Best Solar Power Generator Comparison

Either for home use or camping, looking into the best solar power generator comparison will help you to choose the most suitable option for your current needs. In addition to bringing you the top-rated solar generator reviews, we’ll also highlight some of the key important points to consider before buying one.

Thanks to the improvement of technology, the idea of reaching out to green and renewable energy like solar energy is swiftly advancing to fame. Based on some of the contexts mentioned above, many eople are beginning to need solar power generators. 

And that is what prompted the writing of this solar powered generator buying guide.

This is as a result of green energy being more dependable and neater than a good number of power sources accessible. And this reduces the cost of running cheap power systems. 

Choosing to buy a solar generator that isn’t immobile is a grand decision. You will need to do a lot of generator comparison. Ordinarily, what a solar generator does is transform sun energy caught by solar panels into electrical power which is preserved in a battery. The preserved power can be of use later with the help of an inverter. 

Nevertheless, picking the right solar generator for RV doesn’t seem an easy task. The reason is that various make of mobile solar generators can be found in the market. In order not to make the wrong choice, you need to decide on what your energy conditions are. 

Think about picking a solar generator with properties that make it effective enough for the cost since you have a price compartment you’re visualizing. 

In order not to waste much of your time, below are solar generator considerations that can guide your search for a dependable solar generator. 

Best Solar Power Generator Reviews

1. Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Solar Power Station

Energizing a good number of small and medium-sized electronics without much trouble, the Jackery Portable Power Station has shown its prowess in the backcountry and front country during urgent times. 

Being able to charge with an AC wall outlet,  a generator, a carport, or Jackery’s 100w solar panel, it is simple to have this power station prepared all the time. With this power station, an entire family wouldn’t be out of energy while camping or be without electricity when the power is cut off due to a hurricane or some other natural disaster. 

With this device a CPAP can be running for more than 13 hours, it could change the lives of those dependent on this machine but want to go outside too. Jackery’s industry-leading brainchild and technology have in truth designed a power station second to none. 

Normally it is used for camping expeditions, the Jackery Portable Power Station is superb to make sure that phones, speakers, computers, cameras, and other electronic devices are charged. Using it as a flashlight frequently isn’t advisable due to its mass, one is added on the side near the handle. 

The Jackery Portable Station equates hard looks, has abundant energy output, and adaptability for charging easily. Commended as a silent option to a generator when you are out and about, this energy station is ready to energize any piece of machinery below 500 watts. 


  • Has 12V/10A carport to power items and USB power ports of 3*5V/2.4A
  • Normal AC cable achieves full charge within five hours
  • Update on power change is shown on LCD Screen
  • Can power, grill, small blenders, or TV
  • Safe charging assurance with original sine wave inverter
  • Warranty of 2 years and 30 days 
  • guarantee
  • Sturdy and stable


  • 13.32 pounds heavyweight
  • Costly
  • Unable to power devices more than 500 watts

2. PRYMAX Portable Station

Prymax has made success in delivering if not the industry’s best power stations for a sound price with its Prymax Portable Power Station. It takes 8 hours for the battery to be charged constantly or up to 10 hours when charged by a solar panel. 

It can charge a cell phone till its full more than 40 times, a laptop 7 times, and a CPAP machine for multiple nights with considerations to your settings. Weighing 6.5 pounds and almost the size of a flour bag, this moveable power station can be loaded easily for a week of camping or kept away to be used during power outages and other emergencies. 

This energy station does have an in-built, quiet cooling fan that switches on when the station gets heated. This, joined with the gas-free energy, makes it unharmful to run inside little spaces like RV’s, tents, and cabins. With this, it is a supervisor decision for those who need to power medical equipment in the backcountry.

The Prymax Portable Power Station possesses the following charging ports: 2 USB, 2 AC (1 pure Sine Wave), 1 Type-C, 1 12V,  1 24V, and 1 18V/8A port which is also called the cigarette lighter port.

 It is of the essence to know that the AC cannot be of use while the unit is still charging. But, every of these blackout options permits a variety of necessities to be met with this dependable, strong, and weightless power station.


  • Has three charging outlets: solar panel, generator, AC outlet
  • Safe charges with 2 true sine wave ports
  • User friendly and lightweight
  • The constant output of 300 and  can produce 600W
  • SOS programmed flashlight for emergency
  • LED screen displays vitals


  • Ports are not quick charge
  • Heavy usage causes overheating

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3. Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium (Silver/Black)  

This mobile power station by Goal Zero is an excellent solar generator if not one of the best. It has so much strength that up to 10 devices can be charged at a time with its 1425Wh capacity. 

With the Goal Zero Yeti 1400, you can charge anything from blender to TV to phone and tablets. 

A unique thing about the Goal Zero Yeti 1400 is the fact that it functions with lithium energy, and the battery lasts longer than others. It is compact and provides more usage options than other generators.

The Yeti 1400 has a plus for its lightweight design and also together with the fact that it has handles that allow the user to carry it about from one place to another.

Other things you can find in the solar generator kit includes many flexible outlet options that you can use to charge all sorts of devices. With the LCD display, although not very bright, you can easily regulate your generator.

All you need to charge the battery is to plug it into a 120v outlet. It is possible to charge this generator inside your car. Another option is the solar charge control but it will require you to buy solar panels to combine with the unit.

The solar generator with a 1425 watt power can charge USB devices for about 118 total hours. Your laptop can get a full charge from 0% between 15-16 times and the LED light lasts for many days nonstop. Under the lid, there is an expansion port that can give you more power in case you choose to use more than one Yeti 1400.


