Bagotte 22100PA Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

Choosing a broom and dustpan may seem to be the best choice when you’re considering the cost. But in the long run, you may feel tired especially when you have large floor space.

Getting a vacuum cleaner would help you to do the job with little or no effort. Vacuum cleaners bring a lot of benefits to their users and most of them are very reliable.

These devices can help you clean up your pet hair, adapt to your floors, and many more. In this guide, we would look at some of the benefits of getting a vacuum cleaner and a few details to consider before purchasing one. We would also be recommending one of the best robotic vacuum cleaners that would be very useful in your Cleaning activities.


Cleaning may be a difficult task for many people. When cleaning the house, you will find out that dirt doesn’t come only from your furniture, it also comes from opening doors, closing windows, your shoes, and clothes. Cleaning the house might be very stressful especially when you are using a broom and a dustpan. At first, you might feel determined to use these tools but you get tired easily.

Now, it’s all different when you use your vacuum cleaner. You’ll be able to get things done in your home more quickly. For instance, if you have 5 bedrooms, you’ll be able to cover grounds at a fast pace compared to using your broom and dustpan.

Many people don’t like touching dirt on the floor and even cobwebs. Vacuums can help to pick that dirt, clean them off your furniture, rugs and it can also be used to clean dust and cobwebs off the wall. In essence, vacuum cleaners help in shortening and time used for cleaning the house.

Getting one of the best vacuum cleaners is important. But, what is more, important is getting a vacuum cleaner that is affordable and suitable for you and your home. In this guide, we would be giving you a heads up on what you need to know before buying a vacuum cleaner. There is also a review of one of the best Baguette vacuum products that we recommend to be one of the reliable vacuum cleaners that would be of help to you.


Before buying a vacuum cleaner, it is important to consider the size of your floor space and other factors. This will determine the type of cleaner you purchase.

For example, most “robovacs” don’t do well in multi-level homes compared to a handheld vacuum cleaner. It is important for you as an animal lover or someone suffering from allergies to consider vacuum devices that can easily adapt to your environment.

Remember. No one goes for “vacuum shopping” every day. The product you intend to buy should be worth it.


There are a lot of vacuum cleaners in the market today. The difference, however, is in the design, structure, and technology in which they are being built. It’s your choice to choose any type of vacuum cleaner you want and we are here to help you in making the right decision. Here are some of the types of vacuum cleaners:

Upright vacuums

These vacuums can be found in many apartments and homes. They are very popular because of its usefulness in many different ways. They can be used for hard floors and area rugs. They are also known to remove dirt and dust quickly from carpets.

It can be divided into two categories: Single motor and double ( dual) motor. For a single motor vacuum cleaner, both The vacuum and the brush is operated by one single motor. For the double motor vacuum cleaner, It separates ( motors) one for the brush and the other for the vacuum itself. Hence the double motor provides more suction power and firmness to complete your task easily and quickly.

Upright vacuum cleaners come with a lot of features some of these include:

  • Suction control: This feature is very useful especially when you’re Cleaning your draperies and other materials.
  • Brush on/off switch: vacuum cleaners are helping us to save time in cleaning our floors. However, we must also protect the quality of our floors. This feature helps us to do this easily.
  • Vacuum cleaner head adjustment: This feature can either be manual or automatic. If the head of the cleaner is adjusted manually, it would be very easier to maneuver the vacuum. This works for plush carpets a lot. Also, if the vacuum cleaner is operating automatically, it adapts to different floor types. The user may not have to bend down to adjust the vacuum’s head.

Pros: compared to canister vacuums, they are very affordable and very good at deep-cleaning carpets. They also cover a large cleaning area and it’s very easy to store.

Cons: it’s noisy and because of its ability, it’s very heavy and may weigh more than 20 pounds. 

Stick vacuums

These vacuums are very reliable. They are very light and can be used to clean hand floors. They are also known for their ability to clean hard floors. They are also known for their ability to clean pet hair.

They have a similar design to the upright vacuum cleaner with no attachments to it and most of them are cord-free. These models have been improved with handheld features hence, making it easier to clean tight corners.

Pros: Have you noticed those edges filled with cobwebs and dust? The stick vacuum cleaner will handle this very easily. When you’re using this device, you don’t have to bend down to clean dirt from the floor. It helps the user to Clean tight corners very easily.

Cons: Compared to well-equipped vacuums, they are only made for pickling out litters on the surface. They cannot be recommended for deep cleaning.

Canister vacuums

The canister also called the cylinder vacuum cleaner is mounted on wheels to ensure quick movement. The bag and the motors in separate units and it has a flexible hose attached to the vacuum head. These vacuums are light and popular because of their design. They are recommended for homes having multiple floors, carpets, hard floors and homes with a lot of furniture. 

