Best Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner Comparison

When you are to decide on the best bagless canister vacuum cleaner that will suit your current needs, making a comparison of the top-rated models will certainly be helpful. 

Today, you can find many bagless or bagged vacuum cleaners in the market and they have their benefits and disadvantages. This is why we are bringing you the best bagless canister vacuum cleaner comparison post. Just in case the bagless option is your ideal vacuum cleaner, you’ll find a lot of affordable models in this buying guide. 

However, your ideal vacuum cleaner will be decided after you have considered the cost, your personal preferences, cleaning efficiency, floor type, etc.

Generally, this depends on your taste, but if the bagless is your thing then you should consider these.

How to Choose The Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Before you purchase a vacuum cleaner, there are a lot of factors that will determine your choice so that you will make sure that you have chosen the vacuum cleaner that suits you and your needs. But it is necessary you know what these factors are so that you will know what your decision is to be based on.

Type Of Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 

Many of the current vacuum cleaners are being designed to function as bagless models. Before you think of anything else understand the expectations you have concerning the product you want to buy and then select a canister model. You can use an upright version or lighter types like the handheld models or stick vacuum cleaners.

Suction Power

This may yet be the most relevant factor so ensure that you put a lot of attention to it. The vacuum you choose should have enough power and should be able to gather dirt and dust from the floor.

Just like you may have figured there are different vacuum cleaners and they all have different models and suction power. 

This means you can find the ones that can pick the tiniest crumb from the floor and some do not have the power to remove the pet’s hair. Consider your needs and choose the one that possesses the exact power that you require.


Well, no matter the specs that you have chosen, the endpoint is that the price determines what you’ll buy. Keep in mind the amount of money you will spend. When you already have a figure in mind, you can then make your decision on the things you need and those you can bear to not have.

That way you are going to choose a vacuum cleaner that is both within your budget and offers the features you want. There’s no need for wasting money buying a product with extra features that are irrelevant to you.


In almost all the items that we purchase, many of us have a choice brand that we are loyal to. Many of us do it because of the commodity while some do it because they actually believe they won’t find a better product.

However if you have not already chosen a brand, then maybe you should consider choosing from one of the well-known brands that have the reputation of making the best bagless vacuum cleaners like Eureka or Shark.

Floor Type

Think of the floor type you will use it on as some do better on the carpet, some are better of on hard floors and others work well no matter the floor it is used on.

The surface in your home will determine the product that will give you good results.


Attachments are provided with every type of vacuum cleaner. Also, some models have more attachments than others do. 

The most popular accessories that can be added to a vacuum cleaner include crevice tools, dusting brushes, stair attachments, upholstery tools, accessories for cleaning pet hair, and many more.

Not all of these accessories are necessary but having them will ease out your life. This means that if you come across a bagless vacuum cleaner that has plenty of important attachments within your budget do not hesitate to go for it.

Emptying System

One major importance of the bagless vacuum cleaner is that it is easy to empty the vacuum instead of carrying and re-fixing a bag. Basically, an efficient bagless vacuum cleaner should not litter the trash of you remove the dirt cup. You should not find it difficult to trash the contents of the dust cup in the bim. With some models, you can even do this with just one hand.

Level of Noise

You may not really think of this when you are scouting for a vacuum cleaner. But if your house is small without thick walls or you have a baby that has to sleep as you clean, then do not take this factor lightly 

Think about this feature of the vacuum cleaner before you buy it.

The Length of the Power Cord

This is not so much of a determining factor but having a long power cord helps you to save time and you can then clean a large area with just one power outlet.

But some would rather choose short power cords because they are not comfortable with stumbling on them during cleaning. However, it all boils down to preference in the end.

Before proceeding, we will first show you the bagless model picked as the best by Consumer Reports before we proceed with our own comparisons. After a tour on the  Consumer Reports website, we bring to you their choice vacuum cleaner for the best bagless canister model of the year.

The Miele Blizzard CX1 merits the best vacuum cleaner for the home award. The CR’s recommend it mostly as it continues to remain on an excellent rating. Although it is not so great with carpets because canisters do better on hard floors, allergy patients are thrilled with the HEPA filtration vacuum that Miele provides.

Although this model is quite expensive the quality of cleaners produced by Miele is perfect and you can trust the brand. The machine is also well equipped to deal with basic floor sweeping and pet hairs.

Best Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner Comparison

Severin Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

The market is filled with several bagless vacuum cleaners and so it is tedious trying to find the best ones. But here comes the Severin Bagless Vacuum Cleaner.

It possesses a Multi-Cyclone technology that makes the suction powerful. For this reason, it can work well both on hard floors and carpets.

