Best Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner For Hardwood Floors 

The vacuuming of hardwood floors can be tiring due to the exertion it demands. However, with the best cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner for hardwood floors, the task can be less messy and stressful. Vacuuming with such a machine featuring flexibility in motion, no restraining cord, and an excellent suction is heavenly.   

For so many people, druggy cleaning tasks are a big “no-noâ€. The answer to rapid motion is the acquisition of one cordless cleaner, suitable, and safe for the floors/home. 

Fortunately, acquiring a machine perfect for hardwood just entails getting one that has the appropriate attachments. Several vacuums possess either inbuilt gentle bristles or an attachment of such, made for preventing scratches. Apart from their effectiveness, they vacuum in a lesser amount of time.

Nobody wants the vacuuming task that is stressful and protracted. We know that you can be very busy while needing a clean floor space. 

Our understanding of this and the desire to help has spurred this article. The article is essential as we will provide some highly recommended hardwood vacuums that can give you your desired outcome. Hence, we employ you to come with us on this journey.

 Still, you could be perplexed about what exactly constitutes being the perfect and best cordless cleaner for hardwoods. Alongside being just as effective as other options, they can clean your floors in much less time. We understand that the vast amounts available to make a choice can be confusing.   Below, we will analyze some points that will make this choice easier to make:

What Is A Stick Vacuum Cleaner?

Several cleaners exist in the market today—upright, handheld, stick, robotic, and cylinder. Sticks vacuum cleaners are becoming steadily popular due to them being cordless, more efficient, and powerful. Though originally made to clean fast spills, they can endure and tackle a whole house now. 

Its design proffers convenience, having a light body in a stick form and one little canister that needs regular emptying. 

Also, they usually have attachments like tools for crevices/upholstery and one motored-brush useful for the hair of pets. Since the machine is cordless, there is a dependence on the life of the battery; hence, constant charging when idle is necessary.   

With or Without Bag? 

Several cleaners have bags for the collection of debris/dirt. This needs replacement when full. An advantage to this prospect is the needlessness to come in contact with the dirt while removing it out of a canister. 

The latter is a necessity with the model that has no bag because some particles can get trapped in it. Also, models with no bags are usually messier because the trapped dust can be spilled in the course of emptying. Bagged makes have no problem like that; nonetheless, they require having some stocked bags for the sake of replacement.   

Why Buy A Stick Vacuum Cleaner?

The right stick cleaner offers an awesome maneuver and ease that is perfect for little homes and cleans quickly. These are compact enough for storage (you can put some on walls) and lighter than cylinders or uprights. Hence, they provide better comfort for users. 

As prior mentioned, they require charging; however, one can purchase two or more for many models in case this bothers you. Those other batteries purchased are useful for those with bigger homes, ensuring the cleaner can do double its normal time. The stick’s suction efficiency gets stronger with advancing technology; thus making it an excellent investment for its high performance 

Stick Vacuum Features You Should Note 

Stick cleaner’s technology has been through quite a lot within the years coming. Some of such recent innovations are: 

  • Sensory Tech: The machine’s head can sense what type of floor it is to vacuum, and make the necessary power adjustment as necessary. Such a thing lets you conserve battery eventually; thus ensuring that the cleaner makes use of only essential power.  
  • Machine Headlights: Many stick cleaners have headlights located on its head. This illuminates beneath furniture, as well as dark areas.  
  • Smart Tech: Connectable with the user’s phone, it monitors the machine’s usage, battery, and other unconventional statistics like the number of calories burnt.  
  • Indicator for Battery Height: Though not typically a groundbreaking feature, it is quite useful on a cordless device. Dyson is quite impressive for its indication of the battery duration left, counting it down in seconds/minutes.   
  • Slit for Cutting Hair: Any household member with lengthy hair requires you to select a make that allows getting rid of hair easily.  Elongated strands usually entangle with the head’s brush and require you to cut them free. Nevertheless, many models have begun to have little slits on their bar that one can use a pair of scissors on. This feature is quite convenient.   
  • The Weight: You should be careful about the stick cleaner’s weight. A weight above 3kg will have a heavy feeling after protracted usage. You should select a make in which its weight concentrates around your machine’s head, not its handle. This makes the top lighter and easy on your arms.  

Though many features may look remarkable at first glance, you should buy only those you can see. Sticks are mainly built for convenience and lightness in weight; extra attributes can just end up being added weights and difficult maneuverability.  

Which Attachments Are Necessary? 

In choosing the best cordless vacuum for hard floors, the essential tools needed for cleaning the home should be considered. Upholstery/crevice brushes/tools are usually very useful and standard. 

Nonetheless, a lot of stick cleaners possess many attachments, some of which may not be needed or have an appropriate storage place. For homeowners with pets, it’s best to get a cleaner having a controllable brush for trapping their hair.  

To use the stick cleaner like one handheld machine, you should ensure it has the apt tools necessary for the tasks. For instance, single crevice equipment for reaching awkward places in the car is essential.    

Best Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner For Hardwood Floors 

Having noted those preliminaries, we go into analyzing the best cordless stick vacuum cleaner for hard floors that everyone would want. Some things should be considered before purchasing one, but you needn’t consider some.  

