Door Access Control System Pricing Guide For New Homeowners

In today’s modern world, the most effective security system available has proven to be the door access control system. One of the most fundamental things human beings require to survive is good security from the dangers that surround them.

For security, man will go to great lengths to achieve that feeling of safety and peace. 

And that has been shown with the numerous measures that have been taken over the years by individuals trying to make themselves feel safer. Right now, there is a bombardment of several security systems, many defense mechanisms, and techniques. They are aimed at protecting the integrity of man’s livelihood from fiendish intruders who would choose to steal, kill, or destroy. 

Some of these defense methods have been proven to be more effective than others. And you might even know about them probably because you’re using them or something similar to safeguard your home from threats.

The door access control security system is an intercom system that precisely oversees the security of the home to make a record of who comes in and/or goes out at all times of the day as long as the system is switched on. 

This security feature is more pronounced particularly when the home security system involves the presence of video surveillance. 

With the presence of a proper surveillance security system in the home, admittance in the home can be strictly monitored and unwanted entries can be prevented. 

Apart from the main entrance of your home, you should also install these door access control systems at some of the other entrances to your home, like the service door for example. This is to guarantee extra security as more bases are covered well enough. 

However, you shouldn’t have more than 2 or 3 entrances to your home at a time. This is because the more entrances and exits they are to a home, or any location even, the more compromised the security situation of that place becomes.

 Door Access Control Systems Pricing And Estimated Costs

A look at the currents statistics gleaned from the Home Security Systems industry today, the average costs for Door Access Control Systems installation for new homeowners can go for as low as $200 for single-camera systems. 

But it can rise even up to $12,000,00 per door for more advanced and secure security systems depending on style, tastes, and preference. There are three major types of Door Access Control Systems. They are –

The Standalone Door Access Control System

The Standalone Access Control Systems are the most affordable remote home security systems available in the market today. The materials and tools required for the effective running of the security system are usually contained in one device. The device allows for the programming of pin codes and security maneuvers easily.

Standalone Access Control security locks are relatively expensive (ranging from $500 to over $1650 with commercial grade locks), but the cost of installing this system is however low. Since there’s only one important component of the system, the lock, installing this system is quite simple and does not take a lot.

Using this Standalone Access Control System will save you thousands of dollars in security charges and that is why new homeowners prefer this system. However, the main disadvantage of this system is that it can only efficiently control a few doors (1-3) at a time.

The Traditional Wired Access Control System

The Traditional Wired Access Control System is the most expensive type of home security system. This system typically has a power supply that empowers a controller that acts as the trigger for the door release and the Access control system also has an encrypted software program for storing passwords and other security information.

The traditional Wired keyless entry security systems are the most expensive because of the labor costs involved in a project. One door can incur several thousand dollars in installation costs. These security doors have to be installed by a group of professionals to ensure top quality.

This remote home security system will bring more value to you if you want to control the entry points of several doors from one central location at any time, from anywhere. The systems can be operated even online.

The Wired Keyless Access Control System For 1-2 Doors

This range of Access Control Systems is an advanced combination of the first two types. It resembles the Standalone system because its main use is for the security of one door. 

But it can take two or three doors at a time because it has multiple components working together on the doors. This is just like the Traditional Access Control Security Systems.

These components have to be wired and rewired by an expert who understands the concept of low voltage wiring. This system is operated best when there are a few doors attached to the motherboard. They cost around $1200 to $1650 to install.

Other Door Access Systems With Features and Costs

Intercom/Buzzer Door Access Control Systems

  • These access control systems cost between $500 to $12,000 for installation.
  • This buzzer system has to be actively managed for smooth operations.
  • The Intercom Door Access Control Security Systems have a combination of audio and video security features.
  • The installation of this system doesn’t take more than 3 hours at the most. 

Key Card Door Access Control Systems

  • It is a cheaper alternative as it costs $2000 to $3500 to install per door.
  • Installation typically takes an hour per door.
  • It can also be remotely accessed and managed. 

Key Fob Door Access Control Systems

  • It costs $2000 to $3500 to install per door.
  • The key fob allows security data to be exchanged via radio waves.
  • For every security update, there’s a charge.

Smartphone Door Access Control Systems

  • This costs between $750 to $1500 to install per door.
  • Installation of these models are fast and easy
  • It does not require the purchase of costly security hardware.

