Best Top Load Washing Machines Reviewed

For most of the best top load washing machines, the drum for washing is usually vertical. This means that you have to lift the door on the washing machine and put your clothes in.  

Well, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about how the washing machine door opens. The thing is: though the differences between the machines to be reviewed seem small, the difference in their built system and user reviews are widely apart.    

Washing machines that load from the front are very popular now when talking about the laundry apparatus. 

But, a good number of people still love their good old washers that load from the top. They believe it is the most reliable washing machine type because using it is quite easy. At least, they don’t have to bend to load the machine up. And, there is the cost factor too, of course. 

In terms of affordability, you’ll find a lot of cheap top load washing machines on Amazon. 

So, if you are new to the trend and desire to get or change a top-loading washing machine, this buying guide for you. We have put together a review of the best top load washing machine types available for purchase in today’s market.   

Best Top Load Washing Machines Buyer Guide 

The boast of people using front-loading machines might have graced your ears. In the midst of their strong defense for the beauty of their machines, why do you still seek a top-loading machine? 

Well, don’t be perplexed. We have several answers you can choose from in making up your mind. Here, however, only three of the main reasons will be reviewed below:

Easy to Use

Recent research shows that machines that load from the front are getting more popular than those that load from the top. But, many shoppers like to stay loyal to their machines that load from the top, complete with their poles. 

This preference isn’t wrong. It is easier to get a machine your brain and hands are familiar with even though there are slight modern tech modifications. More so, it is easy to add more clothes to a machine that loads from the top after it has begun. This will be a difficult fit for a washing machine that loads from the front. 

For that, the initialized cycle will have to be paused to ensure water isn’t spilled when its door is opened to put in more clothes.  

All in all, many machines that load from the top are simpler than those that load from the front. 

Those usually have regulatory pads looking like something hacked from a spacecraft. You need to conserve energy in your brain and hands and just have to deal with some buttons, go for top loading machines.

Users Who Want Plenty of Water

Also, top-loading machines are not as efficient with electricity and water use as those that load from the front. But many, still, prefer having an alternative that lets them utilize a greater quantity of water when doing laundry that is more and dirtier. 

They don’t even mind the fact that this doesn’t add to the cleanliness of the clothes anyway. This is the reason why many brands include the “Deep Fill†option just so consumers can use all the water they want for a cycle of washing.

The Question of Ergonomics

Machines that load from the top possess different features than machines that load from the front. Do you like to drop in your clothes as you stand and not keep crouching and standing again several times? 

If yes, the best top-loading machine was designed just for you. 

The feature and kind of machines are two main factors to think about in choosing because they narrow out what your eyes look at as soon as you get to the store. So, the only real question becomes: “what would it be: top loading or front loading machine?†  

Best Top Load Washing Machines: Things To Consider 

Having the best top load washing machine gives you clean clothes rather quickly and efficiently. Thus, it is pertinent to make the right selection. To help with this selection process, here are some things to watch for:   

The Size of its Drum

This is about the major thing to consider when getting a machine that loads from the top. By size, it can range from three cubits to six feet upwards. Know that a queen-sized comforter fits a washer that is 3.5 in cubic feet; while the king fits that of 3.8. This should make you understand the fitting capacity of larger machines.

Its Options for Washing

There was an era when machines used to come with only a handful of settings majorly for separating color schemes.

The story is different now as present machines have large options for cycles. For instance, there is the setting for towels, athletic clothing, bulky and many, many others. So, in choosing something at the store, consider the available cycles and what you need.     

Top Load Washing Machine Features 

Many machines today possess advanced attributes like a sink, Wi-Fi, and so on. Nonetheless, many such options add up more cost, so be sure of what it is before making a purchase.

Tips When Using Detergent In A Top-Load Washer 

The article has made a comparison between modern, highly efficient machines that load from the top, and older models. Going for the highly efficient models around presently has some cautions when it comes to using detergents. These adaptations will be noted below:    

  • Discard Old Ones: Companies now make highly efficient detergents (HE) more available. This can be frustrating if there is that favorite old one you are fervently searching for on store shelves. 

But you needn’t go through that painstaking stress. Older versions of machines can use these detergents; hence, you can buy them confidently. They wash your clothes well. 

The only major difference can be that the HE detergents make less soapy suds because they make washing/rinsing harder for new machines.    

  • Reduce Your Usage a Bit: HE machines do not need too much soap to do your laundry. Based on the condition of your water, you should only add 1 or 2 tablespoons if using liquid HE.   
  • Differentiate Your Use of Pods and Powder: the pods measured already work well with new machines; however, they must be added before your laundry so it is well dissolved. Powders must be added before clothes too. There is also the alternative of adding the powder to your dispenser sometimes. Anyways, never neglect the instructions of the manufacturer for this:

Best Top Load Washing Machines Comparison 


This is the best washing machine for you if your room for laundry and your budget are both small.  It might not be as fancy with features as others, but surely clean well 

How many really need what is most space-consuming and stylish in the store anyway? This is perfect for those residing in small homes and apartments. 