Conversely, with the vast options to choose from, some excellent cordless machines have higher recommendations in comparison to others. Though you may have some preferred machines in mind already, we recommend the following:   

Shark Ion P50

Hairs of pets are usually harder to clean in comparison to other dirt particles; hence, some options won’t suffice for tackling it. Nonetheless, this vacuum comes to the rescue for such a problem.  

However, such efficiency applies to more than the hair of pets, as the cleaner picks about all dirt kinds. Such efficiency is aided by its capacity for dust, much bigger than many other options. Hence, it wouldn’t need frequent emptying as the others might.  

Its storage area should be highly considered because this machine is exceptional that due to its compactness. Also, because the machine is upright, storage is possible anywhere.   

But, its battery power is not that excellent as it corrupts with time so that its duration reduces gradually.   


  • It has a greater capacity for dust in comparison to other alternatives.  
  • It is very effective for the hairs of pets. 
  • It is much more easily stored in comparison to other cleaners.  
  • It has several modes for vacuuming.  


  • The life of its battery is minimal in comparison with competitors.  
  • Its suction power is not all that.  
  • The machine isn’t excellent for carpets.  

Hoover Linx Cordless

This cleaner is highly acclaimed for its large number of very useful features. Apart from its stylishness, some other advantages and operational functions make it attractive.   

Firstly, it is very versatile, meaning that the cleaner is usable on many types of floors. Also, it works longer in comparison with other competitions. Such a feature is aided by the battery’s usability with fuel.  Both are checkable with a single gauge for fuel. 

Last but not least, the machine is easily gripped and used; something we believe is highly beneficial. Nonetheless, it has the tendency of clogging which can deter a lot of buyers.  

Nonetheless, the advantages supersede the disadvantages, making it a highly-recommended best cordless stick vacuum users will love.  


  • The machine is more resourceful in comparison with competitors. 
  • It lasts more in comparison with other alternatives.  
  • Comfort is guaranteed for gripping and usage.  
  • It is lighter than other alternatives.  


  • The machine can begin clogging. 
  • Its charger isn’t long-lasting.  
  • Its handle tends to breakage.  

Bissell PowerEdge

For hardwood homes, this cleaner is the best cordless stick vacuum reviews have for you. The reason for this is that only wood is suited to this machine. Though such a prospect is limiting, it ensures that your hardwood shines well.   

More so, this cleaner is easier steered in comparison with others, since a swivel tech drives it. The machine being light and cordless enhances this and is very beneficial.   

Lastly, a main advantage to the machine is its ease of emptying which poses a big difficulty with many other cleaners. But, the sole setback is the machine’s susceptibility to easy clogging. Unclogging is easy, though somewhat exasperating.    


  • It is easily steered in comparison with others.  
  • It is easily emptied.  
  • It is much lighter than other options. 
  • Its width enables faster vacuuming.  


  • It is easy to clog.  
  • Its suction gets lost with time.  
  • It requires regular cleaning.  

Dyson V6

This cleaner possesses some great benefits, most of which are quite attractive. First is its durability over many years; thus, removing the anxiety of having quick replacements. Hence, for the price paid, you get priceless value. Thus, the cordless cleaner lasts long, which is a highly tempting feature. 

Also, the cleaner is light, making for easy mobility. Lastly, Dyson Fluffy is very versatile and an excellent option for spillages.

Even with these advantages, there are some setbacks, the greatest being the battery power. Hence, the cleaner is best suited for quick uses, a prospect that can be quite annoying.  


  • It is lighter than some of its competitors.  
  • It is an excellent option for specks of dust/spills.  
  • It lasts for some time.  
  • Its comfort is better in comparison with others.  


  • The battery isn’t that long-lasting.  
  • Its suction power isn’t all that.  
  • It isn’t quite suited for the hairs of pets.  

Black+Decker Cordless

It is quite hard to clean a machine though not so for this dual option cordless cleaner. This being that its bar for brush can be detached, meaning that cleaning is easier in comparison with other competitors.  

Together with that advantage are some others which are very appealing.

Probably, the major significant advantage is the machine’s power that supersedes many other competitors. This gives the ability to clean plenty of dirt.  

Besides this, the pivot navigation it possesses allows easier movement in comparison with other competitors. However, some negatives should be noted, foremost of which is the probability that the battery might quit charging with time.   


  • Its brush can be detached, thus making for easier cleaning.  
  • It has sleek pivot navigation for simple mobility.  
  • It is more potent in comparison with its competitors.  
  • Because it can stand on its own, cleaning is easier and quicker.  


  • Its battery has the propensity to quit charging.  
  • It doesn’t last longer than other options.  
  • Removing its handheld feature can be hard.  

Shark Navigator Lift-Away

Only a few excellent cordless cleaners come close to this vacuum, as it has many significant benefits. Firstly is its compactness and lightness in weight in comparison with other options. Due to that, it has the advantage of being easily stored and used than other alternatives. Also, cleaning the machine is very easy when compared to others.   

