Automatic Vs Manual Vacuum Cleaner Comparison

There are two main types of vacuum cleaners. To help you choose the best is the reason why we want to do an automatic vs manual vacuum cleaner comparison. 

The key difference between an automatic and a manual vacuum cleaner lies in the fact that one of them is self-controlled while the other is not.

Imagine sitting on a couch on Saturday morning sipping coffee. While you are at it, your machine does the cleaning work without any involvement. 

Thirty minutes later it notifies you that cleaning is completed and you effortlessly stand to mark off another duty from your chore list without even lifting a broom. This is the luxury an automatic vacuum cleaner can offer.

Automatic Vs Manual Vacuum Cleaner

Using Manual Vacuum Cleaners

In comparison to cleaning by hand, manual vacuum cleaners are far easier, faster, and more hygienic. It is usually very affordable and one does not need to spend a fortune like on an automatic vacuum cleaner. 

In homes where you have asthma and allergy patients, the manual vacuum cleaner is a better option over the automatic because they are more efficient in cleaning and removing particles of dirt.

They have a larger dustbin capacity. Even with pets at home, you do not need to empty the bins as much as you would do if you were vacuuming with an automatic cleaner. 

This type of vacuum cleaner is, therefore, more suitable for cleaning large floor areas. 

While an automatic vacuum cleaner can only work your floors, the manual model can clean about anything, including furniture and pet hairs.

The Downsides When Compared To Automatic Cleaners

Unlike the automatic vacuum cleaner, a manual vacuum cleaner still requires a bit of manual labor, because you would have to push the machine around the house with your hands. It does not clean as fast as the automated ones. 

Although you save a lot of money by choosing a manual vacuum cleaner over an automated one, you still have to invest a lot of time into the process and ‘time’ is a luxury not everyone can afford.

With a manual vacuum cleaner, you have to spend more on energy because they do not conserve energy like the Robot vacuum cleaner which runs on battery power. 

It does not have special features such as a scheduler or light indicators. 

If you are to use a manual vacuum cleaner, you must be present to monitor every single process. It does nothing on its own, you practically have to do everything.

Using Automatic Vacuum Cleaners

An automatic vacuum cleaner is one tool that makes your life more interesting. With it, you never have to work too hard or even work at all. You just need to sit back and watch while it does all the magic and leaves your surface sparkling clean, just like in automatic pool cleaners. 

These are for high-class individuals who do not mind spending money in exchange for saving their time and energy. 

They are designed to cover an entire floor including those corners that are not accessible manually. A Robot Vacuum comes with a battery dock in it. When it runs out of battery, the cleaner automatically goes back into the dock and plugs itself in.

Another interesting edge the automatic manual vacuum cleaner has over the manual one is that it is designed with a scheduler. 

With this scheduler, you can set a specific time any day of the week when you would love your house to be cleaned. 

At this pre-scheduled hour, the machine automatically rises and starts cleaning. 

You don’t even need to be around at this time because the machine would need no guidance or directions.

Newer versions link the activities of the vacuum cleaner to your smartphone. You can create schedules on your phone and it sends notifications to your phone when the job is done. It also reminds you of routine maintenance so you do not forget. 

Every good robotic vacuum cleaner has the ability to detect obstructions and roadblocks on its way because of in-built sensors. This helps preserve them the more because they avoid accidents before they get caught in it.

Some models can draw up a map of the house and transmit the information to the producer’s server and on your mobile phone as an app. With this app, you can decide when and what rooms the Robot is allowed to clean. You can even decide to clean just a part of the room.

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The Downsides When Compared With Manual Vacuum Cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaners cannot effectively clean very large rooms, they are best used in small areas and for people who live alone. 

Robot vacuum cleaners on only one level, therefore cleaning the stairs or a  raised platform at the same time can be very challenging.

Even though this device may claim to be fully automated, you will need to intervene manually from time to time especially when the dustbin needs to be cleaned. Some of them have small-sized dustbins, as small as 0.25 liters, and therefore emptying must be done very often if you are to continue cleaning in a large room. 

However, some very special products such as Roomba and Equinox vacuum cleaners can empty on their own. Unlike the manual vacuum cleaner, it runs on battery power. This battery takes up to 3 or 4 hours to charge. 

For most people, that is such a long time so if you think this might be an issue for you, consider getting one with longer battery life or even a manual cleaner that you do not have to charge at all.

One of the major advantages of using an automatic vacuum cleaner is its ability to access inaccessible areas, however, bulky ones cannot do this and will continuously miss spots while it cleans until it eventually gets stuck.

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Automatic vs Manual Vacuum Cleaner: FAQs

Based on the sales volume statistics and thousands of positive reviews we have seen, there is great evidence to prove that the automatic vacuum really works. However, going for the best brands in the market will give you peace of mind. But this isn’t to say that robot vacuums don’t have downsides. 

What is the lightest most powerful vacuum?

Generally, handheld vacuum cleaners which cannot be compared with automatic cleaners are usually the lightest. But when you are ready to buy one, it is important to compare the weight of the cleaner being considered. Some of the brands that have the lightest most powerful vacuum cleaners are Shark and Black + Decker. 

Which is better, Shark or Roomba?

If you are looking for cordless vacuum cleaners, Shark has a great collection of affordable models proven to do the work very well. Some of the most popular models from their stable includes Shark Rotator and Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuum cleaners.

On the other hand, people that are keenly interested in the best robot vacuum cleaners should go for Roomba. Beyond my personal opinion, thousands of buyers have found great satisfaction in most of the automatic vacuum cleaners they make. But if you find a reason to for the other type, consider the dirt devil power stick sd12530 vacuum cleaner.


Whether you are a working-class mother who simply can’t add the task of vacuuming to your already jam-packed schedule or you are someone who loves the idea of vacuuming, this automatic vs manual vacuum cleaner guide will help you decide what works best for you.

At least, if you have used the manual type, this might be the best time to experience the benefits of automatic vacuum cleaners. 

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