Blink XT2 Vs Arlo Pro 2 Security Camera Comparison

Security Camera comparison is one of the vital steps to take before installing buying and installing one. So this guide is for intending buyers looking to make a comparison of Blink XT2 Vs Arlo Pro 2. 

Through this comparison, you will discover the key features and differences between these products.

This discovery will enable you to decide which of these products is more cost-effective and will at the same time provide maximum security for your home.

Besides the product features, we’ll look into some other important factors to consider before you commit to buy home security cameras online or offline. 


Blink XT2 Review

The Blink XT2 is a 1080p security camera. This is a wireless cam that is highly affordable, and easy to operate. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Setting it up is as easy as linking the sync module to your WiFi connection. After the sync module has been linked to the WiFi, the camera is then connected to it.

The Blink has an unusual square design plus rounded edges. This is unlike the conventional circular design of other security cameras. It has very long-lasting battery life. It has a dimension of 2.8 by 2.8 by 1.4 inches.

This small size makes it easy to be installed at any place of your choice. It is just about the same size as your Blink Sync Module. 

The flat side and flat bottom design of this camera enable it to rest easily on a surface. They run on batteries estimated to last about 900 minutes of use. An extra, the camera comes with an in-built thermometer. This thermometer sends you a notification when the temperature falls below or rises above the value you have set.


  • The camera comes with a mounting kit and screws
  • Water-resistant.
  • Very affordable.
  • 2-year battery life.


  • Has no artificial intelligence.
  • Arming and disarming settings can be very confusing.

Arlo Pro 2 Camera Review

The Arlo Pro 2 Camera is an outdoor security camera suitable for your homes and offices. It is designed with a 1080p HD video for recording and streaming live events. With the Arlo Pro 2 Camera, you can converse with anyone outside or inside the house because it has 2-way audio.

The Arlo Pro 2, just like the Arlo Pro 3 is designed for convenience. When connected to your smartphone or other PCs, you get automatic notifications. In case of emergencies, they set off smart sirens to notify people around.

The setup is wireless and easy so you do not have to worry about closeness to a power source.

Generally, installation and syncing will take less than 15 minutes. The camera makes use of geofencing to sense if or not you are in the vicinity. This way, the camera knows when to arm or disarm itself.

Another advantage of this camera is that it is resistant to unsuitable weather conditions. It remains at its best even during harsh weather conditions and therefore is suitable for outdoor purposes.


  • It features local and cloud storage
  • Sleek and glossy design.
  • The battery can be recharged.


  • Too loud sirens
  • No artificial recognition, can’t tell between you and your dog.

Blink XT2 vs Arlo Pro 2 Comparison — The Key Differences

Power options

As regards the power supply, the Arlo Pro utilizes the three available options. It can either use a battery to supply power, use a micro USB cable, or even solar panels. Using solar panels enables you to save costs.  However, the Blink XT2 has only two power options, the battery, and the USB cable.

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Field of View

The Arlo Pro 2 allows you to view at an angle of 130degrees. This places it at an advantage over the Blinks with just 110 degrees. A bigger field of view makes it possible to view a larger area.

Local Storage

In addition to primary storage,  the Arlo pro also comes with a backup USB. This will ensure that important data is not lost during power or internet outage. A copy of every recording on the cloud storage is duplicated on the USB storage. However, Blink XT2 does not come with a USB  or any backup storage option for that matter.


The Arlo Pro 2 features an 8x digital zoom. This feature allows you to have a more detailed look at an intruder or the plate number of a vehicle. In contrast, the Blink XT2 is built with no zoom technology.

Temperature Sensor

The Blink XT2 is sensitive to temperature. It can detect the temperature of your home at any particular point in time. It indicates room temperature even while live-feed is being streamed. Arlo Pro 2 does not have this feature.

Subscription Plan 

The Arlo Pro 2 comes with an Arlo Smart Subscription plan. With this subscription plan, you are offered 30 days worth of cloud storage. This is an added value for your purchase. 

