Best Solar Powered Home Security Camera Comparison

A solar-powered home security camera protects against theft and unauthorized vandalization of property. With this camera, you can monitor every activity that goes on in and around your home from anywhere.

More interestingly, this device does not need a battery replacement because they run on solar power. This feature makes them eco-friendly and pollution-free.

In this buying guide, we’ll be comparing some solar-powered home security cameras you can buy right now. With the information provided here, you’ll also be able to make a comparison and identify the best suitable option for your current needs.

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Key Factors To Consider Before Installing A Solar-Powered Home Security Camera

Suitable Placement

One of the important things to consider before installing a Solar-powered security camera is the position. The best position for a security camera is that angle that offers a full view of every activity around your property. It is also best to position a solar security camera at a spot where it will get a maximum amount of sunlight.

For your solar powered security camera to remain active at all times, it needs intense sunlight. This intense sunlight is required to supply about 1000 watts of power per square mile to keep it fully charged.

Periods of such intense sunlight are referred to as peak sun-hours and they can vary between location and seasons.

It is advisable to choose a position you wish to place your security camera before buying one. This will help you decide which product is best for you. For Instance, using long cables to connect the camera to panels isn’t ideal for every security camera.

Weatherproof Rating

To get the best results, ensure that your security camera can withstand rainfall and every other unfavorable weather condition. Every product has a waterproof rating that indicates how long and how well it can withstand water and dust. These ratings are based on how much water can get into the device without being damaged.

High Water Standards

This could range from IPX-0 to IPX-7. An IPX-7 rating means that such a product can last for 30 minutes submerged in a one-meter deep container of water. Recently, some products are rated RX-8 and such products have even better features than the RX-7.

High Dust Standards

If the dust standard for a security camera is rated IPX-0, it means that it has zero protection against dust. However, a rating of IPX-6 means that the product is totally sealed from dust and other particles.

In an IP rating, a waterproof rating is indicated first and the dustproof rating follows. For Instance, an IP54 means that the waterproof rating is 5 while the dustproof rating is 4. If a product is rated only for waterproof or only for dustproof, then an X is written in the middle. 

Best Solar Powered Home Security Camera Reviews 

1. Reolink Argus 2

The Reolink Argus 2 is a wireless jam and play security camera. Most of its features including image resolution, motion detector, and sensitivity are all programmable. It has an app that allows you to set up any alerts and tunes of your choice and watch live videos. 

With this camera, you can store data either on a micro SD card or on cloud storage that gives you seven free days. It is designed to serve up to 10 different cameras with thirty days of storage. This security camera is very affordable, might be the biggest you can get for that price range.

All these advantages notwithstanding, the video quality needs to be improved because it looks rough. The motion detection slows down and sometimes the tester gives incorrect alerts. That is why it is less popular among large institutions.


  • It is easy to install and operate
  • It has programmable features
  • It is very affordable


  • Motion detection is slow
  • Doesn’t come with an SD card and you will need to buy one separately.

2. Lynx Solar Wi-Fi Surveillance Camera

The Lynx is designed with many whistles and high-tech bells. One of the main peculiarities of this security camera is that it has facial recognition software. This software ensures the Maximum reduction of inaccurate alarms.

Just like every other solar product, you don’t have to spend on electricity bills. The camera can remain charged throughout the week after being charged for just one day in intensive sunlight. Other smart features include starlight night vision and two-way audio. 

It produces a very clear image but, sometimes, it can be very difficult to decipher sounds. Another downside of this product is that it breaks easily. It also takes time to start functioning after it has been turned on. Recording time is only ten seconds so you may need to put together many clips to get a complete story.

Other than these disadvantages, consumers have had many complaints about this product. However, the good thing is that the company has great customer service that addresses every complaint with immediate effect.


  • Smart facial recognition software.
  • It lasts very long after being charged.
  • A quick responsive customer care service.


  • Recording time is very brief and can’t capture long events at a time.
  • It is expensive.

3. Ring Stick Up Cam (Solar)

With a step ahead of other similar security cameras, this product allows you to converse with anyone on your property. This can be done after being connected to your tablets, smartphones, or laptop. With this feature, extra security is ensured. It is also convenient because you can interact with people outside your home without necessarily stepping out to meet them.

Another advantage of this innovation is that it can serve as an essential part of a  bigger Ring security system. The Ring Stick Up Cam is structured to provide maximum security in the home especially in those places that are not easily accessible.

It is one of the security camera inventions that features a two-way talk. The Ring Stick up Cam functions perfectly with an Amazon Alexa. With this product, protection against theft is guaranteed. 

If eventually your camera gets stolen, you will get a free total replacement. It can stream Live videos but doesn’t automatically save them. If you want those records saved, you will need to sign up for a Ring protect plan which costs around $3 monthly.


