Common Smart Home Automation Mistakes To Avoid

The number of homeowners who risk making smart home automation mistakes in their homes is on the rise. Properties like the whole-home audio and keyless alarm denote the advancement of your life and make things easier.  

You desire a smart home filled with technologies that make your life easier and more pleasurable. But you don’t get the home automation system you’ve wanted most times. That’s likely because you’re guilty of some of the smart home automation mistakes we will discuss below. 

We are aware that these smart technologies are quite an investment, and we desire for all angles of your system to be a smash for you. 

Smart Home Automation Mistakes To Be Wary Of

Luckily, you can stop many problems by just seeking the services of an expert in-home technology installation. You’re not the only one in your expedition towards automation. Keep reading to see the mistakes you shouldn’t be caught making.

1. Mixing Up Home Control And Home Automation 

There are a good number of “smart home” products that you can purchase at the store and use on your phone fast. But, that is called home control, not home automation. There’s a contrast. 

When you purchase a product, activate it, and then control it with your iPhone. You may possess 5-10 of these classes of products in your home. You can control each of the products from your phone through the use of a different app, but they aren’t going to work together.  

Home automation is when you spark off a series of events through integration. For instance, let’s say you’ll be out for a day and you want all things turned off. All that is required of you is to go to your keypad and press “away”.

This single action will spark off all TV’s, music, and lights to turn off, as well as transform your thermostat to “leave” mode and arm your alarm. 

The true worth of home automation steps is here. The reason you invest in home automation is to make life simpler for you, not to be engaged in opening and closing all sorts of apps every time. 

2. Choosing To Do It All By Yourself

You may have read a couple of tutorials online, and you’re ready to commence. But before you start, take a little time and try to understand what an installation fully involves. 

Home automation professionals assess your needs and find out not only the essential tools but also their optimal positions within your home. Setting goals and pricing expectations can be done by them, showing you options, proffer advice and so much more.

Installers do their work with very risky electrical equipment and climb into ceilings and walls, and your home looks more amazing when they are done. Can you utter the same after the DIY project?

Installing smart home automation systems is a great task. Whether you’re beginning your initial home automation installation or executing new abilities, we keenly advise against attempting this on your own. 

3. No Communication With Professionals

For those of you who chose to work with a local Bellevue, WA installer like Distinctive Audio Video, we commend you, but that is just the starting point. We advise an initial dialogue to get started, followed by constantly transmitting your needs along the way.

Do you desire to control your lighting and set your hearing schedule with the same keypad? Do you want to conduct your home remotely, or do you prefer a remote control system within your own home? Incorporators are supposed to know the finer details and will go out of their way to satisfy customers.

4. Brands Don’t Work Well Together

After our research to find out which brands work well with others, it’s unfortunate that not every brand is compatible. This could bring about major issues within your network.  Make use of brands that passed the quality and compatibility tests, such as Sonos audio equipment and Savant automation systems.

In this case, connecting incompatible systems is one of the common smart home automation mistakes you should avoid in your home. Here is another reason why it is always important to engage an experienced expert in the field.

5. Overcrowded Warehouse

With the wrong positioning, even modern, low-voltage equipment can overheat. Installers are aware of where to set up all machines to ensure the proper flow of air. An equipment rack and mechanically cooling systems installed by experts can prevent the overheating of your Investments. 

6. Considering Fads Over Needs 

What are your intentions for your smart home? It’s obvious, we all love to read about home technology trends and seeing new things, but what do you really desire your smart home to do? 

Several people value security above entertainment and vice versa. Some are searching for the most luxury, some for immersing sound, and some a totally integrated smart home. Setting your priorities is something we can’t do for you but we can help you pinpoint your goals and surpass them. 

7. Fear of Change

Being afraid of change is only natural – such as stepping into a house that is currently smarter than the home you are used to. You don’t have any need to be afraid of a house that assists you in managing your busy lifestyle. 

From speaking to your Alexa for support to automating your shades and home temperature, we’ll make it known to you how your technology can smoothen your daily routines and still make your home feel more comfortable. 

8. Relying On Poor WiFi 

If you possess home automation properties in your home, you need excellent Wi-Fi to make things work comfortably. Your regular WiFi plan won’t cut – you must get a professional system, like the Ruckus Wireless system. 

This same WiFi that is used at the NY Stock Exchange and Olympic stadiums can be installed in your home, just brought down for a residential application.

An excellent WiFi system will employ access points to cover the house in its entirety, as well as your outside. WiFi is the pivot of your whole system, so it must be very efficient. 

Let’s say home automation properties can only be installed in new builds. We know that home automation is present in a lot of new homes – that’s due to builders, architects, and designers that are turning the administration into a part of their procedure.

People used to take smart home automation as a superfluity, and though it’s still superfluous, it’s now essential. Buyers await numerous properties in new homes. But that doesn’t denote that home automation is solely for new builds – all properties can be flawlessly included in subsisting homes too! 

9. Too Much, Too Soon

You would want to transform your home into a paradise overnight if you have been late to the automation game. Doing that seems a possibility but then your home itself might start to mock you! 

At times, you need to relax and take as much time as needed with the new technology. This will help you to master it over time and integrate it into your lives to enhance your general quality of life.

And doing this will only be possible when you are making progress with the smart home automation procedure.

Most times, if you choose the fast and furious way, you might end up with highly smart gadgets that are going to look very improper when you take a look at your daily routine.

You will find out that in the procedure of meeting up, you have disremembered to get the device that may have really been of help to you with your daily chores and home conservation. 

And, as a substitute for it, you just have a very costly glittery thing to show for that will be used once in a while by you. 

10. Hesitant To Ask For Help

All the brands love introducing people to their DIY kits. This is great for a good number of devices but you need extra help with some smart home devices. And if you’re on the verge of installing your first smart home system then you actually should seek expert assistance when it seems like you’re losing it. 

This will assist you not to make disarray out of your latest purchase. And then buying the same order online since you’re too embarrassed to tell the reason behind the constant buys.

Once you’re shown how to install and handle these gadgets that’s when you can try out making the next installation all by yourself. The last goal should be to turn your home into a comfy and independent one. 

11. No Concrete Plan

People don’t do enough research before buying as they should. And this is the reason for most smart home automation mistakes. Allow your money to be used in the best way where you really get to enjoy the advantages of your investment for a good number of years to come. 

And doing that will only be possible if you commence with a good plan before investing in a long-lasting intelligent device.  Window shopping is a better option in this situation. You can surf the internet and even in the individual outlets. 

All this exertion will help you to make your choices. And you can finally choose what kind of gadget you are really searching for. The answer will baffle you repeatedly. Indications from a couple of electricians and current users that are very exposed to the type of gadgets you’re planning to purchase would be nice. 


Not purchasing one is probably one of the greatest smart home automation mistakes you can make. You can likewise ignore this new wave of technology and grouch away in the corner. Or, you can take part and enjoy the benefits of smart home automation systems and devices. 

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