all dirt when used properly.

It can be used on a cushion, foam or mattress, chairs with either leather, fur, or cloth material. Rather than dusting with a moist rag and spreading the dust or dirt to other corners, the upholstery tool has great suction that removes every dirt and disposes of it carefully.

The Dusting Brush

The dust brush vacuum cleaner accessory is one of the basic attachments that will likely come with your vacuum on purchase. It is usually round or circular and has long bristles which increase its effectiveness in cleaning up and sucking in dirt and dust from surfaces. This attachment comes in handy with cleaning irregularly shaped surfaces. 

The round brush and soft long bristles make it easy for the dusting brush to fit into your window blinds, window sills, and other household decorations of artwork you may have used for design.

It can clean lampshades, partitioned tables, gym equipment, etc. This also saves time in cleaning and helps ease the stress and strain that comes with cleaning ordinarily.

Extension Wand

If you are worried about how to reach high areas or surfaces, the extension wand is designed specifically for cleaning surfaces of ceilings and far ends in appliances. It comes in different lengths so you can pick the best for the area you need to clean.

The Bare Floor Brush

This is one of the accessories that come with a standard vacuum cleaner. In some cases, you might have to buy it separately. As the name suggests, it is designed for cleaning floors and can clean any design of the floor with a flat surface. It sucks up dirt particles and dust while making cleaning easier and more refreshing.

The Carpet Tool

If your house is decorated with carpets or has carpets and rugs in it for warmth, the carpet tool is designed to clean all types of rugs, mats, and carpets. It can clean all sizes too and thoroughly removes all dirt and dust ingrained in rugs. Rugs are bound to collect dust over time and hide the dirt that normal dusting can not get rid of. 

The carpet tool is a very important vacuum cleaner accessory especially if you have rugs at home. It has a wide and narrow head that is made with firm bristles that work on removing dust and dirt from all floor surfaces including tiles.

Other Essential Vacuum Accessories To Consider

Remember that it is not all accessories that come with a standard vacuum cleaner. In fact, it is known that some retailers will likely detach the accessories and sell them separately. Before making your payment, it is ok to find out if the vacuum cleaner came with attachments that may have been removed. 

You could also consider trying to buy directly from the manufacturer or a wholesaler with direct access to the manufacturer. Modern designs of vacuum accessories make cleaning easier because they are designed especially for hard-to-reach ends and tough spots. So if these accessories do not come with the vacuum cleaner, consider buying one.

Accessories for Mattress

These are specially designed vacuum accessories that help to keep mattresses clean. With the way mattresses are designed, it can be impossible to clean them. You cannot even think of washing them. But your mattress does not have to go months without being cleaned. 

This mattress attachment helps to remove unnecessary fur, dust, and foreign bodies from your bed. Good thing they come in different shapes and sizes, so you do not have to worry too much about getting the right one for your bed.

Turbo Brush

When you think about cleaning the insides of your car, or furniture at home, you should think about this accessory. It helps clean hard spots with its rotating power brush. It can be used to clean all corners of stairs and stairways, beds, cushions, chairs, etc.

You also get to pick bristles made of rubber material which are generally better for eliminating fur or lint on fabrics.

Pet Accessories

Specially designed to clean your pet’s house or corner. Not only that, it is skin-friendly so you can also use it to remove foreign bodies from the hair or skin of your pet. It is designed like a comb, so just comb through while it sucks everything into the vacuum.

Ceiling Fan/Blind Accessories

Ceiling fans and window blinds tend to pack up dust faster than other surfaces. It may not be easy to clean them regularly, but with the ceiling fan and blind vacuum cleaner accessories, it becomes a simple task. Other accessories may do this job well too, but this one is specially designed for cleaning fans and window blinds.


Before the new designs of accessories of vacuums came about, vacuums were limited to floor and ground surfaces. To make life easier, newer designs tailored to clean every surface emerged. Now there are vacuum cleaner accessories for every corner and more designs are produced now more than ever.

The proper way to use your vacuum cleaner cannot be overstated. For effective cleaning, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the proper accessories for the right spots. Improvising is ok, but try to keep it to the barest minimum.

Do not rush the cleaning process, the vacuum cleaner and accessories are already designed to make cleaning easier and faster, so you can actually avoid cleaning haphazardly. Consider going slowly, cleaning in two directions, and carrying regular cleaning and maintenance on your vacuum cleaner.

It is a machine too and without proper maintenance, it can get faulty and either pack up or perform poorly. This article will serve as a guide as you make your next vacuum cleaner accessory purchase.

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