Best Commercial Indoor Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews 

 A clean business area, eating place, house—or whatever place you own—is paramount. Hence, these “best commercial indoor upright vacuum cleaner” reviews can help you choose the right cleaner for you. If such a vacuum has been gotten, the worry over inadequate/mediocre cleaning becomes a thing of the past.   

Here is the catch—getting the right commercial cleaner involves much consideration. 

One has to ensure it is a vacuum that can suffice for any floor kind and over several surfaces. 

How long the cord is should also be considered as it saves the stress of plugging in and out again and again. Also, you should consider the attachment types and what vacuum type will yield the results you want.

We understand that all that may look cumbersome, having to consider so much; but you shouldn’t fret. A search has been made through vacuum markets for the well-known and best commercial vacuum products. Numerous reviews from customers have been gathered and considered based on the features you may need, and their good and negative comments. 

After all that, we put together this list of the perfect vacuums you should consider.

This review provides all that is needed for you to get the right machine for the business you operate. For those new to the search, you should consider the more detailed purchasing guide we have done to help you look into the encompassing best commercial indoor Upright Cleaner reviews.  

Commercial vs Home Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuums are available in many homes. You could be shocked to know that these vacuum kinds used at home wouldn’t suffice in commercial areas or settings. The reason for this is first because they lack the needed capacity for cleaning spaces bigger than just 2 rooms. Such a vacuum just can’t work for a business area.   

Also, and very important to note, is the fact that household cleaners weren’t built for continual use in counting years. Usually, a home vacuum is used just two times or so in one week. 

On the other hand, one for commercial use will be required to work daily. 

Hence, the extra reliability and endurance are important in a vacuum for commercial areas because you need something that can last.  

Choosing The Right Commercial Cleaner

Having considered the need for a commercialized cleaner, here are valuable keys to getting your best vacuum for cleaning business areas.  

Type of Vacuum 

A vast range of vacuum kinds exists to choose from, all having positives and negatives.  In light of this, we have the following:

Upright Cleaners–these are among the top reliable and long-lasting in vacuum markets. Uprights possess a great capacity and ease of usage. However, many can’t be maneuvered and can be quite heavy.   

Backpack Cleaners–these are portable enough to take on a journey as they can be strapped to the back. With them, you get lightness and maneuverability, but a lesser capacity.   

Canister or handheld Cleaners– these possess the least capacity in comparison with any other vacuum kind. Nonetheless, canisters are most light in weight and maneuverability. This makes them perfect for places that have numerous steps.  

One other awesome choice over a portable cleaner kind as reviewed here is the central cleaner mechanism or system. This provides greater maneuverable capacity and power than the portable cleaner. However, more time and funds are required for its installation.

Bagged vs Bagless Vacuum Cleaners?

Two kinds of dust storing mechanisms exist that can be considered before selecting a vacuum. One can choose between a cleaner that traps dirt/dust into some bag and a cleaner that uses a canister that can be removed.  

Bagless cleaners possess a lesser capacity and thus need a filter mechanism for preventing the escape of dust. This makes them lighter than the bagged machines; hence, perfect for places with staircases that require cleaning.  

Bagged cleaners possess a greater capacity. 

The purchase of bags to be replaced might be necessary; though several such cleaners have cloth-like bags that can be reused but require cleaning often. Bagged machines are usually of greater power than those without because they get better sealed 

The Vacuum’s Capacity

A vacuum’s capacity determines the amount of dirt/dust it can retain before needing emptying. The upright and bagged cleaners possess the greatest capacity, while handheld vacuums possess the least.  

The greater the space that has to be vacuumed is the greater the required capacity and vice versa. Usually, the best bet is to get a cleaner having a bigger capacity surpassing what you believe you require. 

This way, one can ensure that several cleaning tasks will be completed without needing to pause for the emptying of the machine.  

Filter System

For a cleaner and safer air alongside the vacuumed floors, you should use just trusted HEPA filtration devices. Such have gone through intense testing and have proven fit in trapping whatever particles your canister misses. Thereby, one is sure about cleaning surfaces just once. 

Purchasing a less costly filter means you exert a great deal of your time vacuuming as the dirt can escape from the machine. While thinking of conserving cost, you should ensure the selected filter is cleanable. 

If this isn’t done, there will be a need to replace your original when it gets too filthy. 

Attachments Plus Brushes

A good number of machines have standard tools as well as brushes that follow them. Such permits the added cleaning of molds, sills, and anywhere else. Getting a large number of attachments is the best way to go as they improve cleaning tasks.  

Length of Cord for Power 

Do you seek to get the best vacuum for cleaning ancient business areas? You should know that such places have premium power outlets; hence you should get a cleaner with the longest cord possible. Even though the place has several outlets, a lengthy cord will always do you good.   

A lengthy cord saves you the time of fixing in and pulling out the cleaner from outlets as you move along with the cleaning task. 

Such time-wasting might not seem a big deal until you actually have to go through with it. You will discover that the duration used to fix and unfix the plug can accumulate drag your cleaning time.  

How Weighty?