  • It comes with a voice control
  • Quick and correct motion detection
  • Guarantees theft protection
  • Can be linked with larger Ring Alarms
  • Very clear video quality


  • It is very expensive
  • Recording and storage requires a subscription

4. Maxsa Motion-Activated Solar Security Camera 

In this type of security camera, motion-activated floodlights are combined with a wireless security camera. This gives you a complete picture of every activity going on around your premises. Every feature of this camera, including sensitivity, can be programmed and reprogrammed.

Even though every setting can be adjusted consumers still complain that the sensitivity of the motion sensor is too high. It triggers regular recording but it does not always detect every activity in the video. 

This drawback can cause a quick reduction in battery life especially because they rely on solar energy. When you buy a Maxsa, you get a 16GB memory card for video storage. This memory card can be upgraded to 64GB if you so wish.


  • It is affordable 
  • Every setting on the camera is programmable
  • It has an in-built floodlight


  • Date and time stamps are not reliable
  • Motion detection is too sensitive 

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5. 3G/4G Solar Security Camera

This solar-powered security camera is manufactured by Sonew manufacturing company. It is a highly sensitive security camera. It weighs 2.29 pounds, a length of 0.39 inches, and a width of 0.39 inches.

It runs without batteries and can automatically be switched from day to night mode. It takes only about six hours to get it fully charged. Once it is fully charged, it can remain active for days. It is impervious to water and uses a 4G network which makes it even more efficient. 

Video uses an H264 compression format and can be streamed live once connected to the app. A package of this product contains one solar camera, one manual, a stent, two antennae, and an installation kit.


  • Streams live videos
  • Can be connected to your mobile phone or PCs.
  • Uses cloud storage as well as a 4GB-16GB TF Card.


  • The battery does not last and the solar panel easily develops faults.
  • Sometimes even with the PIR activated, you still wouldn’t get notifications on your phone

6. HD-CVI surveillance systems

This is one of the solar-powered security cameras without WiFi.  It is a common choice amongst people of various classes because it is very reliable. It provides top-security with a clearer image and a better video quality. It transfers video data via coaxial cables making them even more reliable as no stranger can infiltrate the security system.

The HD-CVI is capable of providing a resolution of 2MP. This feature enables the viewer to properly recognize an Intruder’s face or the plate number of a vehicle. Captured images can be zoomed in to help you identify very fine details.

The HD-CVI surveillance system stores its data locally using a hybrid recorder. This is unlike the Solar-Powered wireless security camera system with a DVR that uses a digital recorder.


  • It is easy to set up and you do not require the services of a professional
  • Poor Network connection does not impede it’s functioning
  • They are very reliable


  • It doesn’t cover a large area

7. 4G SIM Security Camera With Solar Panel Energy

This camera is suitable for monitoring both indoor and outdoor activities. It is a solar-powered security camera with a Sim Card. It requires no adapter and wires making it easier to install and maintain. It does not need a WiFi connection and therefore is not affected by fluctuations in the network.

It is designed to automatically get activated when movement is detected in the background. It has a 2.8mm lens for viewing an angle of over 120°. At night, it uses infrared light or white light. SD cards can record up to 64GB of data.


  • Auto activation
  • A long-lasting battery-10400mAh
  • Can be linked to a mobile phone and other PCs
  • It is very affordable


  • It is only ideal for temporary protection and cannot cover large areas
  • Earlier video deletes automatically once space is filled

Solar Powered Kit For Security Cameras

Basically, a standard kit for solar security cameras includes:

  • An enclosed battery housing
  • Solar panels
  •  Racking
  • A high-resolution camera zoom lens
  • A digital DVR
  • A waterproof wireless transmitter
  • A day/night digital signal processor

Top Rated Solar Powered Home Security Camera: The FAQs

Q1: What is the best solar powered security camera?

A: If you are looking forward to installing a solar-powered security camera in your home, there are lots of options available. These best solar powered security cameras are known for their reliability and durability. Some of them include the Reolink Security Camera, Lynx Solar, Ring Stick up Cam, and the Maxsa.

Q2: What is the best home security camera?

A: Apart from the solar-powered security cameras that run on solar energy, some others make use of batteries. Examples of security cameras that run on batteries include The Arlo Pro 3, the Wyze Cam, the Arlo Video doorbell, and the Nest Cam IQ.

Q3: What is the best outdoor security camera system?

A: If you need an outdoor security camera system, the Google Nest Cam is probably your best bet. It is one of the many systems that require the internet to function. The Logitech has also been certified to be a reliable product and it does not require a subscription to function.

Q4: Are POE security cameras better?

A: Yes, you can say that POE security cameras are better than the analog system. This is because they can easily be set up by anybody. They also have the best image quality.


You can consider the solar-powered home security camera as a viable way of addressing insecurity. It is an affordable method of providing security for your family and your property. This is because, with a solar-Powered camera, you don’t even need to spend on electricity.

Whether this is your first time looking for where to buy a solar security camera or not, endeavor to test all features immediately after arrival in your home or office. Don’t buy and keep for future purposes.

Another important thing worth noting is to check the return and replacement policy specific to any of the wireless home security cameras you decide to buy.

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