Best Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner For Car

At some point, finding the best rechargeable vacuum cleaner for a car becomes a top priority. And if you are like most people, seeing your car in a dirty state gives you a weird odd feeling. 

To help get rid of that, we’ll be taking you through the top-rated car vacuum cleaner reviews. 

Keeping the inside of a car clean is very important for every car owner. Doing vacuum cleaning often is necessary to get rid of debris, dirt, dust, and other bits that could accumulate in car components and cause damage as time goes on. 

It is also important in keeping the driver and passengers of a car healthy by preventing pulmonary and skin allergies. Although there is no problem with using the traditional vacuum cleaner for the home, it was not meant to vacuum every hidden corner of your car. 

For this reason, you need the best rechargeable vacuum cleaner for the car. This guide will provide you with the best affordable options to choose from.

Best Rechargeable Car Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

You can only select the best car vacuum cleaner for your vehicle when you’re sure of the frequency at which you clean your car, how much dirt it accumulates after each trip and your obsession with keeping your drive in good condition. 

Your priorities should be on the power of the vacuum, the capacity of the tank, weight, and the many attachments that accompany it. 

We put this buying guide together so you’ll find it easy to choose a product that will suit you and your vehicle.

Why Buy A Car Vacuum Cleaner?

Usually, car owners ask a lot of questions before they buy a vacuum cleaner for the inside of their car. In most cases, they don’t forget to ask what type of car vacuum to buy. Moreover, many of these people usually try to use the traditional vacuum cleaner. Although it works in some cases but the conventional vacuum cleaners are not fitted with the right attachments that can clean all parts of the vehicle.

Also, it may not be possible for you to clean out under the seats, the dashboard, and the difficult parts of your vehicle. 

Another thing to consider is that most of the vacuum cleaners used in the homes are bulky and might be unable to fit inside the car. Imagine using a canister type vacuum cleaner. Being a drum-like gadget, it would have to be fitted with a longer vacuum hose so that the inside of the vehicle can be cleaned, else it would just not fit.

A car vacuum cleaner is specifically made to be used in cleaning vehicles. They come with enough power to suck in any kind of debris or particle that is seen inside a vehicle. A lot of them also have HEPA filters that can remove allergens and other dangerous particles from the air.

Best Car Vacuum Features To Consider 

Whatever you do, don’t choose any vacuum as the best cordless car vacuum or corded (whichever you desire) without first seeing the power rating. Also, don’t assume that the product with the bigger number is better. Look beyond the wattage and also consider the suction pressure. Its measurement is in pascals.

Another thing to look out for is the type of accessories that come with the car vacuum. If you intend to use your vacuum only for general cleaning, those accessories are not so important but having extra brushes and nozzles will make more sense if the car is being heavily used.

Look out for the battery life and weight of the cordless vacuum. It is necessary so you don’t have to be stuck holding a heavy handheld vacuum for a long time. 

Vacuums with smaller batteries may not be well suited for your cars because a single charge may not properly clean out your car.

Don’t neglect the tank capacity of the car vacuum. Smaller compact cars can make do with a small canister. But you don’t want to go through the stress of always taking out your canister during cleaning if you have a minivan or an SUV. 

Not only that, make a lot of research to know the ease or how tedious it is to maintain the vacuum you choose. It will be sad if you buy a vacuum that is not easy to maintain and disassemble.

When you go out to buy car vacuums you are surprised that there are plenty of manufacturers offering car vacuums with different specs.

In the world of car vacuums, there are popular brands like Bissel, Black+Decker, Dyson but they may not really be the best choice for you. If your choice is a shop vac, the popular brand offering is Armor All which is quite easy for you to recognize.

When you’ve made your decision on whether the shop vac, corded or cordless is your choice, trim down your list with the budget and power criteria. 

You should also check for the warranty being offered by the manufacturers of these products. 

Oftentimes, it is better to pay a little more money for a product with a great warranty.

One last thing to consider is how easy it is to find replacement parts for the vacuum you choose. If the cordless vacuum is catching your fancy, how costly are the replacement batteries? After so much usage, lithium-ion batteries start to degrade and you’d eventually need a replacement. 

Look also if the accessories can be gotten separately perchance you want to change only one particular part.

How To Maintain Car Vacuum Cleaner 

Investing in a car vacuum may be quite expensive so you should take many precautions that will help you preserve the vacuum in good condition. 

If the car vacuum you purchased has a filter, make frequent changes especially if you use it a lot. There are washable filters though, and you would need to see the product specifications to know if yours can be washed.

However, always empty the canister in the vacuum whenever you finish cleaning, no matter how little the dirt or debris gathered is. This is necessary if the vacuum is wet-dry and it is a bad idea if you allow things to remain wet for a very long period.

If your attachment comes with a roll or brush, ensure that you clean it at regular intervals. 