How weighty a certain vacuum is, is only considered to be a fault when there is a need for movement on the stairs or across long distances. For the vacuuming of only a floor area, the machine’s weight isn’t too great a problem. Heavy vacuums are usually the most powerful and have proven to fasten cleaning tasks.  

Conversely, for movement on stairs or having to clean them, you should consider a less weighty one. This saves you from rapid fatigue while vacuuming, and thus saves you time on the task. 

Easy Usage

Vacuum cleaners should be quite easy to use, that’s the whole point. This should be particularly so when the areas being cleaned are of one material. On the other hand, if they are of different materials—linoleum, dense carpets, hardwood, etc—you need a machine that transitions easily.

There is also a need for a cleaner that can be maintained easily. If more time is spent trying to fix and clean out your machine than the actual vacuuming, the machine isn’t really helpful. 

It is quite prudent to get a machine with minimal parts that can be moved, as that reduces the parts susceptible to failing. 

Also, its bag together with filters should be easily cleaned out.    

What is the Warranty?

Though vacuum cleaners are meant to survive an amount of strain and continue cleaning, still they can begin to fail with time. Hence, one must ensure the purchase of something having an excellent warranty. This way, one is covered in the event of a failed part 

Best Commercial Indoor Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews 

Below are some other best commercial indoor Upright Cleaner reviews that will be explored. This increases the options you can choose from. Let’s get right into it:

Oreck U2000RB-1 

Amongst the vast number of cleaners in today’s market, this product is the perfect and best commercial vacuum available. 

This Oreck-made vacuum possesses a good name for its durability and top quality. Truth be told, the cleaner has the biggest capacity in comparison to other vacuums we checked out.

The cleaner is Upright and uses one bag in collecting dust and particles. In the same way, it has one bag made of cloth that makes for easier maintained cleanliness. Such measures help to save a bit on funds eventually as there will be no need for buying bags for replacement.    

Also, this vacuum is amongst the top powerful ones available and suitable for all floor types. Its highly efficient brushes, lightness in weight, and lengthy cord make it awesome for smaller and big space areas.

There is also its durability, ensuring it as a product to stand the test of time.  

Nevertheless, the vacuum isn’t entirely idle. For example, the largeness of its size, perfect for cleaning big spaces rapidly, poses a problem in maneuvering through little spaces. 

So if your room is small with many corners, the machine can give a hard time cleaning such a place.   


  • Its capacity is large.
  • It has a great cord. 
  • Its warranty is long.
  • The machine is powerful. 
  • It is light in weight. 
  • There is a handle to be held by the hand that aids usage. 


  • It is unsuitable for little and confined space areas. 

Oreck XL2100RHS

Oreck possesses a high reputation in the world of commercial vacuum cleaners, and this is for a reliable cause. The brand makes products—like this cleaner—that are mostly very durable, simple in usage, and of premium quality. The vacuum is Upright and bagged, possessing a large capacity.

The cleaning of a massive area is no problem with this product. Its cord of 35 feet allows for easy reach unto any part of the room.

Added to the major brush is a secondary set of brushes at the side, making for easy cleaning of edges. The machine is quite light, weighing just twelve lbs; hence, you can carry it on staircases easily.  

However, the cleaner has some limitations as not having a single attachment, thus having the ability to clean just floors. 

There aren’t any height regulators for the cleaner, thus limiting its suitability to just bare grounds and carpets with a little pile.  


  • Its path for cleaning tasks is large. 
  • It has side brushes for cleaning edges. 
  • It has a supporting handhold. 


  • Its warranty is short. 
  • It operates on just low floor kinds. 

Prolux 6000 Vacuum Cleaner 

Prolux is an upright cleaner that has a highly effective exterior of plastic made for surviving rough vacuuming situations. Such situations exist for vacuuming hotels, office spaces, schools, resort centers, residencies, and other such areas. 

Its ProForce XP (1500) was built in consideration of both residential vacuuming professionals and commercial ones. 

The machine’s highly efficient double motor makes a powerful suction that is good for removing soil and improving the area’s air. Usage needs no bending as its wide, modest vacuum head of 15 inches cleans diverse floor types and beneath any furniture. 

Also, it has a 4-level filtration mechanism for trapping allergens, pet fur, bacteria, dead cells of the skin, and dust. Its advanced HEPA filter traps 99.97 percent of these pollutants, and 0.3(or greater) microns of asthma-activators, for improved air.


  • Its warranty is up to three years and covers parts, motor, workmanship, and the molded segments of its body. 
  • You are ensured of not losing suction. 
  • It has a highly-efficient double motor essential for improved removal of soil.
  • Its filtration for trapping allergens is of 4 levels. 


  • It has a weak hose. 
  • Its design is mediocre. 

Shark Rotator Professional

This isn’t exactly a cleaner that is for commercial use but is quite efficient as well as durable all the same. For the vacuuming of something other than the home, this product can take the added work task.  

