Best Solar Pool Ionizer Reviews and Comparison

With the best solar pool ionizer reviews, you’ll be able to achieve one important thing. It helps pool owners to maintain a balance between keeping it clean and safe at the same time. In other words, it makes it easier to avoid some of the swimming pool Ionizer problems that many people experience from time to time.

Over the years, many people have continually used chlorine to get rid of harmful microbes and algae in the pool. As effective as this method might be, it could lead to skin irritation and eye irritation. It could also lead to the destruction of the pool structure, and other general issues. 

All these and many more are the ill effects of using chlorine and other chemicals as disinfectants in the pool. The good news, however, is that all these can be prevented by using an affordable solar pool ionizer instead. Our best pool ionizer reviews will help you discover even more advantages of this method. So, let’s get started

How To Choose The Best Solar Pool Ionizer

Do solar pool ionizers really work?

If you have been asking questions like this, there is a chance you are a first-time buyer. Whatever the case, this solar pool ionizer buying guide is for you. Check out below for the key factors to consider before buying one.

The Size of your pool

The size of your pool is one of the most important factors to consider before getting a Solar pool ionizer. Some products are suitable for cleaning large pools up to 40,000-gallon capacity. However, others are ideal for smaller pools.  It is, therefore, necessary that you buy a large pool ionizer if you have a large pool.

Additionally, you should note that the accumulation of copper concentration takes time. After they have accumulated, it would be almost impossible to get rid of chlorine immediately. Hence, it wouldn’t be much of a problem if you use a bigger and stronger ionizer on a small pool.

The Anode Bar

This is the most necessary feature in a Solar Pool ionizer. It consists mainly of copper although sometimes there may be traces of zinc and silver. It is mainly responsible for dispensing the ions that kill algae in the pool. Anode bars come in various sizes and the size determines their durability and how effectively it will work.

Some last for a year while others can last for more. Before you get one of the best solar pool ionizers, make sure to check the anode bar.

Warranty And Durability of the product

You can easily ascertain this by going through reviews. You probably haven’t used that particular product before so it is advisable to see what others are saying about it. Doing this will give you a clue about the product you are willing to purchase so you would know what to expect. 

Although generally, every solar pool ionizer lasts long one can never be too sure. Moreover, an attractive warranty is a big addition to its advantages. You normally get a one or two years warranty depending on the type of product you want to purchase.

Best Solar Pool Ionizer Comparison 

1. No More Green Solar Pool Ionizer

The No More Green solar pool ionizer is very effective in killing algae and bacteria. By doing so, the pool can be a safe place for the kids and every member of the family. Especially for those who have underlying health issues and allergies.

This type of pool ionizer is less expensive compared to some other types. It also lasts longer, the reason being that its solar panel is covered with a thick sheet. Choosing a non-green solar pool ionizer over other types guarantees years of effectiveness. More interestingly, you get a lifetime replacement warranty when you purchase this product. 

It does not break down easily because it is made from high quality and reliable materials. It can comfortably work up to 35,000 gallons of pool water without countering the effects of any aesthetics used in the pool.


  • It is very versatile and can be used for every type of pool.
  • It is very strong and reliable.
  • It does not run on batteries so you do not need to change batteries.


  • It fails to work on time

2. Pool Ecologix Solar Pool Ionizer

This cleaner is admired by many users because it is eco friendly. It is natural and does not clean using any sort of chemical. It utilizes copper ions to ionize pools and kill bacteria and other microorganisms. With a Pool Ecologix Solar Pool Ionizer, you do not need to buy expensive filters.

It doesn’t just make your pool clean and clear, it also maintains a suitable PH level in the pool. Its operation is simple and free from hassle. All you need to do is to place it in your swimming pool and you are good to go.

With Ecologix, you are always sure to get more out of your purchase because of its versatility and wide use. It comes with a handbook that contains a series of charts, descriptions, and guidelines on how it is used. The manual also contains instructions on how to replace electrodes. With all the information provided, you can always do it yourself.


  • It is eco friendly and protects the environment.
  • It is produced with top quality materials.
  • It is simple to use.


  • The plastic covering is likely to break from time to time.

3.  Floatron Solar Powered Pool Cleaner

Floatron contains 0% toxin and does not run on battery power. It changes the water in the pool to ionized water. It minimizes the effects of chlorine and chemicals in the pool. This cleaner protects your swimsuit so that it does not fade easily. Another good aspect is that it prevents the itching of the skin and reddening of the eyes.

This pool ionizer is preferred by many people over other types because setting it up requires little or no expertise. You don’t have to spend extra money to hire a professional to set them up. Also, they do not require regular maintenance. 


  • It is non-toxic.
  • It is very portable and can be carried around from place to place.
  • It is suitable for cleaning large pools.


  • It seems quite expensive.

