Best Automatic Compact Furnace Humidifiers Comparison

In some specific contexts, furnace humidifiers seem to be the perfect option for homeowners. Given the above fact, this post brings to you the best automatic compact furnace humidifier comparison. 

Through the whole house furnace humidifier reviews detailed below, you’ll be able to do your comparison in a way that makes the eventual purchase decision relatively easier. 

Interior humidity of percentages of about 30 to 50 is essential to be maintained to prevent a lot of adverse happenings in the home. Some of these are: rotting of wood, symptoms of asthma/allergy, and viruses/pollutants in the air that could affect household members and pets.  

Most of the best automatic compact furnace humidifiers can be installed in the HVAC system of your house used for heating.

Among other things, it adds some moisture into the home’s air that is circulated/heated all around.  

Best Automatic Compact Furnace Humidifiers Reviews 

Perhaps, people buy whole-house humidifiers for diverse reasons.  Many purchase humidifiers to relieve cough/asthma; many still look for the perfect product against sinus issues. Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter what for, such humidifiers proffer lasting solutions.  

This article will consider furnace humidifier reviews you should know.

Diverse kinds of humidifiers for furnaces exist, and they all work differently to procure steam that is moved around the duct system of the HVAC.  The main kinds that exist are: firstly, evaporative/fan-powered; secondly, the bypass.  

The evaporative humidifiers open up the heated air made by the furnace in the house to slow and constant water trickles as the flow continues.  Conventionally, the heated air saps off some water while passing; hence, the air moisture moving along the ducts is increased gradually.  

Evaporative is the commonest humidifier because of its low cost of installment and maintenance. Its maintenance usually just requires replacing its filter just once in a year thereabouts.   

On the other hand, Bypass is less expensive because they rely on the furnace mechanism of your home. 

This is because they do not possess a come-with steamer/fan; instead, its airstream passes through your humidifier’s pad for evaporation, hence, giving moisture around your house.  

How To Choose The Best Automatic Compact Furnace Humidifiers

You might be perplexed about the best humidifier for central air in your home. You should know that not every humidifier is made similarly or with similar kinds of homes in mind. Here, we are to look into the main elements you should know concerning choosing the perfect humidifier suited for you.  

Best Automatic Compact Furnace Humidifiers: The Types

The major choice you should make in selecting a humidifier centers on choosing either a bypass or a fan-powered model. 

The latter, of course, has an inbuilt fan that aids the pushing of air along with your humidifier. However, for bypass, there is no fan; just as the Aprilaire model.   

You might not think it a big deal, but it is great to have a perpetual movement of air that allows the evaporation of a greater quantity of water. This means that your humidifier functions better with water and thus gives better humidity daily than the bypass having no fan. 

The fan-powered is also usable when your furnace has been put off because it doesn’t rely on present convection gotten from heated air.   

Nonetheless, the fan-powered types are more costly than those of the bypass and are thus less common. 

More so, because of the absence of a fan, the bypass produces no sounds and has fewer mobile components that split and need maintenance.  

Coverage Area

This is mostly measured using feet in squares and defines the home space for which the humidifier equipment is slated. 

Using the humidifier within an excessively large house means that it won’t possess humidified air to a comfortable degree. Conversely, using humidifiers that cover large spaces for little house spaces will be a waste of electricity plus water. 

Thus, if you have a small home or one not needing total humidity everywhere, consider the best humidifiers for large rooms. 

Maximum Output

This amount per day denotes how much water is capable of being sapped into the hot air within 24 hours while your humidifier runs at top speed. 

Such output can be put to your humidifier’s rated coverage area, though this can vary from the ratings of the manufacturer. In total, 16 or more water gallons of output daily is supplest to carry many three to four thousand plus square feet houses.  


You need to consider the size/weight of the humidifier when it has to be put in some confined furnace space or carried into the attic/basement. For instance, a humidifier with little footprints will be best for a tiny furnace space, like the Honeywell model.   


You would like a humidifier which is a one-time investment, something that works perfectly and continuously after purchase. 

Interestingly, the warranty is a wonderful thing to possess from a manufacturer so your mind stays at rest.   

