Best Solar Powered Fountain Pump Buying Guide

If you have ever considered putting up a fountain, pond, or birdbath that would be both elegant and convenient, then you should try a solar-powered fountain pump. This is most likely to give you the pumping solution that you so desire.

Depending on the reason you want a particular water feature, a solar-powered fountain pump is likely to help you meet up with your expectations. If the water feature you wish to set is a pond to keep your aquatic animals in, then this product is a reliable option.

That’s because it helps promote the flow of water. This also promotes the oxygen level of the water compared to stagnant ponds. This product is also great to boost the beauty and elegance of your yard or garden.

Whatever reason you may have to get a water pump, a solar-powered fountain pump is an excellent choice. In this guide, we’ll tell you all you need to know.

What Is A Solar Powered Fountain Pump?

This is an operating device used in pumping and circulating water in ponds, fountains, birdbaths, etc. It is a type of water pump that makes use of solar energy to function. 

Since it uses solar energy, it does not require the use of batteries or standard electricity to get powered. However, it needs to be installed in a position where it will be getting enough sunlight.

This type of water pump is deemed convenient by many users because it is solar-powered and comes with other benefits. However, since it is solar-powered, even a slight shade can cause the pump to have difficulties in pumping the water. Therefore, it is imperative to have it installed at a spot with good access to sunlight.

Some of the best solar powered fountain pumps are designed to have various water patterns. When the pumps are used without any attachment, it gives a low spray which is ideal for a birdbath. But when used with attachments, it becomes suitable for pools, large ponds, and garden fountains.

The Benefits of Solar Powered Fountain Pump 

There are so many benefits of using a solar-powered fountain pump. So let’s talk about some of them.


Using a solar pumping machine will save you a lot of money. The solar-powered water pump uses solar energy from the sun itself to get powered. The sun is natural and free. You do not get to pay for it. Therefore, this saves you the cost of spending money on batteries or fuel just to power it. 

The installation is affordable too. You do not need to hire a professional. by following the same step as directed in the package, you can do it yourself. So you get to save the cost of having to spend cash on installation.

After the cost of buying this product, maintaining it is also cheap and easy. What you have to do, mostly, is to keep the solar cells clean, as well as the pump. By doing so, you keep the pump functioning and prolong its life.

Solar Powered Fountain Pumps Are Eco-Friendly 

The installation is a whole lot kinder to your surrounding and the environment as well. This is because it does not run on standard electricity rather than the solar energy from the sun. The solar cells in the solar panel collect energy from the sun and convert it into electrical energy which your pump needs to run on.

Using this installation does not release harmful fumes to the environment, unlike generators that use fuel to work. It encourages a safe and clean environment.

It Is Easy To Install

After buying the product, you will need to install it to use it. Fortunately, this is not the kind of installation that requires you to hire a professional solar equipment installation. You also don’t have to work so hard for long hours to get it set up by yourself. 

That’s because most of them come in basic models. These basic models only require you to apply specific simple steps to install. You may choose to handle it yourself, and with strict adherence to the instructions, you will have it set up in no time.


Did you think that there could be a specially designed solar powered fountain pump for ponds? And a specially designed solar powered fountain pump for birdbaths? Or you generally believe that solar-powered fountain pumps are designed specifically for all water features? 

Well, in shopping for the best solar powered fountain pump, anyone you pick will do just fine for your pond, fountain, or birdbath regardless of the shape or size.

You can install the pump to keep water running in your birdbaths, biological ponds, bubble fountains, koi ponds, and so on. It does not matter the water feature you need the product for because it can be multi-purpose.


One benefit of having a solar-powered fountain pump is its long functional lifespan. The product is easy to install and maintain. It also does not require you to have it rewired now and then just to keep it operational. This contributes to its long-lasting nature.

This also helps save you time and cost, as you do not have to fix it when it must have developed fault or buy a new one,  after a short time of usage. It is recommended that you purchase your solar water pump from a well-trusted manufacturer so that you can enjoy your product well enough. 

Also, if you handle this product with care, you are likely to enjoy your product for a satisfactory period.

Almost Silent

We all know that many bubblers used to keep water in ponds and birdbaths flowing are usually noisy. However, if you appreciate serenity, then you would prefer a solar-powered fountain pump. This is because it is noiseless when compared to regular types of pumps.

Different Uses Of Solar Powered Fountain Pump

Small solar-powered fountain pumps can be used in running small water features which may include Koi ponds, biological ponds, birdbaths, garden fountains, miniature creeks, other small ponds, wall fountains, bowl fountain/ponds, etc. While, high-powered ones are suitable in running pools, farm irrigation, and farm ranches. 

Solar Powered Fountain Pump With Battery Backup

You will find this weird because we just discussed how solar powered fountain pumps do not require batteries. After all, it uses solar energy instead. Well, some days are cloudy, and the solar cells cannot get enough solar energy to get the water pump running. Also, at night there is no sun, and if the solar cells do not store enough energy during the day, the pump will find it difficult to work at night.

This is where the batteries come in. They serve as backup power during the night and cloudy days. This way, you will get to have your fountain or birdbath running at all times. Therefore, it is recommended that you get your solar powered fountain pump with battery backup. 

Top Rated Solar Fountain Pumps In The Market

  1. Viajero Solar Fountain Pump
  2. Mademax Solar Bird Fountain Pump
  3. Ankway Solar Water Pump
  4. HEYStop Solar Fountain Pump
  5. Solariver Solar Pump Kit

Best Solar Powered Fountain Pump FAQs

Are there limitations for Solar Powered Fountain Pumps?

Yes, there are. The size and power at which your pump works determines the limit at which your solar-powered pump can go. The quantity of sunlight the solar panel gets also defines the limit at which your pump operates. The volume rate also affects the effectiveness of your pump, so ensure that you get one designed to suit the volume rate at which water is pumped in your water feature. 

Should you get a pump with a battery backup?

If you need your pond to be flowing steadily and continuously, it will be smart to have batteries as power backup. Although having a solar-powered fountain pump is an excellent choice but the days when sunlight is not as much as it needed to be then, you would need the battery backup.

Why does my solar fountain not work?

If you find out that your solar fountain is not working anymore, then that would mean that either or both your solar pump or solar panel is no longer functional. You will need to replace the solar panels if you see that when there is no sunlight on the panel and the light refuses to come on

Do Solar-powered fountains work at night?

Solar-powered fountain pumps can work perfectly fine during the day but not so well when it is dark. However, the pump can work well during the night if the sunlight during the day was strong enough. However, having a battery power to serve as backup power in case of insufficient solar energy.

Can you convert solar water to electricity?

Yes, you can. If you have an electric fountain and you want to switch to solar power, you can by replacing your electric pump with a solar panel and a solar pump. 


Serenity, elegance, and convenience are a few of the handful of benefits of having a solar-powered fountain pump. The renewable energy source helps keep your cash in your pocket instead of wasting them on batteries and fuel. It is high time you stopped contemplating on getting this eco-friendly and long-lasting product and just bought it already.

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