4. CopperFlo Solar Pool Ionizer

This model is a new addition to the list of pool ionizers and was manufactured in 2019. Although it has been in the market for only a short while, CopperFlo’s reliability has been tested and is trusted. Unlike other ionizers, this new model is capable of covering very large pools.

Also, the manufacturers indicated the type of pool construction that this product blends perfectly with. Having known this, pool owners can be confident that it won’t cause breakage or discoloration of the specified materials. CopperFlo’s ionizer reduces chlorine content in the water up to 85%, making the pool safer and more conducive.


  • They are very reliable.
  • It is suitable for large pools.
  • It comes with a replacement warranty that lasts throughout its lifetime.


  • It is less effective compared to other older models.

5. Remington Solar Pool Ionizer

The presence of chlorine in pool water can cause the colors of clothes and swimsuits to fade with ease. To prevent this, you can use the Remington Solar Water Purifier to clean the pools instead. It is a solution that does not contain chlorine and is very effective in killing algae. It reduces chlorine use in the pool by about eighty percent.  

It also protects the skin especially particularly those with very sensitive skin. To clean the pool, it passes a  low wattage current into a copper duct. By doing this, it creates ions that disrupt the activities of microorganisms in the pool and kills them afterward.

Another peculiar advantage of the Remington solar pool ionizer is that it is widely applicable. This ionizer can be used for underground and above-the-ground pools. It May also be used in cleaning saltwater pools and fish ponds all you need to do is just lower the chlorinator. 


  • It can be used on every type of pool.
  • Special accessories such as test strips and protective baskets are all included in a pack.
  • Very effective in killing algae.


  • It is only effective for small pools.

6. DR Global Solar Pool Ionizer

The greatest advantage of a DR Global Solar Pool Ionizer is that you get a replacement anode when you buy it. It is suitable for every type of pool in the home and recreation centers. Among other things, this solar pool ionizer can be used in a saltwater pool, a chlorinated pool, above ground pool, or an underground pool.

It is ideal for low temperatures because it is built with a strong device shell. Also included in the pack are a filter-basket, a copper test strip, and a wire brush. This product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The DR is highly affordable and is suitable for middle-class individuals.  It is capable of cleaning large pools up to 35,000-gallon capacity. It weighs two pounds and has a diameter of 5.9 inches.


  • Ideal for every type of pool.
  • Capable of working large pools.
  • A one-month money-back guarantee.


  • It takes longer to achieve maximum ionization especially if the pool is heavily clogged.

Hilltop Solar Pool Ionizer

Compared to other types, this model’s copper anode is 41% larger, this implies that it can clean better. When the device is in operation, a  LED ionization indicator gleams, this glow goes off when the device stops working. This LED light indicates the chemistry of the pool, it also informs the user of any irregularities or malfunctions.

The use of Hilltop Solar Ionizer reduces cost. You do not need to spend on chlorine or any other chemical. It is also efficient in conserving electricity. Unlike a non-Solar Pool Ionizer, you do not need to install electricity because it gets powered by solar energy. It keeps your pool clean and clear always and you don’t even have to put in a lot of effort.

It is ideal for both saltwater and chlorine water and other underground and above water pools. Another advantage of this pool cleaner is that it comes with a handbook that contains instructions and FAQs. This handbook can be gotten online and studied at convenience on your mobile devices.


  • Comes with a LED ionization indicator.
  • Conserves electric energy.
  • It has an online user manual.


  • It cannot be used for very large pools.

Best Solar Pool Ionizer Reviews: The FAQs

Do Pool ionizers really work?

A: Yes, pool ionizers are known to be effective in keeping the pool clean and free from germs. Although they aren’t considered the best and may not be able to work perfectly on their own. To make them more effective, you would need to add a little amount of sanitizer.

Pool ionizers are free from toxins. They do not have awful smells like some chemicals and they are very effective in getting rid of algae.

Do Solar-powered ionizers work?

A: Solar-powered ionizers have become widespread because pool owners have come to realize their many benefits. In addition to being an effective pool cleaner, it also saves costs. This is because they run on solar energy, just like every other solar product.

They work by tapping solar energy via its panels and transforming this energy into low-voltage electricity. This electricity leads to the dissolution of the anode thereby dispensing the copper ions into the water body.

This copper ion is a strong algaecide and it lingers on the pool for a long time where it continues to kill algae and bacteria. 

How Long do pool ionizers last?

A: Pool ionizers last from six to twelve months. Sometimes it might last up to two years depending on the type of product you purchase. Note, however, that regular maintenance improves a product’s lifespan.


Having gone over the advantages of solar pool ionizers, you will find out that they are better and safer to use. They clean the pool without the need for chemicals and, therefore, cause no side effects. For this reason, many people have decided not to use chlorine but channel their interest in the use of pool ionizers.

Deciding on what ionizer to use isn’t such an easy task. Go through our Best Solar pool Ionizer reviews so you don’t end up with the wrong choice.

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