More Furnace Humidifier Features

Other little things are worth considering before selecting a suitable humidifier. Take, for instance, the Honeywell humidifiers made with automated controls that regulate humidity and temperature. It also has functions that can be programmed so one can regulate the off/on levels.

Talking of fan-powered humidifiers, the noise of its fan can be a thing to consider. However, this might not seem quite essential a characteristic if the humidifier is to be put in the furnace space of the basement.  

Best Automatic Compact Furnace Humidifiers

Aprilaire 500M

Aprilaire humidifier reviews will be done in this segment.  Having a brand like Aprilaire keeps you assured of getting quality at its peak. For about 65 years, it has shown excellence in humidifying homes perfectly. This brand of humidifiers was first launched in the year 1954. Below are some awesome reasons to love Aprilaire:

Brand Reputation: Aprilaire has the Whole-house kind of humidifier under its wings. The brand didn’t only invent humidifiers that evaporate for households, but also topnotch solutions to improve the air indoors.      

Uncomplicated Installation: Aprilaire possesses an inbuilt damper for Bypass, and an all-round discharge/change-over to make installation easy. An inbuilt drain removes any buildups so that no water stays standing and stagnant.   

Additional Furnace Humidifier Features: The Bypass possesses an indicator for the water chamber. It also lessens the energy for cooling and heating.

Automated Temperature Humidifier: This humidifier being talked about has double sensors that give quality humidity by monitoring temperatures in and out. It also works to maintain balance automatically.  

Coverage: The humidifier can cover up to 3,000 sq. ft. of an area in snuggly built homes and has a capacity of 12 gallons per day.

Aprilaire Humidifier for furnace functions by transmitting into your allotment tray using pipes. After this, diverse scientific outlets dish out equal amounts of the water across your tray’s area. With the aid of gravity, water can flow above the evaporator’s panel.  

With the help of conditioned air, heating, and ventilation, hot and dry air is allowed to travel across the damp evaporator’s panel for water. After this, normal evaporation can happen, thus letting humidified amounts of airflow through your house.   


  • It can be released right or left.
  • It has a smart system of automated temperature/humidity regulation. 


  • It requires the expertise of professionals for installation. 

Emerson HFT2100

This humidifier is made like the present plenums that are narrower. However, it is quite versatile in humidifying little confined spaces well. The device is portable and featherweight, with reversible panels placed sideways. It also possesses a flow that has a high quality of bypass, and a profile that is low in units of profile.  Below are a few more attributes of this device:

Covers A Small House 

This Emerson product can work for a small room; the minimum being 2100 square feet. It is suitable for confined, snug, and enclosed areas. It possesses the ability to consume water of about fourteen gallons daily.  

Special Attributes: This device possesses an all-round humidistat, together with panels (side) that are reversible and have locks that snap into place. This gives room for a Bypass kind of installation from either the right or left side. You should know that its saddle regulator pierces itself.   


  • It has panels at the sides that are reversible and have locks that snap into place. 


  • It is not suitable for houses that are medium-large. 

Honeywell HM750A1000

This humidifier is of its own class. You should know that it was the first humidifier the company manufactured as an electrode with steam. 

It is easy and fast to install and service, and possesses a simple design. 

Its size is compact and stands out as the company’s sole solution that can be mounted with ducts.   

Some Other  Honeywell HM750A1000 Features:

Very Wide Coverage– This device is perfect for systems with multiple stages and varying speeds in houses of about 4,500 square feet. This device is one total package you wouldn’t regret investing in because of its workability for an entire house.  

Peculiar Flow-Through System – This makes sure that your purchase stays free of death for a long time, and does not need perpetual maintenance.  

Simple Installation Method- The device possesses an easy method of installation that can be done by one individual. This is so doable because your purchase is by far the littlest product for humidification around. You should know that it possesses a cylinder that is pre-mineralized so that its installation/initializing is quicker.  


  • It can be installed by one person. 
  • Its size is quite compact. 


  • It can be expensive. 

AirCare 831000

This humidifier has a wonderful evaporative setup that shows a current digital touch. It comes with a humidistat, automated controls, and power-saving styles.   

