11 Best Smart Home Automation Companies In Pennsylvania

Smart home automation companies are operational in every part of the world, no doubt. But it’s often a hard task to fish out the best ones when you really need their services.

If you’re living in Pennsylvania, this could be your current situation but not to worry. Just like every other state within the US, you’ll find a lot of reputable smart home automation companies in Pennsylvania. Among other things, we considered the track record of these home automation service firms before putting them on this shortlist. 

Top Smart Home Automation Companies In Pennsylvania

1.  Smart Home Made Easy

Smart Home Made Easy is a home automation company that was founded and established in 2016. The idea of the company was initiated and developed by two friends. They went through the rigorous process of checking out how they could automate and make their home smart. 

Smart Home Made Easy is extremely interested in helping families build their homes in a much easier way. Not a lot of people are spoiled with several options as regards automating their homes and that’s what the company stands for. The goal is to simply provide a better option where there’s none.

It offers convenience, comfortability, and premium luxury for all clients. 

2. ProTech Smart Home Installers

ProTech Smart Home Installers Pennsylvania is a smart home automation company that helps individuals and most families to install security and technology into their homes. One of their major concerns is the peace of mind of every client. And the best way they can help you get that is by installing an advanced security system. 

Do you want to look forward to going back home after a hectic day at work? Rest assured that ProTech will surely make your home worth going back to.

Interestingly, ProTech has a great team of experienced experts to help with all your smart home automation service needs. Then they also employ the best techniques that will solve your problem. The company has a punctuality ethic and will be at your beck and call at all times. 

3. Select SmartHome

Select SmartHome is a top smart home company that helps people who are looking to have a smart automated home. If you are looking to have a home that allows you to have total control over all appliances, Select SmartHome  Pennsylvania should be placed in mind.

With this company, you can easily discover methods through which you can save your energy and still have an improved lifestyle. Get the premium version of home security, convenience, safety, and customer service with Select SmartHome.

Their services include:

  • Smart lights installation 
  • Appliance controller
  • Smart keypad
  • Indoor camera installation 
  • Smart thermostats.
  • Flood sensor

4. Delaware Valley Smart Home Automation

Everyone definitely craves an awesome home. One that would automatically open up to you the moment you get to the door. A home that allows you to turn on the light, switch on your music player, etc. 

Delaware Valley Smart Home is one company that you can trust to help you achieve exactly these and even more. You really do not need to worry about touching too many appliances at a time because everything happens on its own in a split of seconds. You can check them out for all your smart home automation services in Delaware and Pennsylvania. 

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5. Zome Smart Home Systems

Looking for a home that clearly screams your kind of lifestyle, provides you comfort, and ultimate convenience?

Zome is a company that pushes you to live a smarter life through home automation. With zome, you get access to a team of trained technicians and installers. These people will provide you with better solutions that will help you create and develop your home to match your lifestyle and expectations. 

You can’t possibly go wrong with this smart home company as you are going to be getting the best smart home service experience. Check out their website for the full contact details of Zome Smart Home Systems Pennsylvania. 

6. Listen Hear Home Entertainment & Automation

Just like the name sounds, Listen Hear Home Entertainment & Automation is a company that upgrades your home technology by providing smart sounds and video systems. 

Through 30 years of service, this company has been able to build enough skill and experience as regards smart home automation and entertainment. Are you willing to create a change in the looks and sounds of your electronic appliances? Listen Hear can definitely help you with that.

You are also assured of better home security, as well as the installation of control4 home automation. 

7. Vandruff Home Integration

Setting up your smart home to suit the requirements of today’s technology cannot go wrong when VHI is involved in the process. Vandruff Home Integration Pennsylvania guarantees clients of getting a premium feeling of home entertainment.

Besides entertainment, you can also get some other home autmati0n services from them. For example, you can engage Vandruff for smart home security camera installation services. 

Here is one reason why we included it among the best smart home automation companies in Pennsylvania.

You’ll also be getting answers to your questions and worries when you contact VHI. Begin your dream home automation lifestyle today with Vandruff Home Integration services. 

8. Simply Automated

When you are looking for a smart home company that offers you an affordable, non-complex, flexible service, what comes to mind? 

Simply automated has been in the business of offering their advanced technology solutions at very affordable rates. Some of their services include lighting, thermostat installation, and general home automation. These are aimed to save you some energy and provide you with a comfortable lifestyle.

Every customer’s interest is put in mind when carrying out services to satisfy the customer’s desires. Contact Simply Automated: 760-431-2100

9. Phoenix A/V Specialists

Having the best team of installers and technicians work in favor of your home automation is something most persons look forward to.

A smart home automation company that guarantees you this is Phoenix A/V Specialists. They have built a team that involves highly trained and knowledgeable individuals. These people will be the ones to extend their helping hand to you when you come calling.

Since Phoenix believes so much in customer satisfaction, they ensure that every service you get is of high quality. They are out to serve every resident of Pennsylvania and it’s surrounding cities with their unequaled smart home offers and services. 

10. Vivint Smart Home

When it’s finally time for you to have a new dimension of home experience, Vivint Smart Home technology company will be at your service.

They are very concerned about how to make every individual and homeowner have a better option for smarter homes. The firm offers smart home services such as:

  • In-home consultation
  • Supporting services every day
  • Installation of smart home appliances.
  • Everything that concerns smart home security system installation services. 

You can find Vivint Smart Home in Pennsylvania. Their services also cut across the US and Canada as they are out to offer advanced services at great deals. They are also among the top merchants of products that are solely used for smart home automation. 

11. Creative System USA

Creative System is a top smart home company that has and is still helping automate homes with smart technology. The services cover both residential and commercial establishments. 

For a homeowner, creative systems home automation technology makes your home fun, beautiful, easy to use, and safer to use. For commercial establishments, you are surely going to get an improved environment for you and your clients, better business productivity, and better services.

Working with a team of individuals who are experts in their crafts is something you should look forward to. 

Best Smart Home Automation Companies: The FAQs

Q1: What is the best home automation system?

The Amazon Echo (3rd Gen) is a smart speaker with Alexa. The smart speaker is being controlled through voice activation. This allows the full automation of the whole house. Savant Home Automation is also a great fit as it offers a wide range of user-friendly features.

Q2: What is the best hub for home automation

A: the best hub for home automation includes:

  • Hubitat Elevation ( suitable for power users)
  • Samsung SmartThings Hub v3 (overall best smart home hub)
  • Apple TV 4k
  • Amazon Echo Show
  • Amazon Echo Plus
  • Amazon Echo Dot (Great for a smart home hub on a budget)

Q3: Is control4 worth the money?

Yes. Control4 is very expensive but you can be sure of getting back the value of your money. That’s because it’s laced with some top devices which are currently leading the smart home automation industry. It also provides you a support service when in use. So, yes, it’s worth the money.

Q4: What are home automation systems

A: This is the medium of building and automating your home to fit and fulfill the description of a smart house. Automating your home helps you to save a lot of energy through the automatic control of your lighting, sound systems, electrical appliances, personal home security, and other areas of your home.


If you get to this point, it simply means that you won’t be having a hard time when you finally decide to automate your home. That’s to say that this article contains every detail you need in finding the top smart home automation companies in Pennsylvania.

Based on the fact that smart home automation has different niches and facets, it might be helpful to narrow down your search a little bit. For example, think about things like smart home security cameras, smart home entertainment systems, and even smart kitchen devices.

With a higher level of clarity in this regard, you’ll be able to find the best smart home automation service providers with proven expertise in any of the niches or services you need.

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