Also, an Arlo Pro 2 owner can sign up for the 24/7 video recording plan. This enables you to utilize a continuous video recording (CVR) for as low as $9.99 each month. Unfortunately, Blink XT2 does not have the advantage of a Subscription plan.

Smart Home Integration

This feature allows you to activate a hands- free control operation in an  Arlo Pro 2. It allows both Alexa voice commands, Google Assistant, Stringify, and SmartThings. This ensures a convenient and smooth operation. On the other hand, Blink XT2 works only with Alexa.

Size & Design

The Arlo pro is larger in size with a dimension of 3.1 by 1.9 by 2.8. On the other hand, Blink is Smaller in size with a dimension of 2.8 by 2.8 by 1.4. Also, Arlo Pro 2 has a sleek and modernized look. Often round in shape with white color. Blink features a  more traditional and classical look. They are often black and come in a square shape.

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Other Home Security Camera Reviews

Blink XT Security Camera 

The Blink XT is a wireless security camera. It is similar to Arlo Pro 2 in many ways Including being an indoor/outdoor camera. It is very affordable, a lot cheaper than Arlo Pro 2. This cheap price is probably the reason for some of its less attractive features.

The Blink XT has only 110 degrees of field view. This means that you wouldn’t be able to cover a wide area at once. Its digital zoom is only 3x and therefore you may not be able to decipher fine details. It does not allow you to initiate a conversation with the person on the other side because it lacks two-way audio.

One good thing about this security camera is probably the night vision feature. Night vision found in the XT is much crisper than what is obtained in the Arlo Pro 2. Another advantage it has is long-lasting battery life. It’s a battery that can run for over two years.


  • Long-lasting battery.
  • It is affordable.


  • Absence of two way audio

Logitech Circle 2

Logitech Circle 2 is an outdoor/indoor security camera. This camera is especially loved for its versatility and flexibility. Whichever way you choose to mount it, it always turns out perfect. At night, it can be plugged in to serve as a night light.

Logitech offers the largest viewing angle when compared to Arlo Pro 2 and Blink. With a viewing angle of 180 degrees, you can see just about anything. This camera also has a form of artificial intelligence, it can detect and differentiate faces. This way, you wouldn’t have the camera thinking that you are the dog.

One downside of this camera is that it has no local storage to keep a record of video footage. Also, the night mode looks so creepy and doesn’t provide a clear image. Lastly, you get most of its features to work only if you plug them in.


  • Easy to set up
  • Very affordable.
  • Face recognition software


  • Shabby night version
  • No local storage

Blink XT2 vs Arlo Pro 2: The FAQs

Q1: Which camera is better, Blink XT2 vs ring?

If you are looking for a camera that is easy to install and operate, blink is the best option for you. However, if you need something that can enable two-way communication, consider settling for the Ring.

Q2: Is Blink xt2 a good security camera?

Considering its many features and advantages, it is only right to affirm that Blink XT 2 is a good camera. Some of these advantages include two-way audio, integration with Alexa, and a 1080p HD video.

Q3: Can blink cameras be hacked?

Just like every other smart electrical device, the Blink cameras can be hacked. However, hacking this system will require physical access.

Q4: Are blink cameras always recording?

No, they are not always recording. They do not keep a continuous record of events happening in your home. They only capture videos whenever there is movement in the background.

Q5: Which is better Arlo or ring?

Arlo has an edge over the ring when it comes to camera quality. An Arlo smart also features person recognition, this feature is not found in a ring.


Looking into Blink XT2 vs Arlo Pro 2 comparison, you’ll see that some slight differences exist between them. Hopefully, this will help you to compare the core features that matter most to you.

In addition to that, we’ve also enlisted some other home security camera reviews. From there, you can choose any other alternative that might be a perfect match for your current needs. 

Whether you are buying for home or office use, these two brands had gained a great reputation for impressive services within the security gadgets market. Whichever one you choose, don’t forget to check the warranty before placing your order.

finally, endeavor to test every feature of the one you buy immediately after arrival.

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