It has the ability to put out 6 gallons daily, plus an additional 70 hours to function. 

With this, you have a great choice of in-house humidity of about 45 percent, which decreases the circulation of bacteria/viruses that are airborne.

The AirCare 831000 has triple modes for fan speeds and a simple trap filter for maximum quality. You have this humidifier as a solid means for keeping a good quality of air indoors for about 2,700 feet.  

With the attributes noted above, your usage of the device has been customized just for your wants. Numerous purchasers give the device great accolades for having a convenient design, assembly, and performance status.   You should try it out too and give your own testimony.


  • ​Its digitalized panel for control and automated humidistat makes it remarkable. Not to forget that it can dish out sic gallons daily, and run for 70 hours.  
  • ​It has a mechanical feature that lets it go off.  
  • ​Its filter has a TrapMax mechanism that is valuable.
  • ​It possesses designs that are simple to work and require low voltage. 

​Aprilaire 700 Automatic Furnace Humidifier

This product weighs just about 15 pounds. Moreover, it is compact, light and a good solution for keeping proper air in houses of about 4,200 feet. 

Its unit requires little maintenance and features a year of mechanical operation that just needs to be installed in the house’s furnace. 

It then works with the heat produced in the cold season and comes on when the home’s humidity drops below an accepted range.   

Together with the product’s compactness and lightness is its minimal production of noise. It is often rated alongside the low noise made by the fan of a living room. Hence, once it has been installed together with the HVAC setup of the home, it works almost silently.  

The Aprilaire 700 has its own humidistat, a sensor for the outhouse, and a simple design. It is, therefore, a perfect purchase for keeping levels of humidity ranging from 30 to 50 percent all year. Here is one reason why it occupies a top position among the best automatic compact furnace humidifiers. 

This humidifier is compact and effective for houses of about 4,200 feet after installation in the house’s furnace. Its outdoor sensors and mechanical controls maintain quality air indoors for the whole year.   

Since it has a simple design, needs little maintenance, and makes little noise, the product is rated as very effective. You should be awed to know that they work with and without the house’s HVAC setup.  

The humidifier has excellent testimonies from users. This is because it saves energy; is a good, smart asset to the home; and helps to lessen symptoms of asthma/allergy.  


  • ​It can evaporate gallons measuring 0.75 every hour. 
  • ​It works well with homes of about 4,200 feet. 
  • ​It has a mechanical control that works all year. It also has an inbuilt outside sensor, plus a humidistat. 
  • ​It operates quietly and needs little maintenance. 

Air Bear Trion Humidifier

This offers itself an excellent alternative for humidifying your house. Air Bear is a small atomizing device that is mounted in the ducts near the outlet of the home’s furnace, just like the others.

It isn’t well powered like the rest because it is small. It is thus ideal for small spaces that don’t require too much water and energy before the air is well humidified.   

It is undeniably good for more minute ducting which wouldn’t fit into a unit with full size. 

Among other furnace humidifier features, the Air Bear Trion is said to work up to the task of over 12 gallons daily (approximately 12.5). When this is divided within 24 hours, we get an average of 0.5 every hour which is about the equivalent of Aprilaire’s output. This isn’t an ill thing if we consider the size of the product in question.   

Mounting and installing this humidifier is easy. It has fittings that are locked when pushed. It also has a nozzle structure that is tilted outward so that it is easily cleaned and maintained. Many purchasers have had good stories to tell. You might too, once you give it a try.   


  • Its installation and mounting are quite easy.
  • It is perfect for smaller houses.  
  • It is great for more minute ducting. 


  • Its power isn’t up to that of others. 

​Honeywell HE120A Whole House Humidifier

This is the next to be considered amongst humidifiers. It is an effective and compact choice for little and medium-sized houses.   

This humidifier is quite a resourceful alternative that is usable with ducting already in existence. It can also be used in rooms with no allowance to a source of drainage for optimal comfort. 

This humidifier’s unit comes with an uncomplicated installation apparatus that is usable by even DIYers.   