  • Lightweight and can be moved easily
  • Many charging options
  • Power of 1425 watts to give full power to your device


  • Poor brightness of LCD display
  • To charge with solar power, you will need to buy different solar panels

4. Rockpals Solar Generator

The Rockpals 500 watt Portable Power Station is a machine that has great aesthetics without compromising on the quality and output. It comes fitted with an LCD screen that’s scratch resistant that keeps you informed about inflow and outflow of power. 

It is great for use in emergencies or during cabin trips. This device allows charging from a 12V car charger, 110V wall charger, or an MC4 cable. Using any of these options the station can be fully charged between 6-8 hours. 

A full battery can fully charge a MacBook Pro about seven times, a projector for six to seven hours, and ten times charge for a drone. It is easy to brand this as the best solar generator for camping because it allows you to keep important devices like your smartphone or camera on.

Although people use it to maintain the connection, the Rockpals station can function properly in the event of a power outage, CPAP machine use, or natural disaster. It comes with an LED flashlight that lasts for more than 50 hours and can see you through an emergency situation.

This device is also affordable while delivering all the goodies that other products in a solar power generator comparison may be incapable of. It has a little issue though because it shuts off automatically if it is not touched for 10 hours. CPAP sleepers may not be so comfortable with this. Apart from that, this product is great for a wide range of people.


  • 18-month warranty
  • Ten charging ports
  • Safe charging with Pure sine wave power


  • Not waterproof
  • No USB-C port
  • Quite heavy at 7.3 pounds

5. Maxoak Bluetti EB150 Portable Solar Generator

If you are a newbie in the world of solar energy, then this solar generator will make a good welcome item. You can use the Maxoak Bluetti for powering heavy power devices in your food truck, home, or an off-grid cabin. Some say it is the best solar generator for off-grid living.

This solar device is easily the best solar generator for refrigerators too as it is big enough to power a TV, fan, and fridge throughout the night and during the day it keeps your appliances on.

This device is fitted with a pure sine wave inverter of about 1000W, a 1500Wh capacity 101Ah lithium-ion battery. This implies that it is capable of powering appliances that are below 1000W.

It is made for devices with high power like electric drills or blenders.  The Weight is around 38 pounds and it can be carried with its handle. This good solar backup permits a connection of about 8 devices at once.

 You can connect, two 110V AC, one USB-C, four USB, and one DC 12V carport. On top of that, you are allowed to charge it with only 500W of sat panel or plug into a direct wall source for 10 hours. But note that it is only capable of 60V solar charge which makes it charge slowly.

The Bluetti EB150 comes with a quality LG battery cell and lasts long without use. It loses only 2% charge every month. The LCD display displays the input and output status of the battery. Generally, this product is amazing, works fine, and does not need previous solar power generator experience.


  • LCD screen for the monitoring station
  • Allows different outputs
  • High power


  • Slow charge when using solar

How To Choose A Solar Power Generator

When you go to purchase the best solar generator, it is important that you first check for how well the unit stores battery. This is one of the first key points to consider when looking into the best solar power generator comparison.

Your goal is to find a battery that is good enough to let you use your generator at night when the sunlight is poor and you use more energy than the device stores. 

For instance, you will be able to get 800 watt-hours out of a 100 amp battery. But then this depends more on your purpose for buying a generator. Do you want a solar generator on standby in case of an emergency or want something you can use on camping trips that provide more power for you? 

If you will be using your generator very often, you will have to buy one that has more watt-hour capacity so that the power doesn’t drain really fast.

Another thing you should understand is that solar generators are not meant to be the main power for the large appliances in your home for weeks on end. They are better off with low power appliances and small devices.

Best Solar Power Generator Comparison: The FAQs

Q1: What size solar generator do I need?

The rule of thumb is that the generator you buy should be almost twice the size of output that the inverter produces continuously. For instance, an 8000-watt generator should go with a 4000-watt inverter. The 8kW is great as the least size needed to power the load and still be capable of charging the battery bank.

Q2: What is the largest solar generator?

The biggest solar generator on this list is the 1425 Wh Goal Zero Yeti 1400.

Q3: Can a solar generator power a house?

Yes. A titan solar generator of about (1000-10,000 Watt) can provide power for a small house or cut down on your electric expenses. But more than anything else, it will depend on the nature and number of appliances you are using in your home. If you are specifically interested in the best solar power generator for home, consider taking stock of the power needs for most of your appliances. 

Q4: Is there is a generator that runs on solar power?

Yes, that this is this solar power generator comparison post is all about. This type of generator converts energy from the sun through a solar panel and stores it in a battery. From there, store power can now be used through an inverter. Check above this section to see the best solar power generator reviews.

Q5:How long will a solar generator last? 

In most cases, the lifespan depends largely on the solar being used. However, 20 – 30 years is the range that I have seen from one context to the other. Besides, the level of frequent usage and maintenance will also affect the lifespan of most solar powered generators.

Q6: Can a solar generator run a refrigerator?

Yes is the answer. Based on the power consumption nature of refrigerators, running on solar will help you to save money. But most importantly, you have to consider the power needs of the refrigerator and then take that into account when looking for the best solar power generator to buy online or offline.


You don’t have to sweat over finding the best solar generator for your needs. There are a lot of products to choose from but we hope this best solar power generator comparison will help narrow your search. Through this buying guide, you should be able to compare the most important features that matter to you at this time. 

Based on the technical nature of portable solar power generators, it is important to test everything upon arrival. Just in can you want to buy an affordable solar powered generator for camping, don’t buy and keep for future use.

Regardless of where you want to buy from, don’t forget to check the return and replacement policy in case of any defects.

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