This device does not make a lot of noise and has a HEPA filtering system that traps about 99% of the allergens around the home like pollen.

The dustbin is emptied at the touch of one button. Doing this will not bring you in contact with the debris.

People who prefer the canister vacuum cleaner type are well satisfied with the capabilities of the Severin Bagless Vacuum Cleaner. Although it’s not one of the many popular brands you should still try it out. It has great suction and has many attachments like the35” long telescopic tube or XL parquet nozzle


  • Easy to use
  • HEPA filters
  • Great value for money
  • Makes no noise


  • The wheels are not so good

Eureka NEU202

This Eureka  NEU202 made the list for so many reasons but particularly for its ability to remove pet hair.

But this is not the main course. The hose reach is great at about 8 feet which makes it very handy to use.

Important features that it has includes it’s 12.6″ wide cleaning path that you can use to clean very fast and because it can clean about 5-floor types. This means you get a good cleaning no matter the surface of your home.

Unlike all other upright models that are heavy, the Eureka NEU202 weighs little and can be easily carried. The dust capacity is also fair with a size of  2.1 liters. 

From the specs, it is not news that this vacuum is a good choice for pet owners who also want a good reach but do not want to spend much on other attachments like bags and filters. This device is like a simple bagless device but it just eases your life. 


  • Amazing for removing pet hair
  • Perfect hose reach
  • Can work on multiple surfaces
  • No extra cost


  • The glide needs improvement

Eureka NEN110A 

Eureka released this cheap bagless vacuum in the market for a while. The bagless cleaner can function on multiple surfaces. All you have to do is switch your fingertips and it can change from carpet, upholstery, or hard floor.

It is very light as it weighs just 8 lbs and you can carry it everywhere in your house. It has a cyclone filtration system that allows you to benefit from the great air filtration. This device comes with a 16-ft cord that can be rewound.

The accessories it has includes a 2-in-1 crevice tool, telescopic metal wand, and dusting brush that you can use to clean better. The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty for this product.


  • An easy to manipulate, lightweight, and multiple surface bagless vacuum canister
  • Has a single button for removing dirt cup
  • The dust cup and filter can be washed
  • The price is affordable (less than$100)


  • Has a short power cord

Miele Blizzard CX1 

There are only a few bagless canister vacuums that can boast of the remarkable characteristics the  Miele Blizzard CX1 Turbo Team has. This sleek vacuum from Miele has a great design.

The motor has a power of 1,200 W backed by Vortex Technology to make sure the suction is powerful. There is a Parquet Twister to clean hard floors and a turbo brush that clears pet hair and lint. The dust container can be emptied without littering all with one touch of a button.

People who have allergies can find this device to be useful because it possesses HEPA lifetime filters which trap about 99.9% of pollen, dust particles, debris, and other allergens. The Blizzard has a great filter efficiency that purifies exhaust air so you can breathe well. Generally, this is the best canister vacuum for hardwood floors.


  • Comes with a good cleaner with a 4-stage rotary selector power setting
  • The cleaner is suitable for multiple surfaces like rugs and hard floors
  • Has accessories like Ergonomic handle + carrying handle and telescopic suction wand to increase the reach
  • Rubber wheels swivel at 360-degree for total mobility
  • Extra accessories like crevice tool etc
  • One-touch automatic cord rewind (22-feet cord)


  • The price range is medium to high
  • Has a turbo brush

Bissell Zing 2156A

Buyers easily notice the inexpensive vacuums especially if they also have good features. This just describes the Bissell Zing canister 2156A. Amazon lists this as one of the best seller items under the cylinder/canister group.

It has Cyclonic technology, is lightweight, and able to give steady and efficient suction power to clean your carpets and bare floors with speed.

The dust and particles are trapped with its multi-level filtration system. The filters can be washed and there is no much trouble in emptying the removable dirt cup.

Another thing is that it has a 15 feet power cord long enough to serve an average-sized room and you can remove it by pushing a button. It makes for easy storage. With its price at less than $100, it takes the spot as the cheapest bagless canister.


  • It is lightweight and is inexpensive
  • The cleaning machine clears multiple surfaces and has a retractable cord
  • Multi-level filtration powered by Cyclonic technology 


  • Average suction power and cord length are not so much
  • The handle is not locked to the pole 

Dyson Big Ball 

This bagless Dyson cleaner is good for cleaning many kinds of surfaces from carpets to hard floors without leaving the pet hairs because it has a Carbon fiber turbine floor head.

It comes fitted with a 2 Tier Radial Cyclones that helps to trap and clear the allergens and dirt while the larger duct bin can gather more dirt before it is emptied. This process of emptying is great.