The head of the vacuum cleaner can easily be maneuvered to fix them into tight corners and pick the dirt out.

Pros: It is easy to carry and reach into some tight spaces. Most of them are less noisy compared to upright vacuum cleaners and are more reliable in Cleaning stairs, bare floors, and furniture.

Cons: It has a lot of accessories and may be very difficult to put into your small store or closet.

Robotic vacuum cleaners

Like we mentioned earlier, house Cleaning may be a problem for some people. However, with a :robovac: it’s easier. It is easily programmable and can be scheduled easily. It has sensors that prevent them from falling down the stay and also help them in avoiding obstacles.

This vacuum cleaner is very good for homes dealing with a lot of dust. Busy people would be able to create time for their loved ones. It is also helpful for people who are physically challenged to do any work they desire.

Pros: They do the heavy work for you and you can find time to relax or carry out other activities. The latest models can be operated with smartphones and they can find a way out of tight spots

Cons: They may not be able to do the heavy work if the canisters and may not be ideal for some carpets and floors.

Other special types of vacuum cleaners may include:

  • Central vacuum cleaners: As the name implies you do not need to carry these vacuum cleaners, all you need is the hose and the cleaner head. They are very easy to use compared to canisters and they tend to be quieter. However, they are quite expensive and they must be installed by experts. It also takes a large storage space one reason because of their long foot hoses.
  • Component and Garage vacuums: These vacuums are what we call “shop vacs” these vacuum cleaners are used for cleaning up big size messes such as dirt, water, and sawdust. But, before buying this device you must decide on how you would love to use it and where it would be stored.


  • Check the features: Motorized brush cleaners are often better than suction cleaners. Consider going for vacs that won’t destroy the finish of your floors.
  • Bagged or Bagless: The truth is both the bag and Bagless design are very good. However, bag designs are better at sealing dust away and Bagless design is cost-efficient because you don’t have to buy bags.
  • Filters: For someone sensitive to dust this may be a good option. These HEPA filters can remove dander, dust, and allergens from the air. Many models have been created to minimize cost- most models have reusable filters.
  • Power: You must consider the amount of power required to make your vacuum machine work.

Bagotte 22100PA Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

As robotic brands become more popular, this is considered to be a pocket-friendly device that makes Cleaning the house a lot easier. With some interesting features like room planning and route mapping- these features help the devices plan their movement. It is a cordless device and can work up to two hours. This can allow the user to find time for other activities.

This Vacuum cleaner has adapted to modern technology very well. It uses an app to control its operation and it is also Google voice-activated. However, you may need to turn on your WiFi. It can adapt to all floors. It also has more additional features like motion sensors that help to avoid hitting objects.

However, this vacuum can’t run very well on carpets be and be at most times, it may run less than 2 hours. You may not be able to connect to your WiFi for a while. It may not be able to clean your pet hair effectively but it’s still very useful and can be considered as “the lazy man’s most prized possession.”

Bagotte 22100PA Robotic Vacuum Cleaner FAQs

Q1: Does it clean in a Random or Grid pattern?

Yes, it cleans up the house in a Grid pattern

Q2: Can you set boundaries for this Vacuum cleaner?

No, but you can set the boundaries yourself to prevent movement

Q3: Can it be used to clean wooden floors?

Yes, it can be used to clean wooden floors. Once it detects the wooden floor, it increases its suction power for it to clean the dirt on the floor.

Q4: Can it be used to clean pet hair?

Yes, it can be used for cleaning animal fur but because of its litter capacity, it won’t do much.

Q5: Can I reduce the sound of my vacuum machine?

It won’t make much noise if it’s in the auto or small mode.

Other similar vacuum cleaners include:

Bagotte BG 600 Robot vacuum cleaner

This robotic vacuum cleaner can be operated by the application on the user’s phone. It has some interesting features such as edge detection, auto recharge, and schedule cleaning. It takes approximately 5-6 hours to charge it.

It is a Bagless Vacuum cleaner with a dirt capacity of 0.5 liters. It can get in and out of tight corners to clean up the dirt. If the battery is low it can go back to its charging base to recharge.

I robot Roomba 980

This is one of the best robotic vacuum cleaners in the industry. It can be operated With the mobile app and can be fully charged within 2-3 hours.

It can be used for Cleaning underneath the furniture or kitchen tiles. It also has motion sensors that make it avoid several obstacles. With the app, the user can plan the time for cleaning and it is very easy to empty the bag when it is full.


The essence of technology is to make things easier for people. With vacuum cleaners like the Bagotte robotic vacuum cleaner, we all may have time to do more activities that are very productive. Although our recommended product may not be able to run on all carpets, it is still not considered to be the best for your home. This can make cleaning very easy and ensure convenience.

In case you are also looking for the best rechargeable car vacuum cleaner, do check this blue link.

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