Homeowners Guide To Bathroom Flooring Installation

Bathroom flooring installation remains one of the integral parts of a complete home. For a homeowner, especially one who’s still new at this, making the right decision that concerns flooring the bathroom can be a source of concern.

This is because to ensure safety and encourage a good bath, the floors need to be made with materials that have durability. Flooring materials need to contain the moisture that will always be present.

Also, knowing that you need a bathroom floor that can accommodate your lifestyle and fit perfectly in your daily routine would probably contribute to your confusion.

So, at this point, you might ask, “what is the best flooring for a bathroom?” Well, here’s a homeowner’s guide to the best bathroom flooring.

Types of Bathroom Flooring Installation 

When thinking of how to lay bathroom flooring, you have to know and understand the different flooring to use for your bathroom.

Shortly, we are going to be looking at the highlights of some of the best floors to consider when you want to model or remodel your bath space. Some of them are great fits for one who wants to get bathroom flooring ideas on a budget. 

1. Wood tiles

A lot of people swear that wood tiles are a must in the list of considerations the moment you decide that it’s time to make a restructuring in your bathroom.

When doing this, it’s advised that you steer clear of real woods as those aren’t perfect for the bathroom floors. Instead, go for engineered wood because they are laced with hardwood on top of it. A lot of bathroom floors you see today are made of wood tiles.

2. The Porcelain & ceramic tiles

These are the most commonly used types of tiles that exist on so many bathroom floors. They can be easily identified just by feeling the material and carefully looking at it. These tiles come in a stone-like form.

Aside from being used for the floors of your bathroom, using porcelain or ceramic tiles for the walls of your bathroom can make a great decision too. This is because of their hygienic nature and who wouldn’t want that to cover the whole bath space? No one.

If you’re looking for small bathroom flooring ideas, these tiles can be really great as they aren’t selective regardless of where they are laid. Also, they can be used very well with underfloor heating. 

3. Stone bathroom floor

Anyone looking for bathroom flooring ideas on a budget can easily pick stone flooring as their best option. Coupled with lots of styles to suit your personality, most types of stone flooring are very durable and can stand the taste of time.

They come in waterproof, limestone, granite, stylish, etc, forms. When considering this type of flooring, ensure that you make health and safety your top considerations by avoiding stone floorings made with marble and polished stones. This is because they are very slippery and can trigger unexpected home accidents.

4. Vinyl Bathroom Flooring 

People are always on the lookout for bathroom vinyl flooring ideas. Vinyl flooring bathrooms are one of the best and most comfortable bathrooms to install. They come in waterproof forms and possess a very hygienic nature. 

Usually, the materials are built with tiles or sheets. Some harder vinyl materials are made with different types of finishes while the cushioned vinyl is made to feel soft and very warm. In addition to that, you must make the floor surface very flat before deciding to install the vinyl floors.

5. Rubber tiles

Some bathrooms that you see today are floored with rubber tiles. Though it may not be easily identified because they aren’t the most popular, they very much are in demand.

Rubber tiles are mostly easy to clean, waterproof, and come with nonslip features. They are very perfect for bathroom floors and a lot of people are beginning to adopt rubber tiles. They come in different colors and will fit into any bathroom.

How To Choose Bathroom Flooring Installation

Before considering installing your bathroom floor, there are a couple of things to bear in mind, as well as implement. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Make findings of the proper material

The very first thing to consider while trying to decide on the bathroom floor installation is to make the right findings of the floor material to use.

As mentioned earlier, your lifestyle, your routine, etc. have a great role to play here. You also need to fall back to a material that you can maintain in the long run.

For example, if you have a small bathroom, you might consider asking yourself ” what is the best flooring for a small bathroom?”

Your bathroom floor can be in the form of; wood floor, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, etc. Considering the sort of tiles you intend to use is the first step that shouldn’t be overlooked.

2. Choosing the right color on the floor 

After deciding on the best material to use for your bathroom floor, the color of the material becomes the next thing to fall on your mind, no doubt. While many see this stage as the simplest stage to be in, others do not. 

This is because choosing the right color to fix your bathroom floors also says something about your personality. So you wouldn’t want to send the wrong message to your guests.

However, taking care is also necessary after the floor color has been chosen, especially if the floor is a porcelain tile. This is to avoid going through the process of calling back the vendors to make changes for you. 

Some of them promise you beautiful designs and quality, only for you to unbox and start seeing designs that don’t match. That alone is enough to mar your expectations of what the flooring would be like.

3. Set up the place for proper bathroom flooring  installation

Almost every activity that is being carried out every day requires that we properly prepare for it. Nothing just happens by chance.

Before you finally install floors in your bathroom, you should ensure that you have everything in place to prevent interruption during the bathroom flooring installation.

To do this, the bathroom must be rid of everything that’s contained in it, at the time of the installation. This means that every item that has been used to furnish the bathroom would be taken out. 

If there’s old flooring, you can as well call the handyman to help you pull them off as those will be a huge disruption to what you’re about to do.

Preparing for the restructuring of your bathroom floors can be a daunting task, but that’s one of the many things you need to maintain a beautiful home area.

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Bathroom flooring FAQs

Q1: What is the best type of flooring for a bathroom?

Choosing bathroom flooring such as the vinyl floor and tiles are the best types to use for your bathroom. That’s because vinyl floors and tiles are waterproof floorings while wood floors tend to be rigid.

Aside from being waterproof, they can be of durable quality and can be easily maintained. They are also cheap and won’t cost an arm or a leg.

Q2: What is the easiest flooring to install in a bathroom?

Vinyl floors are the best when it comes to the easiest type of flooring to use for your bathroom floors. Also, vinyl floors are perfect for giving your bathroom that luxury look and glam that you crave.

Q3: What colors make a small bathroom look bigger?

White is one color that allows your bathroom to have that very spacious look even when it’s quite small.

This can range from your paint, vanity, tiles, bathtub, and in fact everything that occupies your bathroom.

Also, the white color helps to create the illusion of light, so it’s perfect for the bathroom space

Q4: What size tile looks best in a small bathroom?

Avoid the use of big or large tiles in your bathroom. When you use big tiles in your small bathroom, you tend to make it look even smaller and that’s not so good.

Instead, use small or moderate tiles for it as that’s a better way of making your space look bigger and accommodating.

Q5: Do you have to remove the toilet to install vinyl plank flooring?

While installing vinyl planks on your bathroom floors, you can either choose to remove the toilet entirely or simply learn how to tile a bathroom floor around a toilet.

In some other cases, you might need to contact a professional to take a look at your bathroom and decide on the exact method that will be suitable for it.


Deciding to embark on a bathroom flooring installation project can be quite tedious for a homeowner. With the right information, the whole process involved in this will be a lot easier for you.

This guide specifically answers some of the questions that might be bothering you. From here, you can proceed to request bathroom flooring quotes from qualified experts and companies in your area. 

To get the most relevant results during research, consider using terms like ‘bathroom flooring installation companies’ in (your city or county name) or bathroom floor installation services near me’.

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