This canister vacuum cleaner runs on a ball technology that contains all the important components. You can use this to move the machine. Another thing is that it uses a HEPA filter which makes it good for people suffering from allergies and asthma.

One cool feature is that it stands on its own when toppled. Also, even though it is more expensive than other models, having a 5-year warranty makes it clearly a treasure.


  • Powerful suction and lightweight
  • The vacuum is not noisy and you can clean at night
  • Can clean multiple types of floors
  • 5-year manufacturers warranty


  •  A little expensive than other vacuums
  • There are no instructions on assembly, just a picture guide that most people can’t figure out.

Orfield Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

You already know by now that there are more than hundreds of 2-in-1 bagless vacuum cleaners and so it was difficult getting this one to join the list.

Orfield vacuum cleaner is ergonomically designed and handy which means you can manipulate it without stress. There are also lots of fitted accessories that you can use to clean your whole house.

There is a special brush and a powerful motor that makes it suitable for cleaning carpets. But then, with the amazing suction, this vacuum can still not be used to do a deep cleaning.

It comes with a multi-layer filtration system that is very efficient at preventing pollutants and allergens. There is one very interesting fact about this Orfield model, that is, you can get a complete refund of your money if after using it for 3 months, you’re not satisfied.

With every good feature about it, it is difficult finding a bad point to raise about this vacuum cleaner. It can be regarded as a dream come true in the world of 2-in1 vacuum cleaners. It is very much okay to call it a powerful model but with the excellent customer service and product refund policy, it is safe to admit that we have a perfect product on our hands.


  • Amazing refund policy and warranty
  • Simple to use
  • Powerful suction better than most stick vacuum cleaners.


  • The charging method is not quite handy.

Bissell 1547

Bissell Hard Floor is compact and lightweight. The designers created it specifically for hard floors. This is its main stronghold but it lacks the HEPA filter. This means if you or someone close to you suffers from asthma or allergies, you should rule out this option.

It has a power of 9.2 amps and is powered by Multi-Cyclonic Technology to make sure that the suction does a good job and lasts for a long time. There are also several accessories attached to it that you can use to clean other surfaces. The dirt cup is not so big and it can be emptied with ease.

In comparison with the earlier mentioned  Dyson/Miele models, this is less expensive and so a lot of people can afford it. The product is backed with a 2-year limited warranty from the manufacturers. From all the features, it can easily hit the mark of the best canister vacuums for hardwood floors.


  • Lightweight and noiseless cleaner with extra accessories.
  • Great for use on the hard floor particularly in picking up the small crumbs and dirt.
  • Inexpensive with a great 2-year warranty
  • The 18-feet power cord is not long enough but it has a cord retract feature.


  • Has a generally poor suction power
  • Cannot be used to vacuum stairs and carpets
  • In terms of storage, it is not compact

Best Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner: The FAQs

Are bagless vacuums better?

When making comparisons to it’s bagged counterpart, one can identify the bagless vacuum cleaner as the option that puts the environment into more consideration. With bagged models, you can change over a hundred bags throughout the course of using the vacuum but you won’t be throwing stuff like that away together with dirt and dust 

 Which vacuum lasts the longest?

If you are looking for a long-lasting unit, you will need to choose the Miele and Hoover eventually. Vacuums from these brands are known to last for about ten to twenty use if used carefully and given adequate maintenance. However, the durability depends on the specific model you choose but they generally last for an average of fifteen years.

Is Shark better than Dyson?

These brands produce vacuum cleaners that give great performance minus losing suction and clogging. But they are different in terms of price, the Dyson vacuum cleaner cost more than the Shark. They also weigh more. The Shark’s vacuum cleaners are lighter and have a power cord.

Are canister vacuums better than uprights?

Canister vacuum cleaners are regarded as more powerful than upright vacuum cleaners because there is no limit to the engine size. The suction is better and the flow rate too. This implies that cleaning will be faster and easier particularly when it’s done on bare floors. Both a good canister and upright vacuum cleaner will clean carpets.

What is the benefit of a canister vacuum?

The main benefit of using the canister vacuum is the better suction and flow rate. This generally translates to faster and easier cleaning for you. It makes less noise than other vacuum types and is well utilized in environments needing tranquility like hospitals.

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I believe that you enjoyed going through all the products mentioned in this best bagless canister comparison. By understanding the core features that differentiate one canister vacuum from the others, you should be able to make your comparison and choose the best suitable option. 

If there are any questions you will like to ask concerning the topic, then you’re welcome to use the comment section and I’ll join your discussion. Perhaps, you can also follow any of the product links above to get more answers to your questions. Just post your questions in the appropriate section when you arrive on Amazon. 

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