As you continue to use it, some objects can be trapped in the roll or brush and cause it to stop spinning like it should and prevent effective performance. 

If your vacuum has a hose attachment, ensure that you remove anything that sticks inside the hose after cleaning so that it does not cause clogging when next you use the vacuum.

Best Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaners For Car 

Black+Decker Dustbuster

The Black+Decker Dustbuster Hand Vacuum is one of the well-known handheld vacuums. You nor only get to use it in your cars as you can clean out your household with it. It weighs 2.6 pounds and should only work on dry materials. 

Don’t forget this if you intend to get yourself a  wet/dry vacuum. With 15.2 watts and a maximum voltage of 16v, the suction power is pegged at 15.2 air watts( AW).

The dust bowl is washable and can contain 20.6 ounces of stuff putting it as one of the easiest hand vacuums to take out and clean. The black and Decker handheld vacuum is powered by a lithium-ion battery with a charge time of four hours. The best thing is that it is easy to charge because it comes with a charging base.

From specifications, the battery can maintain a charge for about 18 months and this means you can keep it in your car for a long time. 

Although there are cheaper options, this particular Duckbuster is fitted with a crevice tool and a flip-up brush, so that you can use it on your floor mats and other places that are difficult to reach.

Generally, the Black+Decker Dustbuster serves as a medium-duty hand vacuum that needs you to apply only a little effort before your car is kept clean. The manufacturers provide a two-year limited warranty for the product.


  • Powerful
  • Lightweight
  • included attachments, 
  • Good battery life
  • two-year manufacturers warranty


  • Works only as a dry vacuum
  • Dust Bowl capacity is average

HOLIFE Handheld Vacuum

HOLIFE is a reasonably priced vacuum with two options. You can go for the more compact version that has a HEPA filter and a 4000PA suction power or the quite bigger model with an ordinary filter, a 6000PA suction power and can be used for wet or dry cleaning.

The cheaper compact version of the HOLIFE handheld vacuum has a brush nozzle, a crevice nozzle, a wall-mountable charger, brush, HEPA filter, 26inch hose, and a storage bag. 

Your car will benefit greatly from the attachments as the crevice tool lets you vacuum debris from tight spaces and corners. The rating is 70 watts of power and it is packaged with a 2200mAh lithium battery that provides you with a vacuuming time of about 25 to 30 minutes after it’s fully charged. It weighs just 2.2 pounds making it the lightest handheld vacuum in the review.

The second powerful and large vacuum is costlier, but the suction power is also higher and it is a dry/wet vacuum. 

The rating is at 90 watts Max power and the accessories include charging base, brush nozzle, rubber jar tool, brush, a pair of washable filters, and crevice nozzle. Its weight is 3.27 pounds and the battery capacity is 2200mAh.

The HOLIFE vacuum only comes with a “12-month worry-free guaranteeâ€


  • Lightweight
  • Good battery
  • Included attachment
  • Powerful
  • Affordable


  • The wet/dry version is costlier and heavier
  • Has only a “12-month worry-free guaranteeâ€

Black & Decker BDH2000PL

Another amazing car vacuum unit is the black & Decker BDH2000P. This vacuum cleaner has a great reaching ability because it’s nozzle is adjustable. 

Also, it has a strong motor. With the Black & Decker BDH2000P, you can get rid of every dirt and trash no matter their location. It is compact and does not need a lot of room for storage. Just like other brand mates, the Black & Decker BDH2000P is powered by a lithium-ion battery.

Lithium-ion is better than other products using Ni-Cad batteries because the suction strength of the device does not reduce as the battery gets low. The tank in the Black & Decker cleaner is transparent and that makes it easy for you to notice the accumulated trash and dirt. 

With the side access door, you can remove the trash in the tank immediately after it is filled up.


  • Great filtration system
  • High-quality battery and High-performance vacuum motor 
  • The best reach based  hand vacuum for car 


  • Quality control is poor
  • Customer service is unresponsive

Dyson V7 

Here comes another vacuum cleaning machine with the biggest suction power gauged to be around 100 air watts running on a lithium-ion battery. With that kind of power, it can easily attract dried mud, crumbs, hair from your pets, leaves, and every other thing that can mess up your car’s interior.

A hygienic dirt ejector is part of its accessories as the vacuum cleaner is emptied with ease. Some of the parts are dishwasher compatible and can be ejected for cleaning. The Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner comes with a warranty valid for 2 years.

The V7 comes with several attachments and it makes it easy to clean the car. The brush attached is motorized and can scrub floors and fabric, both being a good combination for getting to tough spots under the seat or around vehicle dashboards. 

The hose is flexible enough to reach anywhere and there is a charger built just for cars that allows you to charge it even while you’re driving.

However, it cannot be called the best for quite a few reasons. One is that it weighs about four pounds and is quite heavy and difficult to carry about in the cramped spaces of many vehicles. 

Also, it is costlier than other similar brands with a price of over $200.