However, there are some disadvantages, the most significant being its brush (which rotates) having the propensity to quit operating.  


  • It is quite compact. 
  • Usage is easy.  
  • Cleaning is easy.  
  • Its roll of brush mechanically goes off.  


  • Its rotational brush can quit operating.  
  • It is quite heavy.  
  • It can clog easily.  

Dyson Cyclone V10

For satisfying the quest for the best vacuum cleaner for hard floors, this machine should prove an excellent investment. Besides its power, its various modes for power make the machine highly recommended. 

This guarantees excellent versatility, usable on about all floor types. Also, the cleaner’s lightness in weight will awe you. However, its battery gets weaker with time; this battery is replaceable. 


  • It has various modes of power.  
  • It has a surprising lightness.  
  • It is better in versatility than many other options.  
  • It can be quickly transitioned to become a good handheld.  


  • Its battery becomes weaker after some time.  
  • Its battery is irreplaceable.  
  • It isn’t as long-lasting as many others.  

Tineco A10 Master

This machine is one prominent alternative though not among the most powerful cleaners. However, it has several benefits, the main one being its totally sealed filtration mechanism. Such a system prevents leakages.  Contrary to expectation, this doesn’t make the machine heavy. 

This surprisingly light cleaner also has the advantages of being easily cleaned and used. 

However, its battery is a major issue as it goes down quicker than other options. This happens when in use for some, and with time for others.  


  • Its filter mechanism is totally sealed.  
  • Cleaning and usage are easy.  
  • The machine is quite light in weight. 
  • It has multiple power settings.  


  • The battery goes down more rapidly in comparison with other alternatives.
  • Its suction leaves more to be desired.  
  • It clogs easily.  

Shark IONFlex 2X

This is amongst the most powerful and best vacuum for hardwood floors, and thus, highly recommended. Also, it doesn’t cause damage to your hardwood ground.    

There is the probability that its greatest advantage is its double batteries. These two allow you to substitute their usage and charging. This is well needed because the machine’s batteries won’t endure up to that of some other alternative machines.   

Last but not least, Shark is very efficient for the hairs of pets, superseding expectations. Hence, we recommend it as a perfect choice for those with pets. But, the motor of the head of its brush can quit operating.  


  • It has double batteries.  
  • It is very good for the hair of pets.  
  • It is highly powerful.  
  • There are so many places safe for its storage.  


  • The motor of the head of its brush may quit functioning.  
  • It isn’t good for big areas.  
  • It isn’t all that long-lasting in comparison with other machines.  

The FAQs 

What should I look for in a cordless vacuum cleaner? 

To get the best cordless cleaner for hard floors, take note of the eight duration of operation and charging; filter kind, warranty, and the battery kind. Also, consider the batteries are removable as that can determine the machine’s durability. 

Cleaners that have inbuilt batteries tend to possess lesser durability than products with batteries that are removable. Also, check out other spectacular features the potential purchased vacuum has.    

Is it better to sweep or vacuum hardwood floors? 

It is more preferable to vacuum than sweep. Sweeping can allow dust to linger in the air, while some get into corners/crevices. However, using vacuums allows dust to be pulled from crevices and into the machine’s canister. This limits the dust in the air and on your floor too.  

Is it OK to vacuum hardwood floors? 

Yes, a cleaner can be used on hardwood grounds if well set for such a task. Hence, a cleaner that was built just for cleaning carpets shouldn’t be used for hardwoods. Maintain the cleaning you’ve been using until a cleaner for the hardwood job can be gotten.    

Are Cordless vacuums worth it? 

Yes, light and cordless cleaners are very valuable for many homes, especially the Dyson vacuum. That brand has many stick models without cord that fit such a description for excellence. However, you might be surprised to discover that they aren’t worth the cost as some other good brands cost less than Dyson does.  

Are stick vacuums as good as uprights? 

Sticks are quite convenient, easily moved, and stored, and perfect for floors of hardwood. On the other hand, Uprights are perfect for cleanings of depth. Thus, these are recommendable for the vacuuming of carpets since they give more suction power.  

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In conclusion, we reiterate that seeking the best cordless stick vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors can be complicated, but a good selection is worth it. 

From the comprehensive list we have given, there must be ease to this selection process for you. Though a lot of these machines have some little flaws, we still recommend them all for their excellence in different ways.

However, if you are still keen on letting us tell you what the best cordless stick vacuum 2019 has to give is, we can. 

We highly recommend the Hoover Cordless cleaner any day and anytime for a large number of reasons. To reconsider those reasons, you can go back to the Linx Vacuum review and see what we are saying.   

However, as always, the ball is in your court for selecting what you believe will work for the needs of your home. You deserve value for your money, and this article—we believe—has brought that value right to you. Hence, we encourage that you make a wise choice you will be proud of always.

If you ever encounter any confusion concerning what vacuum to purchase for your hard floors, well, this article is there to refer back to. Do not forget to check out vacuums that match your home needs plus specific features you will like to see. It is important to be sure you are making the right purchase. 

When you are ready to make the purchase, you can follow any of the product links above to get the one that appeals most to you.

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