Biometric Door Access Control Systems

  • The cost of installing the Biometric Door Access Control Systems range from $3,400 to $12,400.
  • Installation of biometric security hardware takes less than 30 minutes per door.
  • Handprints, fingerprints, or eye scans can be used to gain entry into these systems. 

Physical Keys Door Access Control Systems

  • Changing the key locks or rekeying the locks are an essential part of maintaining security in this system.
  • They are the cheapest form of Door Access Control System
  • It takes minutes to rekey a lock. 

Keypad Door Access Control Systems

  • Keypad Door Access Control Systems cost between $550 to $1680 to install.
  • They typically take little time to install but the installation time is also affected by the current wiring of the home.
  • It is considered the least secure security system by security experts because the codes can easily be shared.
  • Keypads are easily hacked

Door Access Control System General Estimates

Before starting any venture, it’s important to know the costs and/or expenses that will be incurred. It’s important to find out the precise costs of the materials and installation of your Door Access Control System model from the professionals you’re going to be working with. 

General averages and costs might help give you a rough estimate, but you cannot be fully reliant on them because they don’t consider the additional factors that gather up to affect, sometimes massive, the final costs.

Factors that can also influence the final installation cost of the Door Access Control Security System project per door include –

  • Whether the system is wireless or hardwired
  • Video surveillance
  • Quality of the installation company/professionals
  • Level of insurance required to go through with the project.
  • The number of consoles required
  • The ease of use of the security system.
  • Urgency of purchase 
  • The homeowner’s knowledge of security systems.
  • The number of security systems purchased.
  • Material costs
  • Obtaining documentation and permits for the project.

How Door Access Control Systems Work

When the security intercom door entry system is installed, the operator of the security system has either an auditory or a visual (or both auditory and visual) link to the entrance area of the home. Therefore, the security at the front door can be remotely monitored from a part of your home unknown to the visitors.

In many door access control systems, the process of unlocking the door is done electronically, as opposed to the mechanical process of traditional doors, when credentials such as security codes have been accepted by the door’s security system.

The types of locks used in Door Access Control Systems include Magnetic locks, Electronic strikes, Electronic locks, etc. These are not the only types of locks available for these security systems but they are the most common. There are a few other custom locks that do the job quite well too 

Now for the credentials, you could use pin codes, remotes, HID cards/FOBS for unlocking most of the home security systems that are in the market right now. 

If the above security measures seem a bit bland to you and you are desiring some more defensive action, there’s something you can do. Consider adding more components to your Door Access Control Systems for increased output. 

Some of the additional things you can consider including in your security systems are door readers and controllers, Motion sensors, Video Surveillance cameras, etc. Take note, however, that the more components you use in the security system, the more expensive it would become to install and maintain.

What Happens If The Door Access Control Security Systems Fail?

The door access control systems can either be installed with a fail-safe or a fail-secure security system.

For the fail-safe systems, once the power is removed from the entire system, the component locking the door will release and thus open the door. This is also the most common form of home security system used these days.

Fail-secure means that the doors will unlock when power is applied, so the absence of power makes the doors stay locked. 

A manual override can be installed in the systems in the form of a key that can be used to open the doors in the case of a power outage.

The repair costs for electrically wired doors cost significantly less than the standalone keyless system variety. However, since there are more components in the wired security system, it is prone to constant disrepair when compared to the other door access control security systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a door access control system?

A door access control system is a security system that is set up to determine who is permitted to enter or exit the home at all times it is active.

How does a door access control system work?

The door access control systems work electronically by making use of tags (also called electronic keys) to lock and/or unlock the doors when nearby. With the necessary credentials, access will be denied immediately.

What are the 3 types of access control?

The three types of access control that we have now are Role-based access control, discretionary access control, and Mandatory access control.

What are the benefits of access control?

Access control security systems save time, money, and energy. They prevent the breach of private information effectively. People that come in and out of the home are kept track of.


The Door Access Control Security system is more pronounced particularly when the home security system involves the presence of video surveillance.  With the presence of a proper surveillance security system in the home, admittance in the home can be strictly monitored and unwanted entries can be prevented. 

The repair costs for most door access control security systems are typically less than the installation costs. And the cost is dependent on what has gone wrong in the system. In the worst-case scenarios often involving the replacement of a certain part, the repairs costs may be similar to the installation costs.

The average cost of Door Access Control System installation paid by homeowners is between $3,286,00 to $15,075,00 depending on style, tastes, and preference. 

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