Its width is about twenty-seven inches, and costs below 500 dollars. The machine possesses an agitator that is central, with just a cubic capacity of 3.8 feet. Thus, it is not meant for bulky laundry, but a normal load for about two individuals.  

Its design is compact and as such has an estimated power bill of 22 dollars yearly which is quite low by comparison.  

It also possesses some good attributes like a mechanical dispenser for detergents. There is also the availability of 13 cycles of wash; this is more than can be said for many machines.  

However, note that the machine’s controls may look archaic in comparison with newer models. For instance, it has just some dials; this is a far cry from what obtains in models today. But, have no fear as to if it works well because it does.   

There is a pinch of disappointment though. It is founded on its warranty which just covers a year.  


  • Its price is quite affordable. 
  • It has 13 cycles of wash available. 
  • You have temperature alternatives for water.


  • It is quite tiny for more bulky laundry. 
  • It possesses archaic controls. 
  • It is electricity efficient. 

hOmeLabs 0.9 Cu. Ft.

This machine basically has a measurement of about 0.9 cubits, quite portable, and at least, a savior from washing manually. It weighs light at 48.5 pounds and is fully mechanical for spin, washes, and rinse cycles. 

This way, even your delicate clothes are protected. You will love its dual wheels at its back for ease of movement and carriage.   

It has a lasting stainless drum of about 2.6 feet in cubits. 

This is resistant to rust and can take about six pounds of clothes that can be delicate. It has some features that make it very convenient for users. 

For example a draining pump, for draining out filthy water, legs that can be adjusted, handles for carriage, and so on.  

It is a cleaner of about 120 volts, having five laundry programs, plus three levels of water. This way, you have versatility plus the option to save water. 

All its programs, options, and functions are well highlighted on the control which has a digitalized display and is a touchpad. This makes the washer easier to operate.  

Its spinner plus washer are designed to launder your effects well, by running at 1400 power watts. Its spin operates quietly too. This particular top load washing machine comes with other items like an adaptor, drain and supply hose for water, and so on. It easily latches into sinks/faucets.   

Here is a great model that is perfect if you have a small home with little laundry and space.  It will sit okay in your closet or toilet. It is perfect for dorms, RVs, apartments, and any other cramped space.  


  • It is quite quiet and very efficient
  • It is compact. 
  • It can wash a considerable amount of clothes. 
  • It can do about five circles. 


  • It is not suitable for larger households. 

Panda 1.60cu.ft Compact Washer

It is popular for having a great mechanism. With it, you can wash at the spur of the moment due to its portable nature and top quality build which lasts. 

It is fully mechanical, colored white, and has a stainless build weighing 63.8 in-lbs. Its capacity can hold a level of water reaching three tubs.  

The machine has a see-through lid, nice style, touchpad regulations, and LED lights as indicators. It can be used constantly.  It has a rating reaching 120 voltages, makes little noise, a strong pulsator, and good controls. 

With this machine, you get six cycles of wash like cotton, normal, jeans, and others.    

It can be latched to the faucet in your home quite easily since it has an adapter hose and other kits that come with it. In one cycle, you automatically get spinning, washing, and rinsing features. 

These can be applied one after the other if you want. There is a dual inlet of holes available for hot and chilled water respectively.  Lastly, it is very portable, having dual rollers for swift, easy mobility. It is suitable if you have a condo or an apartment or an RV.  


  • It has touchpad regulations with LED lights for indications. 
  • It is easy to operate. 
  • It has six automatic cycles. 
  • Its quality is totally imported. 
  • Its cord for power is quite short. 

Panda Portable Washing Machine

This was made to manage space. More so, it is light and easy to move about on its casters. This washer’s ultra-lasting drum can take clothes of up to ten pounds. It is also easy to hook up its supply of water.  

It has a sleek regulatory panel with LED. It also has multiple options for its level of water and cycles. One of its controls is the lock setting that stops young ones from tampering with the machine’s settings. There is a window through which you can view the machine.  

This portable machine will fit in any small space. It measures twenty inches in width, 19 in its depth, and 34 in height.  

Moving this machine is very easy as its weight in pounds is only 51, plus the fact that it has dual casters for movement. The columns on the Panda Portable Washer’s side let you grip it firmly while rolling.  

It comes with a cord of 3 prongs that rate 110 in voltage. 

There is an added hose for draining at the machine’s back, plus a hook on which to place it while drying. It also has one hose that is an inlet located within reach. 

It also has one adapter that latches to your sink quickly. So, if it’s a warm wash you want, you can just open the hot side of your kitchen sink. 