Its total seal tech and HEPA filter system join forces to ensure your air is clean just as your floors are. For the asthmatic, this product is the bomb

 The upright gets most of the work done without stress. However, its handheld cleaner can be detached for operation on your staircases, beneath furniture plus anywhere above the ground.  

Due to most commercial vacuuming tasks happening in poor lighting situations, its LED lights are an awesome addition. These headlights ensure that everything is left super clean.  

The product usually has positive reviews from users who praise its suction efficiency and multifaceted nature in usage.   

Customer representatives are sometimes inconsistent, but its rotator’s built-in quality is one that shouldn’t require assistance.  


  • Its HEPA filter system is suitable for those with dust-sensitivity. 
  • Its dual functionality having a section that can be lifted off/detaches helps in vacuuming tight areas.  
  • Its headlights are perfect for environments with minimal lighting. 


  • It is quite heavy for its fifteen pounds plus. 
  • Its warranty can pose a few issues. 

ProTeam ProForce 

This can be ranked “best commercial vacuum” in today’s world of vacuums. The product is light, compact, and beautifully designed. It will suffice for residential and commercial use—it won’t come short of expectations. 

It has an efficient-performing double motor having an awesome suction that is never lost. With the product, you get a 4-level filter for grasping dust. What more—you get a warranty of three years covering labor, motor, molded parts, and workmanship.  


  • It has a very long cord for the power of about fifty feet. 
  • With the machine, you get zero discomfited movements. 
  • It has a double motor suited for extracting soil. 
  • You get proper indoor circulated air. 


  • There is a weakness at the hose point of attachment.
  • It is not meant for working on wood. 

Hoover Commercial

This offers itself among the list of best vacuum for cleaning business areas, with a height-adjustable covering five positions. Thus, it is suitable for all carpets. 

Also, it can tackle corners, baseboards, as well as crevices by using bristles that clean edges. Most importantly, its reclining handhold allows for quick maneuvering around beds, tables, and other furniture; thus, increasing productivity in less time. 

Its efficient WindTunnel tech will be enjoyed, alongside its wheels of excellent Urethane. 

Hence, it is safe to call this machine the most excellent and best commercial vacuum that can be gotten.     


  • It has an advanced tech for tunneling wind. 
  • There is a manual adjustment for height, spanning five positions. 
  • Its bag made of cloth can be recycled.
  • It protects fragile furniture and objects from having scratches. 
  • Its commercial warranty is for twelve months, while that for its motor is twenty-four months. 


  • It has cancer caution and a reproductive one too. 
  • It can be quite noisy. 
  • It has a plastic body.

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Best Commercial Indoor Upright Vacuum: The FAQs

Are commercial-grade vacuums better?

Mainly, commercial cleaners are for servicing and cleaning structures of commercial magnitude. Such upright, as well as canister styles, are usually larger and more solid than the everyday household cleaners. In short, they were built for pressure and durability.    

How long do commercial vacuums last?

These vacuums should last for about a decade or two provided there is accurate maintenance and proper usage. However, this borders on the model that is used, and so an average of 15 years can be given for durability. Products like “Shark” as well as “Dyson” can’t do more than a decade, though bordering on what model is chosen.   

Why do vacuum cleaners lose suction?

This is mostly caused by a blockage in the filters. In such cases, a cleaning process or replacement is required. One other reason for this is the blockage in the machine’s hose. The machine’s base should be checked for any blockage as well as a guarantee that its belts have not been broken.   

Are vacuums with bags better?

Cleaners having bags are usually a better alternative for homes needing improved indoor air. Such vacuums are more capable of yielding less dust, removing particles from surfaces/floors, and having features for particular necessities.   

Is it worth repairing a vacuum cleaner?

Recent surveys have shown that Upright vacuums are not worth repairing after a period of 5 years; while canisters are a seven-year period. However, several repairs are okay even for older cleaners. However, this is giving that such repairs don’t surpass half the price of having a new make.

How often should you vacuum?

Professionals recommend the vacuuming of rugs/carpets twice weekly at the least, and more often for places having heavy traffic. For homes with pets, and everyday vacuuming is highly recommended for the removal of dirt, dander, and microscopic allergens.  

How often should you replace a vacuum?

The servicing of vacuums should be done every one year to a year and a half. Lint and other particles accumulate inside the house’s bearings as they go through the cleaner, and cause the slowing of brushes as they operate. This can cause extreme wear on the cleaner’s belt as well as its motor.    

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We have concluded this set of best commercial indoor Upright Cleaner reviews. We trust that it has and will be very useful in making a purchase choice on the best vacuum for cleaning business areas. 

This review provides all that is needed for you to get the right machine for the business you operate. For those new to the search, you should consider the more detailed purchasing guide we have above written just for you.

If this has been useful, you should have no problems purchasing a competent machine soon and start having a spotless commercial area. Remember that you deserve quality for your hard-earned money. Hence, deeply consider the products, weigh them in comparison with what your needs are, and lay down that money.

Vacuums are such good investments; you wouldn’t regret a good purchase. 

Just follow any of the product links above and you’ll be led to Amazon, where you can find even more affordable vacuums within your current budget. 

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