One essential attribute in this humidifier’s simplicity and excellence is its designed drum that saves energy. This conserves water for a second usage through recycling. Thus, the problem of having to replace filters and refill tanks is removed.   

This humidifier poses a solid answer to having good air in little and medium-sized houses, with its water-conservation and handy DIY kit.  

Honeywell HE120A is also adaptable and installable with ducting already in existence, together with rooms having no drains. It has several “thumbs-up†from users because it is simple, durable, and well-performing. Many looking for the best automatic compact furnace humidifier reviews often find this one affordable. 


  • ​Its design saves energy. It also comes with a kit for installation. 
  • ​It has its own humidistat. 
  • ​It has zero filters/tanks.
  • ​It is installable with ducting already existing, and also in rooms with no drainage access. 


This is a humidifier you might want to give a shot. Skuttle produced this device. 

It has a solid structure and is geared to work well for homes with sizes of about 1,522-3,333 feet.  

This humidifier operates a flow-through system in which it collaborates with the home’s central system for heating. Immediately the level of humidity reduces beneath a selected range, the device is triggered by an automatic switch in it. Hence, heated air is driven by a fan inside, instead of by the blower for the furnace.  Thus, this device is the best humidifier for central air cleansing in the home. 

Because of the flowing system, you should know that the units use more quantity of water than other units do. However, Skuttle has tried to reduce this to the best of their ability. As for the energy it consumes, this is equivalent to that of a bulb having twenty-five watts of light.

Apart from all that, the flow system doesn’t produce any contaminating thing that could be dangerous; hence, your home’s air is safe.  


  • It needs little maintenance and cleaning. 
  • It is structured to match current plenums that are narrower. 
  • The reversible structure of its panels allows easy installation of the bypass from any side. 
  • It has a long-lasting cabinet that is thermoplastic. This resists warping, rust, and corrosion. 
  • In a case of limited space, its little profile is perfect. 


Q1: Do furnace humidifiers really work?

They work better than you can imagine. A humidifier for your entire house saves your cash as they make the home’s air moisture and cool. Nonetheless, humidifiers can only function when the system for heat runs. This way, you are just including moisture after the heat/furnace has been switched on.  

Q2: Are humidifiers worth it?

They are when they are used properly. Humidifiers can relieve bleeding nose, parched skin, broken lips, and things like that. 

These are mostly caused by cold conditions. Do you know that your snoring problem can even be stopped with it? Oh, yes! Humidifiers can be beneficial; just don’t forget to clean thoroughly.  

Q3: How much does it cost to install a humidifier on a furnace?

The highest cost recorded for such installation adds up to 450 dollars. The lowest is recorded at 370.

Q4: Are bypass humidifiers good?

Humidifiers that are Fan-powered are quite resourceful for little spaces also. At least, they are good for homes without a basement. Their cost can be over Bypass. However, Bypass is most popular among users.  

q5: Do furnace humidifiers cause mold?

You have to regularly clean the air passage of the humidifier if you have it installed with your HVAC. This is for the prevention of bacteria/mold. 

Too much humidity may allow the formation of mold in your duct. This can be circulated with indoor air while cooling/heating systems are operating.  

Q6: Can you put a humidifier on your furnace?

Humidifiers collaborate with your house’s furnace to properly circulate moisture all over the house. 

In comparison, handy humidifiers can be well felt only in minute areas. The humidifiers that are installed together with the furnace utilize minimal maintenance and energy. Thus, they are easier and better to use.

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Humidifiers can be perfect for giving a wonderful dash of moist, clean air to the entire house. Though the comfort and cool the device poses are tempting, one must be careful to select nothing but the best. 

Yes, the multiple alternatives available can confuse you into a wrong decision and investment. This is why the outline above has spelled out features and descriptions. In them, you can study and decide on something just for you. You will be glad you chose right.

Simply by thinking through the best automatic compact furnace humidifier comparison above, you’ll be able to identify a perfect match for your current needs. 

Please don’t forget to check the warranty as well return and replacement policy for anyone that appeals most to you. 

To get even more clarity, follow through the links above to ask more questions on each product sales page. This will bring you useful answers from past users and the seller of the exact model or product you want to buy. 

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