  • Strong lithium-ion battery
  • flexible hose to enhance the reach
  • two-year warranty


  • Not lightweight
  • Higher price than other similar products

Shuley Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 

The Shuley Car Vacuum delivers much more than its $20 price. Its weight is slightly above one pound and it can be easily carried to clean tight spaces. 

The device is powered by a replaceable lithium-ion battery that can be recharged using the USB port of a laptop, car, or other handheld devices.

The accessories it has include a crevice tool to access the right spots, a brush nozzle to remove trapped dirt and hair from the upholstery, a liquid nozzle that removes spills. It has a dishwasher safe body and debris bin made of plastic and the filter is washable.

This vacuum, however, has a bad battery life as it can only run for 25 minutes with a full charge. This means that you’ll have trouble carrying out any deep cleaning because of the low suction. You will also have trouble removing heavy debris with low suction.

Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum 

This Dyson V11 is the most current convertible handheld vacuum. It can switch to a stick vac and a rotating brush head or handheld vac.

Following Dyson’s tradition, it has more suction power being a new generation with 40% more than the power of the V8. The most amazing fact is that it has a brain. 

You can know what suction mode you’re in by looking at the LCD behind the unit. It also shows you how much time is left. 

The battery image becomes red from Green when the device is switched from Eco to Boost and the time drops. You can also see maintenance tasks on the LCD as it tells you when you have airway clogs and reminds you of cleaning time for the permanent filters.

The attachments that come with the product depending on the Dyson V11 model you get as you can keep some in the drop-in base and on the stick extension. 

There’s no hassle in changing the attachments and you can easily switch modes between handheld and stick vac.

The Dyson is powerful even as a handheld and gets the job done. This is great considering that the battery, base motor, and canister are large in size. You may not be able to manipulate it to fit into tiny spaces in your vehicle but the Max suction can remove any dirt that lingers. You may never get a more powerful handheld vacuum. 


  • LCD to guide you in maintenance
  • More suction power
  • powerful handheld vacuum


  • Large-sized battery and maintenance

Shark Pet Perfect II

People who travel around very often with their pets need to invest in a vacuum that can clean up pet hair with ease.  The Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II is fitted with a motorized pet brush that works to extract pet hair from any surface they could be hiding in. This vacuum has an 18-volt power, weighs 4.3 pounds, is cordless, and obviously heavy. But the good thing about this vacuum is that it has a rubber hand grip that gives you comfort while handling it.

This shark cordless car vacuum uses  “Twister Cyclonic Technology†to clean with strong and steady suction. The dust cap is easy to empty and because the filter can be removed and washed, it is bagless.

But on the bad side, the battery that powers this vacuum is a Nickel Cadmium battery which contributes to its weight for a long time needed for charging. On average the device can be used for 15 minutes after a single charge.

Every package comes with a crevice tool,  an XL motorized brush, a charging stand, and a dusting brush. The manufacturer’s warranty for this device is two years.

The car vacuum just like the name suggests is most suitable for pet owners who have to suffer from lots of pet hair inside their car’s cabin. You don’t have to buy a pet-specific vacuum if your pet does not shed much hair or if it doesn’t travel much with you.


  • Suitable for pet hair
  • Rubberized hand grip


  • Quite heavy
  • Charges for a long time
  • Brush roll does not spin

Best Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner: The FAQs

What is the best cordless car vacuum to buy?

The recommendation we’d give when it comes to the most preferred cordless vehicle vacuum is none other than the Dust Buster from Black+Decker. This product is a perfect combination of price, power, and precision. It can really serve the purpose of cleaning out the inside of your car.

Can you vacuum your car with a regular vacuum?

You may not get what you want from a regular household vacuum cleaner because it was not designed to have the reach or flexibility that you require to poke the narrow crevices of the interior of your car. You can clean your car properly by using a high powered dry/wet vacuum with a hose that can be extended. Using any of the vacuums that have been mentioned will provide you with the desired suction. At the same time, you can easily manipulate them.

How long do handheld vacuums last?

The way you take care of your handheld vacuum will determine if it’s going to last for about two or three years or even more.

Is Dyson better than Shark?

The vacuum cleaners that both brands have designed promise to give great performance without bad suction and clogging. But they are both different in terms of price as the Shark vacuum cleaners are less expensive than the Dyson products. The Dyson is heavier. The Shark’s vacuum cleaners operate with a shorter power cord but are more lightweight.

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The best rechargeable vacuum cleaner for cars based on the products we reviewed above is the Black+Decker DustBuster. With this product, you get a great combination of price, power, and precision. But when considering the price the position goes to the Shuley Handheld Vacuum Cleaner.

From this post, you don’t have to continue looking for where to buy car vacuum cleaner online. You can just follow any of these product links above to get the one that is within your current budget.

Finally, before you place your order, don’t forget to check the return and replacement policy in case of any defects.

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