Because it is light, compact, has wheels plus grips for hands, it can be moved around easily. Its stainless drum can endure long use. Also, the machine’s impeller eradicates stains/dirt without wasting water.    

The viewing opening on your machine’s door looks nice, and your adapter’s inlet lets your faucet connect quickly. It even comes with one hanger on your hose for draining. More so, it has an LED and electronic control display with numerous levels of water and choices of cycles. 

This choice includes the “lock†control. This machine saves space, time, and cost.   


  • It can fit anywhere in your house. 
  • Its connections are easy to set up. 
  • It is durable. 

Best Choice Products Compact Twin Tub

Its SKY2767 type is special because it functions dually.  It is unlike other machines that need another drying machine. This model has a washer and a dryer that spin side by side. This structure lets you switch from washing to spin drying quickly. Thus, you get cleaner, drier clothes.   

The model uses a monitor that is 13000 in RPM, having a 60Hz frequency. This way your clothes get properly washed and dried. Though powerful, the device is quiet. Though compact, its efficiency cannot be faulted.  

It also has good qualities that let you install it swiftly and easily. There is a hose and inlet for more or less water as you want it. 

This way, there will always be fresh water for each new batch of clothes. You can also put the water in your bucket if you want. The device features a certification of UL for quality that can be trusted. 

In terms of both price and features, it is one of the best top load washing machines that has recorded great reviews on Amazon. If you follow the link above, you can get more insights from other users. But please don’t forget to check the return and replacement policy. 

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  • It has the certification of UL.
  • It can function dually.
  •  Installing this is fast and quite easy. 


  • It might be noisier than other washers. 

ROVSUN Portable Washing Machine

This mashing is very compact, yet has a quality cycle of wash appropriate enough for a good number of clothes. Its capabilities will awe you, as it washed all kinds of clothes well. 

It is eco-friendly and fitted with dual tub washers that are electric. Its blue plus white color makes it very attractive. It is made with highly durable plastic, stainless, and polypropylene.

Its length is 24.4; width is 14.3; while its height is 28.7. It can do about 16lbs of laundry, with 11lbs for the washer, and 5lbs for the spinner.

It is a very simple machine to use, having a motor of about 1300RPM and a voltage of about 110V/ 60HZ. This allows you to fix in clothes, water, detergent, and just fix a timer that regulates your washing. 

The timer for washings runs for a quarter of an hour, while that of the spin does five minutes per bundle. You can utilize both the dryer and the washer at once. 

The energy for this is rated at 360W with 240W for washing, and 240W for spinning. Its double motor is rated at 1300RPM. 

This machine’s design is beautiful, and it is suitable for your caravan, guest room, or wherever you want to move to. Since it saves you space and storage area, dorms, RVs, small apartments and other little spaces can house it. 

If you follow the link above as well as others, you’ll find the current top load washing machine price on Amazon.


  • It is a machine with double bulbs. 
  • Its design is portable.
  • It produces minimal noise while conserving energy. 
  • Its operation poses no problems. 


  • Its hoses can be unsuitable for some sinks


Q1: Which is better agitator or no agitator?

Yes, there is an imminent risk of damage to clothes. Nonetheless, washers that load from the top having agitators clean better. Those without, offer more gentleness to your clothes but are not quite as effective in washing clothes well. 

Q2: How do you clean a top loader washing machine?

Perchance your machine loads from the front, you should put two tablespoons containing soda that is bicarbonate into your drawer for detergent. 

Then, put half a cup of vinegar that is white into your drum and then just wash normally. Nonetheless, watch the washer while in operation because it might be excessively soapy because there is too much soap buildup. 

Q3: How often should you clean your washing machine?

You should ensure it is clean after each usage. You may not clean it thoroughly after each usage, but you should do the small things to ensure it stays undamaged. For instance, open its door after use so air goes in and germs aren’t bred inside. 

Q4: Why do front load washers smell?

HE machines that load from the front easily get mildew that smells badly. This smell is well known as a problem many users of such a machine encounter. The odor is a result of mold breeding in the machine because of bacteria and washes residues.

Q5: Why does my top-loading washing machine smell like sewer?

This is because its draining pipe might be partially clogged and you haven’t noticed it prior. The clogged drain gives off a bad smell like a gas sewer. This is because of bacteria forming on a matter like soap/hair to give a foul smell. 

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In conclusion, you can purchase a HE machine that loads from the top if you can spend 1,000 dollars. It will have all the modern updated features you can think of. But you’ve got just half of that sum? You are covered too! 

There are numerous top load washing machines available for just 500 dollars thereabouts. 

Even purchasing a dryer that matches won’t damage your account. Give your hand a rest and go for a machine today. 

From here, you can follow any of the links above to get one of the best top load washing machines that meet your preferences. One thing to keep in mind is that being pricey is not an indication of the quality and vice versa. Through the links contained within these top load washing machine reviews, you can get more useful insights from other experienced users. 

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